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How to cook ancient Jewish soup hamin?

Hamin - surprising ancient Jewish soup. Besides at Jews it is not just dense soup, but roast. It is simple to prepare hamin, but the method by means of which it is kept warm during the whole Saturday is unusual. Soup is cooked by

long in an oven - within a day. For those who cannot wait to try hamin on the same day we will reduce cooking time till 11 o`clock. The improbable combination of meat, bean, rice and potatoes just bewitches the taste.

Hamin - a dish which became stronger in the Jewish culinary tradition long ago. He is trained by all Jews, irrespective of their place of residence. Sephardic Jews call soup haminy, ashkenaza - cholnt. Hamin - from the ivritsky word boor - heat, heat.

What is ? This remarkable food, maybe, even the best that was left to us in inheritance by Middle Eastern Jewish tradition. Hamin deserves special attention. This surprising dish - no other than the big pot with rice, beans and any meat miscellanea pining in the furnace the whole days. What only hamin were not prepared on Saturday, especially in winter months when cold weather and rains, and sometimes and snowfalls came to Jerusalem!

According to precepts of Jerusalem, on Saturday - the seventh day of week, it is necessary to have a rest therefore emergence of a hamin on a table is not casual. On Saturday it is impossible to prepare, and is - that all the same there is a wish and it is necessary, here Jews also thought up hamin, or cholnt.

Began to cook soup before Saturday and since evening left in the hot furnace where he pined until until the family comes back home from a synagogue. Today there is almost no those furnace left, but is thought up many tricks allowing a dish to remain all day hot and even to continue to cook till a Saturday lunch.

The one who thought up hamin had to consider a number of conditions: the dish in the course of long preparation should not have burned slightly, components in it it was necessary to collect so much that the food did not become boring during the day.

There is a set of options of a hamin. Each Jewish family transfers from generation to generation the recipe. At ashkenazsky Jews it is accepted to put the gut filled with forcemeat. The Bukhara Jews do hamin with rice. Add pearl barley, dried fruits or paste to some hamina. Thus, the recipe was perfected for centuries and reached us perfect.

So, we will start preparation of this ancient and tasty soup for which it is required to us:

peas - 150 g;

lentil - 150 g;

haricot - 200 g;

rice - 200 g;

beef - 1 kg;

potatoes - 8 pieces;

a vegetable marrow - 1 piece;

onion - 1 piece;

a celery petiolar - 2 pieces;

garlic - 10 cloves;

a zira, ginger, a turmeric - on 1 h l.;

a paprika sweet - 4 tablespoons;

parsley - to taste.

Agree, the rich range of products!

In hamin ingredients are put by layers. Traditionally since ancient times cooked soup in a clay pot.

For the night we presoak haricot. We cut a bulb half rings and we fry together with garlic. We cut a celery and a vegetable marrow in cubes. We wash out and cut pieces beef.

We spread haricot, peas in a pot. Further we spread lentil, part of beef, potatoes from above cut by circles, onions and garlic. We do not forget to salt. On potatoes we spread a vegetable marrow, a celery, the remained peas, haricot, lentil. Finish hamin potatoes and meat. We add a zira, a turmeric and ginger. We part a paprika in water and we pour in a clay pot.

We put a pot with haminy to pine in the oven warmed to 140 degrees.

In 2 hours prior to readiness we get soup from an oven, we add parsley. Rice is spread in a double gauze. The sack with rice is placed in a pot, having pinched a gauze between a cover so that the sack did not leave on a bottom. Rice should not fall to soup, this important condition of a hamin, rice has to be steamed.

We return a pot in an oven and we continue to prepare 2 hours.

When soup will be cooked, we spill it on plates, having put two spoons of rice and several pieces of meat.

As Jews spoke: Life as cholnt - that you will put, you will eat . Meat in soup after long languor (11 hours) turns out soft, and bean and potatoes become impregnated with meat juice. Hamin turns out very nourishing and rich.