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The glory of a syuzeren is forged by his vassals

until the end of the working day remained hour one and a half when working idyll of Friday was angrily pierced by the next phone call. Anything special - a call as a call how many they are distributed during rabdnya? Even in the second half of Friday, even in five minutes until the end of the working day, even after it? By the way, about calls and calling and their impassable tverdolobost: you noticed that the vast majority of the “bell ringers“ disturbing you not in working hours - we will tell, in fifteen minutes prior to the beginning of the working day or for fifteen minutes later after you, having collected your remains of politeness, opened eyes for such “bell ringer“ on this for you not absolutely pleasant fact, extremely seldom apologize and promise to call back later? Or apologize so as if themselves excused, and the tank the rod is farther with the questions and inquiries?

And so, at half past three screeched one of phones, and Leshk, after the third jingling siren, unwillingly lifted a tube. After sustained “we work to five - you will not be in time“, I understood what next of our clients wants that we made for it an exception and remained to load it after the termination rabdnya. After short fight - the client insisted on our altruism, Leshka assured him that we are ordinary egoists who work for a salary, - “bell ringer“ lagged behind and Leshka hung up then he quietly swore.

- What goose, this Naduvaylo, and?! Says what in an hour will arrive - we are obliged to load it. And for “overtime“ he to me, darling, will pay perhaps? It has five tons of goods - it is not less than two hours of loading if still the loader is free.

- Yes, the client, of course, that, is always right, but he does not respect us at all - Vovchik thoughtfully stretched.

- Forget - I threw. - Bear the pieces of paper in accounts department better, and there, you look, already and the end of all this Friday nightmare.

Leshka raked up consignment notes from a table and slowly moved to an exit when the door was sharply opened, and Samych rushed into department a whirlwind. In a second before he stepped into a threshold, how the door handle was turned and the door is open, I already knew who to us welcomed. Samych belonged to those homebrew heads, each of which received one on all the Soviet bossy education and which approximately was as follows: from the real head kinetic energy always has to proceed. No matter what - fools subordinates never know that at you on your grandiose mind: stun, plunge, shake. Loud voice, sharp gestures, grandiose plans. Loudly, sharply, grandiosely.

- I was just called by Naduvaylo, our client. By the way, what discount at it? And? Fifteen percent? Well. Large customer. And so, he wants that we loaded it on Saturday … tomorrow

Ya involuntarily and angrily noted about himself it “we“. “We. On Saturday, probably, to leave not to you, but us. But there - we!“ - I, was, thought, but right there, hasty brushed away from mind these seditious thoughts because Samych, without ceasing to thump by the commander voice, mistrustfully looked at me. “Some say that at me all my thoughts on a forehead are written - ouch - yay - yay as it is bad“ - and I innocently looked down the not absolutely as I knew, a servile look.

- So you think, men? You will be able to leave tomorrow? - in a familiar way wailed. “To try to tell

, perhaps, that we cannot? What for tomorrow we have other plans? What to the doctor it is necessary, on the market, to meet the daughter? Not, I will not be. Will not understand, a bossy muzzle. And will note, for unreliability. As already took Alexey when that refused to him to drag a dresser on the dacha“.

All were silent. I knew what was created in the heads of “men“. Nobody wanted to leave, but to dare to tell about it nobody hurried. There would be a little advantage of this “shnapsbravada“ - unless, for a second would be remembered the human dignity and what advantage from it? And here harm … Harm would be to a pobola.

Itself comfortably settled down on a sofa, got “Vertu“ from a pocket of a cream jacket, trynknut them cheerfully, and sharply hooted: “Vanya, come in commercial“.

Itself liked to make impression on mere mortals. Points in a gilded frame, cream brilliant suits, whose one ebony buttons cost more, than any of our suits, phone at the motorcycle price - everything in it was aimed at immediate effect: to stun, plunge, shake.

Vanya, the deputy Sama for a commercial part, the small growing bald young man, already prishiblenny the responsibility which fell down him and constant attention of the boss, as if by magic materialized in an office in a minute. How he hurried on a meeting with Most, short wind eloquently told him. “Probably, to the bride so did not hurry as flew to appointment to the chief“ - about myself I sjekhidnichat.

Further to keep from a kramolshchina about itself, I could not any more. If took away from me also this internal self-expression, my plain truth, I, probably, would explode, like the balloon, having drenched from legs to the head with the bilious sarcasm of these buffon, peacocks, each of which after the own fashion spread before us the tail.

In the center to a scene, in a leading role, of course, acted. It was visible how it was pleasant to it. Beside it, representing all eagerness and diligence in all the subordinate of speed, poor Vanya fussed.

- Means, Ivan, Naduvaylo wants to be loaded tomorrow. The nastiest that the client, he be wrong it is always right. You understand, Ivan? - Itself from all the actor`s forces “mowed“ under the, that which in one with us to the boat. He even frowned, probably, representing as we tomorrow, on Saturday when it only prochukhivatsya with a hangover, come to work and we load Naduvaylo.

- Yes, I understand, Ivan Ivanych - coming up from the thoughts, thoughtfully, Vanya proshamkat. there is no

- you understand? - Itself stared at the thoughtful growing bald Vanya`s physiognomy.

That quickly came round, shook from itself treacherous thoughtfulness, and hasty as if his life depended on it, bellowed:

- Yes, yes, I understood everything. Tomorrow all will leave and will ship whom it is necessary.

“Here, bough. That, of course, will see the twenty seventh dream at this time. And there: “we“, “all“ - again kramolno to me was thought. “Though someone would tell “no“. Is not present? There are no persons interested?“.

- Well, then, children, try. And Naduvaylo the client serious, serious, for us important.

“Especially for you. You, probably, at a meeting will tell it to it, at a wide table as it is important for us as we value it, even on Saturdays“ - were, I started over again, but my thoughts were interrupted by an angry look of the dissatisfied person who is looking out of a smart silicon suit, and I, having again looked down the eyes in pieces of paper on a table, dispersed them as if I will melt naughty sparrows who promised to return. “The glory of a syuzeren is forged by his vassals“ - from where - that was sadly thought to me. All returned on the places. Working week proceeded.