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Cheerfully about sad. Let`s laugh?

Are cheerful about sad

you did not pay attention that as soon as there comes cold weather at the Russian person begins to itch in all places that che - nibud to poremontirovat, dig and poryt? At me is here, for example, the neighbor, competent such as Lenin and healthy as Ilya Muromets as soon as November came, and November rains became constant visitor, decided “to correct an ogradka“. A fence between my and its yard. Undertook this business thoroughly: rooted out all ten columns, broke my gate and threw everything accurately into the dirt at himself in the yard. Overstrained all days off, being picked the crude earth. All two days off. And then became it once. And later, at the end of November, unexpectedly, snow dropped out and struck a frost. The earth, here those to a zdrastta, mean, froze.

Already end of December. Outside snow knee-deep. Frosts to minus of twenty. And my gate and our small fence sadly so grabbed the frozen dirt. Five holes dug under columns at first filled in with rains, and then filled up with snow. The construction works begun in a generous impulse of heart at total absence at that moment of the head, it was necessary to suspend. Only for half a year.

It is asked what rozhn it was necessary to be engaged in it in November when both a rain, and snow, and a frost? Free time appeared? Hands from inaction itched? Or the bad head haunted?

Now it goes, scratches turnip. I to it: “Stepanych, a small fence you do not suspect the place to put?“. And it: “You, che! Nevertheless froze!“. Likely thinks that I am such fool, time I ask such foolish questions. Well - well.

And still it is pleasant how begin late fall or in general in the winter, to patch to me sidewalks or to do repair indoors. Not, I understand when there broke through a pipe. Accident, so to speak. From it not to leave. But really it was impossible to think of repair of sidewalks in the summer, for example? No, they waited when carries dirt, will pour pools and will begin to darken at three o`clock in the afternoon that - oh - oh - oh, and the sidewalk - that is no good, - and to overtake technicians, any “ottaivatel“ and “otparivatel“, to drive wrapped up in quilted jackets and caps with ear-flaps of workers and to begin to be picked by noon slowly dirt by three o`clock already to finish.

And at the enterprise at us in the winter repair was started. No, I, of course, a rozhna do not understand repairs. I can paint itself only with paint and to paste wall-paper. And still that it for it “to no - Hau“ that cold and dampness to cement, put filling and to stink of paint? At them what to winter of money becomes more? On any repairs. Or this such feature of Slavic mentality? As Zadornov speaks, force is, the desire is, there is not enough only vector. Of energy - is more than enough. Also direct. But not that on you will also hit.

About elections in Belarus

To which eyelids our Alexander Grigoryevich allowed to elections not only the it is hot us and it, including, the favourite candidate, but also ten others. The Belarusian people, it seems, as well as are eager for changes, but are afraid. It is scared to it. It, like and against Alexander Grigoryevich, - how many terms it is possible to sit in power? And suddenly it is bad? - but also not for candidates - and it will be suddenly even worse?. It seems and for Alexander Grigoryevich, - the quite good president, does not give in offense native Belarus - either that, or another, - and at the same time, it seems and for candidates - to Europe there is a wish. Also there is a wish, and it is pricked. How here to be defined?

It, to the people, by and large, on small does not need freedoms, democracy, publicity there. It, to the people, needs sausage. That the percent on the credit was even less. That the salary was higher. That grew it, the people, welfare day by day.

To whom you will talk, - and it is necessary to communicate generally with people educated, - all the same everything is reduced to it darling. To sausage. And to the personal welfare.

The person who within one day sharply changed the outlook is familiar to me. There was it neither a little, nor the deputy director, the most educated person is a lot of, and it had an opportunity to live absolutely even not bad. Even to modest Belarusian measures. To go abroad at the expense of the enterprise. To use an official car as the personal. To be treated not where simple people are treated. Also there was it in every possible way for the present power. But it happened so that in one not fine, for it, at least, day, it was removed in no time. Removed same, “welfare“, with an official car and the personal doctor, it is only sensitive above. His chief. It seemed to it that his subordinate buries, and here - here will scheme against him. And then he struck a preventive strike. That is, vzhik - also go - my dear deputy, on free bread. Threw out that. Got rid of threat. And in the country, as ill luck would have it, besides there was a crisis. And already our deputy did not manage to settle on such lucrative post. It Pometatsya, pometatsya, poor and went in simple workers of a feather and leaf. In the ordinariest office plankton. In addition, in connection with crisis, he happened to work instead of eight hours a day, only six. That is, he settled hardly is one salary less than former time in three. You represent what blow? Blow to a pocket, to vanity, to the faith in people! And in this regard the sad event, from the most ardent supporters present, to it very having a kind feeling power, recoloured it in her ardent opponent. And how here not to be recoloured, to turn the attitude when it is necessary to go on foot and to save on that favourite sausage?

Here also I say that to whom you will not talk, and to communicate, again - it is necessary with people dear, everything is reduced to it. To sausage. It seems will also begin to say about freedom of speech there, that we live in the closed country, we cook in own juice, about integration into the world community, you will only begin to say to them that yes, as it would be good not to see our beautiful life according to television pictures both to be a free person and to have an option as right there, will be frightened, will look at you is blinked, but whether seksot you what, and right there, run, will return to it. To sausage. Also will begin to give any awful examples about life in brotherly Russia, in other CIS and to assure itself, and you that “eh, it is good darling to live in the country“.

Belarusian, it, as guerrilla. Today he abuses the power. But abuses carefully, with caution, that nobody heard his abuse. Covers like a sailor. Covers and looks around. Covers and glances. And tomorrow, depending on, where it and with whom, he kisses this power in both cheeks. Convinces himself that not everything is bad. Cunning it, Belarusian. Is canny.

About women

the Woman is a sex. Always and everywhere. The man is a work, creativity and only then sex. Or simply - work, creativity and already any sex. And the woman - sex, sex and sex. And though it, all such decent - decent, modest - modest, all the same it - sex, sex and sex.

Observe any woman. That it did, she always tries “to look“. She always tries to be interesting, concerning, attractive. That is, she always thinks, is always ready to sex, sex, sex.

And though it - “Oh that you and as it is possible, you are a boor and the vulgar person“, - she always estimates you as potential father of the future children. Or at the worst, as lover. In the head happens at it to line that. And you think what it only also does all the time that thinks of study, of work, of the old grandmother, and she too so thinks, but actually she only also thinks all the time that about sex, sex, sex. In total for the sake of it. It - the beginning and it is the end.

The man has one erogenous zone. One tool of love. Other parts of an organism of the man are intended for one thousand another matters. The head to think. And not only about sex. Hands to do. Legs to go. And at the woman all parts of business - one continuous erogenous zone. Heavy breast, wide hips, brilliant hair, big eyes, slender waist, long legs, weak hands. Where stick - an erogenous zone. Excitable and exciting. Object for love.

The woman thinks the same. Does not come to its mind that it is possible to be the man and without it, the woman. And, transition to the category “not man“ comes from the category “real man“ immediately. It is enough not to please with something to it as you are castrated right there. Chick - and you any more not the man. And to suffer you an inferiority complex until you make some act of the real man again, and you will not write down in the first category again.

And, it remains the woman always, is perfect irrespective of us, men. Will come to nobody to mind to call some fifochka not the real woman. It is only enough to draw with it eyes, to pull tights in a setochka, to put on pass - a skirt as she is already a woman. That is, sex, sex, sex.