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Both in pleasure and in the mountain, and in wealth and in poverty of

“ I Swear to love you both in pleasure and in grief, and in wealth and in poverty. So far the death will not separate us “.

The reader, is not that so, it was still quite recently one of the most known and popular bible sayings familiar to everyone who got married, to everyone who at least studied once the Word God`s, or just loved? Unconditional marriage pledge. Swan oath of fidelity. Gray-bearded wisdom, one of many which we, educated and well-mannered in the spirit of those retrotown concepts, liked to remember quite often when we wanted to mention marital fidelity, self-renunciation and love. “I swear to love you, both in the mountain and in pleasure, in wealth and poverty until the death separates us“ - he looks it in the face, she looks to it, they kiss, and - forward, in joint life, in pleasure and a grief, in wealth and poverty.

So was quite recently. As it is will it is unlikely be. In any case, during an our desolate time, the reader. Naive time of ineptly kissed maiden lips when we studied and tried to love “both in pleasure and in the mountain, and in wealth and poverty“, independently, but not according to pornofilms and porntextbooks when behind the first attempt to help and support, another always followed, the third when did not leave in trouble and were able to forgive everything, except treachery, a shy gait as if being ashamed of the sublime and unmodern weakness that was the most real force, imperceptibly consigned to the past. As well as it is accepted at taken the warm place, it was derided and assigned to new trends and passions. The disinterested friendship became mutually advantageous, samootrechenny love selfish.

Having a little fought with itself and the regressive concepts, poshatavshis from the past in the present, there and back, on a time machine of our memory, we imperceptibly got used and unwillingly got used to iron will of a new century of carnal passions, having somehow got used to new to it and new to ourselves. Learned and love in a new way. The person gets used to everything because the instinct of self-preservation is constant, without looking at anything, and is always stronger than any changeable moral unstable foundations. So happened also to us. Having stepped from a century, under the name “both in the mountain and in pleasure, and in wealth and poverty“, we landed in a century under the name “only in pleasure and wealth, or at least, that any problems“.

We began to think new, modern and absolutely alien to us, our mentality, of categories. What happened to us? What happened to our once devoted women? Why, even the best of them, argue so shablonno, in one excited voice as if all looked at a cycle of the same telecasts, zombirovanno repeating one after another absolutely not that what they sacredly trusted still yesterday in?

Why they agreed to love us only in pleasure and wealth, clever and successful, meeting their new expectations, stervozno finding themselves and the new thinking one thousand justifications in which, the more often and more loudly they repeat them, the more strong are convinced of them?

Why lack of fidelity, fidelity to that only, rich and poor, joyful and sad, became a pathological norm almost among all of them? Why, at emergence on the horizon of the first related problems once patient and true She, hurries to get rid of It, pursuing new dream, convincing itself and others that she has the right, life is given one, and it is necessary to love himself more?

Why they became so categorical and irreconcilable, not forgiving us neither big, nor small weaknesses, and remaining with us only for the sake of something or someone? Where the will and desire to fight, fight together with everything that will not drop out on them, both, a share, when already “in grief and poverty“ got to?

Alcoholism, unemployment, problems with health first of all beat the strong weak man, and the woman going on life with it instead of helping, overcoming them together, simply gets rid of the loser. The man for the woman - something like a step, having become on which, level with him, having realized the feminine, many women hurry further, above, even not from absolutely lost husbands. And if earlier in a family where there was no harmony, questions were set by It, first of all, that in such family of blame is laid today completely on It. Because washed down because the idler because because because …

A still, the reader, I do not cease to be surprised to selective female amnesia. General forgetfulness of that good and kind that was between Her and him. It seems, leaving the one who became Her a burden, It, besides a half of the property acquired in common, takes with itself and all offenses, that disaster angrily which It allegedly caused it and which She does not cease to remember, sacredly having forgotten that kind and good, that remarkable that was once between them. It from just goat, turns into a whipping boy, the only responsible for all its failures, all her dislike and even hatred.

Why not very long ago the woman became part of the man, giving all herself to a drop, being dissolved in that whose husband to it and the father to her children he had when crippled him when there was from it a stump, but not the person, and today is not ready even to hear that it had some problems at work, with health, with its man`s self-assessment?

Lack of female fidelity is pernicious. Fidelity warm, not corporal. It will wound in the heart. It is clear, that in the modern world fidelity - unpopular concept. Fidelity means submission each other, devotion, dedication. And the world dictates other rules: freedom which is not burdened with bonds and obligations. Wanted to throw everything and to change - acted from the place and departed. There, where better, where more favourably. Therefore promises are not quoted now and oaths of value have no.

Of course, it would be wrong to blame one women. The woman - reflection of the man how she tried, contrary to the nature and it the foreordained role to move to the forefront, to be beaten out forward, to be in the lead. And it, brightly or not really, but only reflects the changes, sins and defects happening in society. Because she, was not as if successful and wise it, as if did not hokhoritsya and did not prove, only as the child, naive and unreasonable, sinning and entraining in a sin.

And, maybe, It - is also the main thing? Perhaps It - the beginning of all beginnings, the progenitress and Lilith, both the world and the man - only her reflection? Perhaps it - the end and the Apocalypse, prednachertayushchy all? And only remains to the man what to obey, be the head on from time immemorial nimble neck twisting at once in one thousand parties?

As if there was not, She is successful in business or directs a family an iron hand whether she looks for new eternal love or builds a family alone, I feel sorry for her. It is a pity because the feminist It or the businesswoman, the head or the fashionable bitch, her outline - love. And the love is both fidelity, and forgiveness, and understanding. First of all understanding and forgiveness of the man.