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What love Lukashenko for?

Belarusians happen different. Beautiful and not really, clever and vice versa, sober and sometimes sober. Most often foreign observers agree that Belarusians are benevolent and quiet. But if the person is incited against Lukashenko, then goodwill and tranquility he has no more, than at buynopomeshanny.

Fortunately, buynopomeshanny lukashenkonenavistnik in Belarus not the majority. But there is a lot of, it is a lot of. When they begin to speak, the logic ceases to believe in the existence. And therefore to check the validity of statements there is nothing. And violent, as we know, it is safer to assent. Who to Lukashenko he is grateful supports, that keeps mum that did not accuse of a vernopoddannichestvo, and from time to time silence expresses an involuntary consent with dissatisfied. Even now, when history of the southern neighbors of Belarus showed terrible consequences of acquiescence with low-reasonable talkers, protesting against Lukashenko still seriously do not stop. But soon, seemingly, will begin to brake seriously and severely.

Why? Yes because there are facts which any demagogy not to cancel. For example, GDP per capita at par of purchasing power made in 1991 5 338 dollars a year, in 2013 - 17 615. Does not speak about anything? Compare to Ukraine where the corresponding numbers - 5 427 and 8 788 dollars a year. Impresses?

Laugh at Lukashenko. For example, areas obliged to allocate not less than 100 hectares of the earth under melon cultures. Clever men giggle over misunderstanding of elementary things (melon cultures - southern), without knowing about what else at the tsar Alexey Mikhaylovich near Moscow melons grew up. What will be in several years? Remarkable success. Because the South of Belarus is a warm edge where summer residents without any greenhouses grow up long ago strange arbuzik and dynk. Not really - that big, but greatly sweet. But unless the size is necessary to us?

Not so long ago something befell money. The prices remained the same while exchange rate rushed up. Belarusa in horror and in anger. From Russia there came vans and took out at once all goods. And what as a result? In Russia uncountable shops with the Belarusian products, linen fabrics, furniture, clothes and footwear, consumer goods opened. People at first came into them out of curiosity, and then owing to natural preference. What magnificent left advertizing! Well what advertizing. Advertizing by efficiency and did not stand nearby. Dexterous there was a trick on conquest of the Russian market.

And so over and over again - it seems something not so, and is as a result better, than could be. Spitpoisons should be indignant with the fact that on the TV it is often possible to see the son Lukashenko, from this it will not be possible to take any unexpected economic benefits. Ridiculous cavil. However for those at whom the logic has a rest the sonny in a TV set is more important, than social guarantees, the kept industry, the prospering agriculture.

The USSR did not throw at Lukashenko mud and did not allow to kill economy with privatization. To descent did not give to idlers, kept bribe takers in a rigid framework, ripped silly initiatives in the bud. As a result the country is stable and successful. It is highly appreciated by the old people knowing the truth about the past. Slightly differently with people of middle age who believe that the constraining domestic policy did not allow them to rise on tops of a social ladder. Young people depend on that with whom communicate as with the own argument the situation is worse than ever.

As it is possible to communicate by means of the Internet with people the most different, sometimes there are whirlwinds of severe and unreasonable criticism in forums and social networks, but come Russian-speaking of the adjacent states and on own experience show what Belarus safely avoided. And, as the main difference of these states from Belarus is other type leaders, there is a reconsideration of a role of the personality in the history. Those who had to have hostility to Alexander Grigoryevich counterbalance a former sin expressly with respect. And the comparison with neighbors, the more surely is brighter and even defenders of the clever strong-willed president will be more aggressive.