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Suicide of

- Daredevils, come to the director - I heard Irina Stepanovna`s voice, secretaries, in the receiver. Having taken with itself a notebook and the handle, on a case of valuable remarks, I a quick step went to a management office where at a wide table from massive whether an oak, whether still what valuable wood, in a white shirt and gilded points sat.

The office in which all main ideas of plant are generated is arranged in style of all other bossy offices of Post-Soviet Belarus. It long and wide, is always purely swept and propylesosen, over the head of the chief the image of the smiling President in whose kindness so there is a wish to believe hangs. In one corner there is a glass case from the same massive tree, as other furniture in which there are some cups, dishes with congratulations to birthday, and other stuff. In other corner there is some vulgar statue of some half-naked woman, most likely, the goddess something. On the contrary a table and chairs, for those who are caused in this office.

On a table of the most important person of plant the Chinese office consumer goods which are so fallen in love by all chiefs: pass - the globe, it is unceasing the balls banging the friend after the friend, a support with monograms under ink handles. At a table an obligatory leather elbow-chair and a head restraint in which sits. To admit, lately I began to get accustomed specially to thrones of all Samychey to whose offices I happen to get: everywhere there are identical leather chairs. Only miscellaneous skin to a color. From gently yellow to smolisto black, with all shades between.

- Daredevils, at me to you here it put. It is necessary that you issued to me Schengen through Embassy of Germany. Here to you documents, to term week. Got that?

- we Will make - I shortly threw, and at the exit from spacious bossy chambers took a view of two passports. On Most and to his spouse. “Interestingly, and it here and?“ - I fondly thought, and, having run the invitation in German, at once encountered also her name. Both of them were invited by our business partners in the recent past. Some suspiciously very much the Russian Germans, with suspiciously Russian wide persons whom we generously treated and carried on the nature.

Having returned to itself, I right there was engaged in the task set for me as I was taught long ago: the task set by the chief - ueber alles - above all other tasks. Even if it to bring to it home the bought set from a light nut or to buy ten bottles “Nemiroff“.

Filling in the questionnaire, I encountered a question which me nonplused: “Who pays a trip? Enterprise, any organization or leaving?“. If pays the enterprise, then how it can pay a trip of the wife Samogo which never worked for us also years five had already a rest on deserved pension?

Not to guess and to think out nothing, I trudged with this question to the chief. Having waited in “waiting room“ of an audience of minutes twenty, I was tseremonialno and important let in an office as if made great favor.

- Ivan Mitrofanych, here in the questionnaire the question …

- What a question! - discontentedly bellowed Ivan Mitrofanych who terribly did not love when he was disturbed on trifles.

- Who will pay for a trip of your spouse? - as it is possible more delicately I took an interest.

Ivan Mitrofanych rolled out on me the already protruding eyes that to me became it feel ill at ease. His look poured by blood obviously testified to extreme degree of discontent and indignation of my dullness. I looked back to a door, feeling irresistible desire to jump out as soon as possible at it.

- Daredevils, for a trip of the director and you it will be known, always pays plant. Also as well as for those who go with it …

- Yes, but how …

is not your mind care.

- is good, I understood - and I fast slipped out for a door, took breath and went back.

I filled in up to the end the questionnaire, involuntarily puzzling how the poor accounts department will have to carry out management “makeweight“. As air tickets, hotel accommodation and all other will be carried out. In me a little dozed off conscience suddenly began to move, and began to whisper maliciously so on an ear: “Also it is not a shame to you to be engaged in such dishonest business, at the expense of the enterprise, at the expense of these hard workers what in oil and dirt bend in shop? At the expense of your companions to make out a management supruzhnitsa to the resort to Baden - Baden? It is not a shame, and?“.

I spat, and, having jumped from the place, left office, took a detour, and through the third floor returned to myself. At heart it was uncomfortable. Hardly I took seat into place as internal phone cracked, and I, with irritation having grabbed a tube, heard: “Daredevils, come to the director“.

“What from me it is necessary to it?“ - I thought, walking along a corridor.

- I listen Ivan Mitrofanych - I heard the voice as if from outside in which sensitivity notes disappeared somewhere and on their place there was badly hidden irritation.

- Daredevils, here, so put it … hmmm … that you knew … I, so do not go to Germany … it is just necessary to issue everything so as if I go … the ticket there, the hotel … and to issue visas as it is necessary. You understand?

I, by the naivety, understood not really. The only thing that I understood, is that the plant all the same should pay for visas to the director and his wife moreover and to fence some “linden“ with the air ticket and hotel without which visas will not issue.

I thoughtfully left from Itself, hardly thinking as I need to turn this swindle.

Week I processed all documents, continually coming back to already completed documents to find out that something yes all the same is missing. Could not receive a lime reservation from hotel in any way in Germany where demanded to specify a credit card number, could not explain accounts department that from them is required. And to all these difficulties, still the mean voice of conscience which maliciously exasperated me with the questions was added.

At last, day of submission of documents in Embassy of Germany came. Whether I checked everything on the place again. Once again consulted at Egor Viktorovich, the deputy director who made out the same visa recently. Again called Embassy where with irritation once again listed me the documents necessary for giving. And, at last, having handed everything Itself, with relief sighed.

However I had to rejoice not for long. Already next day I was called on communication with the director who was in the capital. That, without constraining itself in expressions, gave approximately following:

- Daredevils, you as the questionnaire filled?

- As told, and …

- Daredevils, you are an idiot! Why you wrote ninety days, but not year?!

- Because you so …

- Daredevils! Why the invitation not on the form?

- Because …

- Daredevils! Well, you messed up, blya! I here, from - for you, have to in queues now stand?! To rewrite questionnaires?! - also threw a tube as if backhand gave me on the person.

All day I asked a question why I allow to treat myself so. However, the answer was obvious: because I do not want to be thrown out for gate. Therefore, as well as the others it is forced to suffer petty tyranny of the administration. As well as the others, a bird it is more important than me, subordinates who were daily humiliated called and over whom walked, and almost all from which, silently took down lordly anger.

It was unclear why the person, let also the director, could not understand that to shout in the presence of subordinates at the person did not stick. That this bad education. It was unclear how it is possible, unscrupulously and without being thawed, to pull along on a tow, in various foreign trips of the untalented children, wives and mistresses. As it is possible to do it at the expense of the subordinates moreover and to show the high discontent with something. Yes on such place, if you are engaged in such negodyaystvo, it is necessary to keep mum, but not to expose it on a public inspection.

On it my history also ended, but she was fated to develop into something bigger about what I also did not suspect. Having returned from the capital, Samogo did not calm down at all but only he grew furious even more. Since the morning he summoned me and, boiling from indignation, again began to lecture for my negligence. I had enough endurance to be silent all this time while it as if he is the Lord, I am a poor sinner, and it is the Last Judgement, told off me for my sins.

Having returned back, the rest of day I was thoughtful, gradually losing faith in people. “Here the low nit, is enough for conscience me again to lecture for is inexact the completed questionnaire, and here on seeing the dishonesty, impudence and petty tyranny, to see what you negodnichat in relation to all of us you have no conscience. What self-conceit! What permissiveness!“ - I and boiled with the feeling overflowing me.

Everything ended quickly and is banal. After a lunch, probably having already a little calmed down, Samogo came to us to brag of how some there minister had it, and in a break between self-praises, threw into my party again:

- Only me brought Daredevils. Already again.

It was excessively my patience. The bowl was overflowed, and me suddenly broke through:

- I brought you? Yes in what, allow to ask it? In what your lime pieces of paper is inexact filled? And you do not want to tell all the attendee here how you at the expense of the enterprise to Germany decided to sweep, on beer and sausages moreover, the trailer, and to drag the spouse?! Is not present?! You do not want to tell how accounts department week pale goes, on your favor, carrying out this “linden“, and nearly behind bars any more sees himself?!

Obviously carried me. And, words, on unclear to me to will, jumped out of me. Words of the truth. Them, words as slaps in the face, to this self-satisfied, too choosy hlyshch which came so far I beat backhand, beat tastefully, with pleasure, its apoplectic ryakha. Times-two, three - four. Time - two, three - four.

The people in an office, appear, turned into a salt column. Nobody dared to move. To sigh or exhale. And I threw, over and over again, what collected at me on heart, what opposite conscience whispered to me, what burned down me with the heated iron. I understood that there is no return back. That I commit suicide:

- You think, all blind men and idiots here? What does the people do not see, do not understand how you attached the children as you appointed them, without education and experience, chiefs of departments?! How you drag them for yourself all over the world?! How, in case of well done work with their department, you attribute a merit only to your children, and you punish for failures only department, but not it heading?! Yes it you idiot! The upstart, and besides badly the well-mannered snob to whom unless the nose is not wiped up, and it all is dissatisfied!

The rest of day all of us stayed, without daring to raise at each other eyes. What did my colleagues think? There were they on my party or condemned me? Or, maybe, secretly rejoiced?

I did not create illusions into their account. Some of them were too reasonable. To me was to spit. I, for the first time in five years, told that thought and felt that as if the stone dumped from heart.

I knew that I will regret still more than once about told as I was sorry earlier about the truth which broke through me when I did not find words of support even from the family. But only heavy silence, in eternal thoughts about essential. But in such affairs of council ask only the conscience, own dignity of the person and the citizen. I knew that I did right thing.