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Twist of fate or “Welcome“? Part 1

you sometime happened to witness, the participant, and even responsible for funny cases, so funny what looking back and you trust in them hardly? I had enough. I will not specify how many time. One case was especially remarkable at least because about it, at least once a year, reminds me the famous movie.

If you did not guess according to the name of article what movie I mean, then by all means you will guess it a bit later, in process of reading.

It happened in 2005, in February. At that time I worked at the German office of one large international corporation. My working duties called me for short-term business trip to the city of Stavanger that in Norway. Flight along a route Hanover-Stavanger was morning. And before, up to departure to the airport, I all night long carried out at the computer, preparing the presentation which had to carry out at the Norwegian office.

Since morning there was rather heavy rain, but at the airport I learned that my flight goes without delay, and it very much pleased me. It there was a wish to be fastened somewhat quicker in the chair and to fall asleep though for a while that I and managed to make without efforts. It is necessary to notice that the plane was small, approximately into 20 - 25 passenger seats. Forever remembered the name of airline which performed that flight: “Welcome“ (“Welcome“).

I woke up from someone`s touch:

- Mem, is time to leave, - I heard.

I obediently jumped, did not forget to take a bag with the computer and a small suitcase. In baggage from - for small dimensions it were allowed not to hand over.

At the airport of arrival I first of all changed 100 euros for kroner, cash always has to be near at hand. After that I found the taxi stand, got into the car, got a piece of paper with the address and began to dictate to the driver the address, faltering from an unusual combination of sounds. Having regretted me, the taxi driver nodded when I also to the middle did not read up that became for me the sign “thanks, I understood, there is enough“, and started the motor.

In way we were minutes twenty. All this time the taxi driver spoke with someone by phone, by a handheld transceiver. I with interest listened to Norwegian, earlier I did not happen to hear it. English at the driver, it is necessary to tell, was at very good level.

It turned off road soon, stopped on the parking before a supermarket and turned to me.

- Madam, - he told. - We now in that area which you called. But I could not define where there is a street on which you need to get. You are sure that you gave me the correct address?

In it is that I was well sure, and here that he was a skilled taxi driver - already not really especially as by sight to it there were years twenty. He as if having read my thoughts, told:

- I know all streets in the city, but never heard about this. Also, as well as anybody izdispetcher or my colleagues - taxi drivers. I can look at record?

I stretched it a leaflet with the address.

- What it, phone number? - he pointed a finger at the first line.

- Yes. Let`s it gather and my colleagues from office will explain to you how to reach them, - I offered. - In your native language, - I added, without having kept.

- But why 47? - he asked, pointing to the first two figures.

- It is the international code of the country. If to make your phone calls then he, probably, should not be taken and if from mine - that precisely is necessary, - I explained.

During this time the driver for some reason had a change of a look towards amazement.

- Madam, but 47 is a code of Norway.

I nodded and began to look for the phone in a handbag.

- Madam, you think that you are in Norway?

-??? - I answered with eyes.

- We not in Norway. We in Sweden.

My mouth stretched in a polite smile, having been going to burst out laughing as soon as he adds that he joked. Alas, he did not joke...

While the taxi driver carried me back to the airport, I waited when the speech power returns to me. At last I squeezed out:

- How it could turn out?

- Sorry, I was mistaken, - he told it is guilty. - You called the area which it is not so far from the airport. I thought that so far we go there, I will specify on a handheld transceiver where there is the necessary street. Well, - it continued after a small pause, - and when you said the name of the area not absolutely... correctly, I thought that you just made a reservation. I got used that foreigners distort our words.

Here to you and 3 - I am Stroiteley Street. However, in my case the name of the street did not matter any more.

Having returned me to the airport, the taxi driver refused to take money for journey there and back - conscience jammed.

In help service of the airport I was told that with might and main searched for me, declared my name on radio, even the departure was detained for several minutes. As it appeared, my plane made intermediate landing in the Swedish city the Gothenburg on the way to Stavanger. I asked why about this landing it was not specified neither in the ticket, nor on the store monitor at the airport of Hanover. It turned out that this airline small and its planes work as an air share taxi. If there are passengers who need “to enter“ or “leave“ in the Gothenburg, they do this stop, and if not, then do not do. The final decision is told other passengers usually during flight. During which as you know, I was in Morpheus`s embraces...

Here such twist of fate happened to me though on sober, but not absolutely fresh head. I admit that an embarrassment of that trip on it did not end what I will tell in the following history of.