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Twist of fate or “Welcome“? I told part 2

In the previous article how in 2005 I by mistake appeared on the Swedish earth, in the city the Gothenburg though initially my way lay to the Norwegian city of Stavanger. What with me was farther? with

After it became clear what happened to me on the way to Norway, it was necessary to work that all - to reach there. It turned out that direct flight to Stavanger from the Gothenburg is only two once a week, following had to be in two days. I had no other exit how to buy the new ticket of other airline if only only to reach the destination on the same day.

The option with change in Oslo was the most suitable.

- Madam, from Oslo planes take off for Stavanger each hour. Empty seats are only on flight which will be the fourth after your arrival in Oslo. But if you want to try to take off a bit earlier, then can approach on landing of any of earlier flights. Happens that someone from passengers refuses or is late, then you can be put on a vacant place.

Having paid for the ticket, I ordered herself not to think of all event, I will not come back home yet - it was necessary to concentrate on the rest of a way. And here I remembered that I had Swedish kronur even for 100 euros, buying which, I was sure that they are the Norwegian. It was necessary to do something with them.

In gift shops of the airport of the Gothenburg I did not see anything interesting. The thought fast flew to go to the city, before my flight there were more than three hours, but I right there reasonably refused this idea, partly and therefore that I did not trust local taxi drivers any more. Decided to look for something suitable at the Oslo airport where the choice of shops had to be more.

After arrival in Oslo I, having found for the store for the next flight to Stavanger, it was convinced that I have enough time for purchases. In one of shops I gathered souvenirs for the necessary sum and approached cash desk.

- Sorry, but we do not accept Swedish kronur, - the seller told, packing my goods.

- And what you accept? - I was surprised.

- We accept dollars, euro, well and, of course, Norwegian kroner.

- Norwegian kroner? And why Norwegian, why not Swedish? - I was surprised.

- Because we not in Sweden, madam.

- And where? - I wanted to ask, but bit tongue from sudden inspiration.

Oslo... Well of course, Oslo - the capital of Norway. The matter is that my shaken brain still there, in Sweden, for some reason decided that one more stop on the way to the Norwegian Stavanger will occur in Sweden too. As if there to me there was not enough one stop...

I inhaled deeply and slowly, exhaled, paid off with a credit card and went to an exchanger - to hand over Swedish kronur.

Here so I twice, within one day, managed to get lost in Scandinavia. After the second time the optimistical party of my soul whispered to me encouragingly that now - that I, on - a last resort, am in the territory of the country necessary to me. It was necessary only to reach the necessary city.

I returned to the store and went to a rack where one of employees just approached. I explained that I have a place on flight to Stavanger in four hours, but would like to depart a bit earlier. He noted something in the computer and reported that if room on one of the next flights is made, I will be informed.

Within the next two hours I passed from the store into the store only to see off other passengers. Already and landing to the third flight came to an end and I was going to go for searches of the store for the following, the last in my list of flight. And suddenly I heard the name said in a loudspeaker. It forced me to fly up immediately to a rack.

The girl in a uniform passed my boarding pass via the device, returned a back and told:

- The board is crowded, the suitcase should be handed over. When you go on a sleeve, at the left you will see an open door - it is for a suitcase, push it there, it will come down down to other baggage from this flight. Only hurry up.

I obediently ran through all sleeve, rummaging a look on the parties, but nothing, similar to a door, it was visible - neither at the left, nor on the right. Only in front, right at the end there was an open aperture in which figures of stewardesses loomed. I was developed and ran back, continuing to look for a door for descent of a suitcase.

Having reached almost prior to the beginning of a sleeve, I understood that I in vain waste time and ran back, to the plane. But this time and the aperture in front too disappeared, together with stewardesses. I stopped, as driven, and the man`s voice behind was suddenly distributed. I turned back. Someone in overalls and an orange vest quickly approached me and angrily spoke something - whether Norwegian, whether in Swedish. It to me was explained only next day that Norwegian more melodious, singing, in comparison with Swedish. But at that moment to me had no time for shades of “singing“...

Obviously, it was not my day. Having returned to the airport building, I looked at the watch to count how many still remained till midnight, in hope that in new day of a calendar the destiny will choose by object of the jokes somebody another. Alas, there were 5 more hours.

Fortunately, after that I was object only of one joke. It occurred after I stretched a back from the boarding pass to sit down on the following flight. The employee took it and... asked to step aside that other passengers could pass freely aboard. Aboard my plane. In which I, generally, had a lawful reservation made and the redeemed many hours back.

While landing continued, I nervously explained what occurred. Not all, of course, generally about the disappeared door. The employee silently nodded, and then, having verified with the computer, reported that my reservation for this plane is automatically cancelled in connection with registration of my landing to the previous flight...

I will not describe the feelings and thoughts which gushed over me when I heard it. I will just tell that this good person everything is believed that I did not depart on the previous plane, and faced directly it. With a small suitcase in a hand. After that he found onboard at once several empty seats and even asked where I would like to sit - at pass or at a window.

After that everything was good. I did not sleep any more and pilots did not bring - they grounded me in the necessary city. Here such not thought up humdrum of life with the happy end, the presentation all - took place next day and passed successfully.

And I as loved the famous movie of Eldar Ryazanov (long before the described trip), and I continue to love. Art force, whether so also consists in it, probably?