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Pictures from an exhibition of life

the Picture first

On a dirty metal table, on one side lies the little monkey. Over it the person in a white dressing gown, in the gauze bandage and massive horn points closing a half of the face was inclined. In a hand at it the syringe by which it does an injection to an animal. From a prick the monkey even more, somehow unnaturally, turns out the small head in my party, opens widely as if through the looking eyes, then somehow convulsively curls up, begins to shiver small as if on her veins the frost zastruitsya suddenly, and then slowly falls asleep. Then the person in a white dressing gown puts its tryapkoobrazny, breathless corpse on a stomach, and implants her head into the special metal device in the form of the letter “p“, serially turns one, then other clip, reliably fixes it. The beret the safety razor and the short movements shaves off redenky volosik on the head of an animal. Then carries out several times by a disinfecting tampon on a naked skull. A beret from a tray that stands nearby, a small scalpel, and slowly, slowly as if at its order the whole eternity, does a long cut through all closely cropped head of the monkey. Then in his hands something appears like the small size of the hand drill, and …

Ya I turn away not to see how with the same medical insensibility the cranium of strong fallen asleep animal is opened. In the beginning I think that it is some operation. Perhaps the animal is sick and it is wanted to be helped as it often happens in numerous western animals clinics. There even the mice who got to a mousetrap are treated. And then me cold sweat breaks through: the monkey - only experimental material. Material on which experiences are put. In a minute it will remove part of a frontal lobe of a brain and some chip for some important experiment then the cranium will be “battened down“ is implanted, and the animal will be “recovered“ as the nice nurse explains to me, playfully smiling before I manage to leave from there somewhat quicker. I hardly understand that she tells me also it and it is not important. The main thing - I understood. I do not want to know what experiment is, and I do not want to see what will be with an animal after awakening. For certain, one more half-dead doll which is badly controlling the movements with the head which is filling up sideways, involuntary depletion of intestines and bladder, other side effects. If experience does not work well, “material“ will be just thrown out. And on its place the new little monkey with touching eyes on a muzzle floor will appear.

I fall out on fresh air, literally feeling strange pains in a forehead as if it to me just made a lobotomy and implanted some rubbish that later, along with interest and indifference to observe how at me refuse hands, legs, the head.

When you read or you look about experiences over animals, about a vivisection, a lobotomy, you always have a field for flight and what attractive would not be this boundless and infinite world of animal suffering, you, finally, always from it run, and in minute, hour, day, your memory erases the half-dead pictures drawn with rough imagination from dead letters and words. And when you personally face this hell, face to face, eyes to eyes, your only desire - if you, of course, still normal person, - not to go crazy. Because what you see at arm`s length so stuns, deafens you by infinity of physical pain and suffering that you turn into an agoniruyushchy clot of brainless protoplasm. And then you also run away. Still sensible mind of the ordinary person at which the house a retriever Fight and the Persian cat Magda, rushes with a light speed ahead of your legs already never to forget that infinite horror terrestrial, with gentle love created by the person, hell of animals.

Picture the second.

Childhood. Our blond Zoska, a six-month-old calf of a cow of the Dawn, drive to a pouzky dirty corridor which all the time is narrowed instead of eventually being distributed in the parties and to give vent. A corridor whether tiled, whether in general some iron - it is not clear, so there it is dark and dirty, with dents and deep scratches from hoofs and horns of those who along it last time in the gone crazy agony marched by the end. Light is dim, bulbs naked, without any plafonds which - where do not burn in general.

This infernal corridor everything is narrowed, and costs mad a tel, having smelled rat, to linger a fraction of a second as through dirty lattices the soiled hairy hands are pushed on the right and that there are forces stick a naked electrode in nervously waving croup of an animal, and sometimes just an armaturina or what stick, and thrash them that there are forces to force disobedient cattle to promote further. The blow, both still blow, and still blow - and the animal who went mad from violence obediently is dragged forward, twisting a neck back and moving a red eye.

Despite slaps and pricks, Zosim begins to rest, twists the head back and forth, to the left and to the right. As if has a presentiment. From a brilliant nose on dirt of a floor fat threads of saliva, an eye with the pupil which is jumping out for horror flow down having gone mad mow there from where ruthless blows pour, the brain grows dim. On a slippery floor the calf stumbles, hard falls on forward legs, but right there, sliding in different directions, again jumps: behind it in the same terrible chaotic order, to the death, tens of others, same as it hurry.

Again from where - that appears the hairy soiled hand with some piece of iron. Muffled voices, some lyazganye and a sheburshaniye are heard. A piece of iron which - as is stuck in uneasy wide a forehead of a calf. The deaf loud slap is distributed, and the deafened animal an empty bag falls on a dirty floor. But in thirty seconds, so far little men - fighters potter beside that horned which press behind, the animal begins that there are forces to knock hoofs on a wet floor, throws back to the right, the head to the left deafened, and tries to rise. Having lifted up a muzzle up, it lows, shouts that there are forces, twists the semi-contused head in different directions, again falls. Right there the electroshock is used to calm down these animal elements. There is “pig“ again, and this time … Loud cotton is again distributed. And already the immobilized body the jingling winch is tightened up. Eyes Zosima are open. However, it is not his eyes. Whether see, whether is not present - you will not understand. Two men in rubber aprons dexterously fuss around, skillfully cut a throat with a wide knife, blood cheerfully whips in a drain poboch. The animal, apparently, still tries to fight for the life. Or it is only a posthumous spasm? Workers cheerfully exchange some hokhmy. And here the one whom I still the day before yesterday cheerfully clapped palms on even not sloping sides fed with green kashtel and looked in his brown eyes with such long eyelashes, dangling a huge rag on a cold hook, dead hulk drives off in finishing shop. Only several minutes of hell. But hell on it does not come to an end. The kitchen of a devil works both in the afternoon, and at night.

The picture third

you love dolphins? And who does not love them? - you ask. One of the most beautiful, graceful and clever creatures created by God`s hand.

Dolphins - animals social, cheerful and cheerful, with ease tamed by the person. Not because the person - the tsar of all live creatures at the sea and on the land but because dolphins trust it.

Especially much they gather in warm waters of the Japanese islands of Henko and Tamasha in the early summer attracted with schools of spawning Japanese sardines on which they with pleasure regale. And if dolphins for catching of sardines use miracles of intelligence and dexterity, lifting a cloud of soil in small water and as if drawing from it ripples in the water, thereby I block packs of sardines inside, then on the bank of small lagoons, and the turn, the person is going to show miracles of sophisticated cruelty.

If Chinese eat everything that goes, runs and creeps on the ground, then Japanese eat everything that floats in water. Including dolphins whom they slaughter with an extreme, sophisticated sadism.

By means of electronic traps several tens dolphins are enticed into shoal of numerous lagoons then antiquated ways of a face of animals are used: special hooks, tridents, sharply ground swords on a staff.

It is personally difficult for me to understand for what Japanese suit a bloody bath from nearly hundreds of dolphins at the same time, prolonging an agony of these beautiful creatures for hours. What sacral or culinary sense can bear in the agony creation, close, and even surpassing as some scientists, animal, desperately fragile in a bloody penalty fee, with the fins cut at random split with the heads, the falling-out interiors believe. One of the reasons as, mysteriously smiling, in two with words one of “Samurais“, with high cheek-bones Tosha, &ndash explained to me; ancient custom of initiation of the Japanese young men. The boy, to become the man, has to hammer with own hand as the bigger number of dolphins is possible. It is difficult to believe that similar traditions are still live in advanced Japan. But, as we know, Japan - not only the country of high technologies, but also ancient traditions.

Similar traditions still remain on the Faroe Islands, in Greenland, in the Canadian northern territories, on the Far North and the East of Russia. Somewhere it is dolphins, somewhere walruses, somewhere whales.

One of the most sensitive and painful issues which ever tormented me and which continues to haunt me to this day is a question of violence in relation to animals. Violence infinite and legalized, senseless and the more so violence intelligent, and I mean by it not so much casual and many the condemned pets, dogs and cats, rats and parrots abuse how many standard and one thousand times approved by church, society and separately taken individual as the independent personality, “normally“ consumer attitude towards all live, as to material for satisfaction of the human wants. Knackeries, slaughters, skilled laboratories. Various types of commercial trade, cruel amusements, circuses and buffooneries.

No, I am not a vegetarian, and I do not even call for full refusal of meat as I understand impossibility of this spiritual and corporal feat for the majority, on a number of good reasons, and I assume that the animal was given to the person by god, or still whom not only as the servant and the friend, but also, alas, as food. However, the hypocritical definition, for example, of a kid, a calf or a lamb, as, at first, house friend, and then a juicy chop causes in me permanent disgust for such dual morals. As Bernard Shaw spoke: “Animals to me friends, and I friends do not eat“. And on me: either - friends, or - with such morals it is possible quietly to begin to devour the tribespeople. Servants - yes. A piece of meat for lunch - yes. But in any way not friends and not brothers.

Meat, fat, veins, bones, skins - hardly the primitive person, in the poor possibility of a survival, could do without them. Though, according to most of anthropologists, the prehistoric person, at the beginning of the existence, mostly was engaged in collecting and was mainly a vegetarian. To come across drop, or to slaughter some small and not really quick animal, was business not frequent. However the person - not a wild tiger, with the sharp canines and claws, the nature intended for a breaking of the won flesh. It does not have all signs on which the mammal is carried to family of predators. Besides, there is a number of strong convincing evidences of the fact that meat-eating - only strongly sat down habit not peculiar to the person. However, if us the alkaline drinks dissolving metals successfully accustomed to drink and to inhale the terrible smoke causing in us more than thirty diseases, then why not there are pieces of the charred flesh of our friends and brothers, and at the same time tasty not to smack the lips?

The matter is that the majority of us does not see in consumption of meat anything prejudicious for one simple reason: we do not think of the fact what meat is and as it gets to us on a table. If we are also disturbed by this question, then primary of reasons actually of health: whether will damage to us what we eat? How many in fat meat? Cholesterol? Hormones? The fleeting thought that this piece of meat almost differed still yesterday in nothing from you - us discourages. Nonpluses. Revolts. Set it right there it is ranked as a legion of the barbarians who are not able to behave at a table. Or the philosophizing silly persons, “not familiar with cruel reality“. And meanwhile ability to feel pity for the one who is weaker than you and who is in your absolute power gives the person in each of us. Or nedocheloveka. But unless to be a person - not weakness?

The majority of us prefers not to think of the fact that today`s ruddy stake or juicy cutlets are a yesterday`s live cow, a pig, a sheep. Well, and if reflects, then it is exclusive on ignorant and self-justificatory manners: animals for this purpose also are that them is.

And the person eats them. “Oh, you have just dinner? And as carefully, on respectful removal in several or there are a lot of kilometers the slaughterhouse, you the accomplice“ &ndash would disappear; Ralf Waldo Emerson, the American philosopher wrote. And you think differently?

And here that was written by Peter Burvash, ex-the world champion in tennis, the hockey player: “I am not a prim young lady. I played hockey, did not lose a half of teeth yet. I battled on tennis courts. But what I saw on a slaughter shook me. Having left it, I knew already well that I will never do the harm to any animal!“.

Business at all not that the person cannot meatless and murder of animals is a natural and integral part of our existence. But matter and that once compelled murder of an animal, for the sake of continuation of human existence, gave way to barbarous sufferings of an animal, torments and knackeries, for our pleasure and pleasure long ago. The animal from the category “is - to survive, use - to live“ passed into the category “is - to enjoy, use - to live beautifully“. To us already insufficiently usual, the nature of the created piece of meat. Our coddled organism demands the same food: gentle, fat, the most tasty. And therefore barbarous methods of the legalized tortures and tortures of living beings of which traficabilities, opportunities to see a daylight deprive, to eat, breed, live normally are used.

The person put murder of an animal on a conveyor stream long ago, having turned an animal only into future piece of meat, a skin, bones, veins. To an animal not only it was refused available souls. To it it was refused ability to endure pain and suffering, and in general to feel something. And meanwhile, the same a cow, a pig and a sheep advanced social mammals with the developed central nervous system. And it means that they it is very similar, as well as we, feel pain and suffering. Pleasure and grief. Happiness and misfortune.

One of the most beautiful and kindest animals created by the nature - a horse. What can be more graceful than the prompt flying Arab racer? What wilder and unsubdued, than North American mustang? What trudolyubivy is also more hardy than an Asian mule? The person always loved the fighting horse. Arable mare. Draft gelding. And meanwhile all history of relationship of the person and a horse are stories of pain and treachery of which “the loyal friend of former campaigns“ and “the peasant`s companion“ can tell nothing, for the lack of language.

An early excommunication of a foal from the mother - mares, a rigid mushtra on the basis of pain and understanding “who here the owner“, the mouthpiece which is breaking off the sky (from here a horse it becomes so beautiful on racks), spurs in sides to bruises, the switch and a lash castigating to Glouxboky, weeks not healing, wounds, bad feeding, the hardest work, a knackery - usual destiny of the majority of “these beautiful creatures“. And minute of cine rough tenderness where there is more love and pity to itself, Vladimir Vysotsky`s hero, as always, comfortably forces out decade of everyday ill treatment from our imagination.

And unless it was not interesting to watch jumps of the handsome - racers? What are staked what passions boil. In the nineteenth century of a gallop for noblemen were all the same that now gaming machines for plebeians. And meanwhile the century of an ambler was very short: year - another, and in an expense. Today you in a kidskin glove he is grateful awe on withers of your favourite, and already tomorrow, from - for the mutilated grandmas or intestinal gripes you send it to a knackery, having gained “what one hundred - one and a half and having remained at a loss“. Perhaps, having slightly had a little cry - if on you too found a sentimentality.

When I think of numerous wars, I not so much grudge hundreds of thousands of fallen soldiers (eventually, to some extent, it were their wars, and they always had some choice), and it is extremely a pity for hundreds of thousands in the cruel way of the executed innocent horses who had no choice. It only in us so favourite idiotic cinema the bullet gets to the rider, and he elegantly flies through the head of the racer, causing in us boyish delight. And in practice the bullet - the silly woman most often got into a breast, the head, sides of that “fellow soldier“ as first of all any cavalryman was “to grow together“ with the horse that it also did. To bend down, be pressed in a back and a neck so that to escape.

Sabers fighting for ideas, riches and lands, first of all, to horses, but not their horsemen, put out eyes, skulls were cut out, stomachs were ripped up. Arrows, a spear, halberds, swords, sabers, yataghans, the heated pitch, stones, the burning armfuls of hay, a bullet, a mine, shells, bombs - everything, more, fell to lot of “the fighting friend“.

It is necessary to recognize - we are extremely ignorant. Among us it is full such which do not imagine also the 100-th share of those torments to which animals are exposed. And, having overheard about a vivisection or an industrial face of dogs or cats in China, we do not try to like suffering of animals: we look for them a justification. Here that interestingly. Our compassion has to be favorable to us. And as soon as it does not become favorable to us, it right there stops.

Hundreds of thousands of various animals are delivered “on the spare part“ in various laboratories, institutes, clinics. “But it is necessary to science!“ - we exclaim, at the same time, hurrying to banish somewhat quicker from ourselves thought of what there, behind closed doors, now occurs. We are such sensitive, we have such rich imagination. And we draw in the imagination panaceas from smallpox, cancer and AIDS, assuring ourselves that this suffering for the benefit.

Our world is filled with suffering of animals. And, if we, producers of own suffering, somehow can operate it and to control it, then the animal who is in our power is completely deprived of such opportunity.

Chicken, “silly chicken“, - as it is stupidly accepted to speak, - tests pleasure of motherhood, feeling of alarm, pleasure, grief. Also has improbable intuition of a presentiment of death. Once in life I had to cut chicken, and I was struck that the bird, without seeing a knife, understanding the human speech, had violently a presentiment in the unknown way of the death, without being given in hands.

I admit, I, as well as the majority, am not present and I derive pleasure from a juicy shish kebab or home-made cutlets, especially after long abstention from proteinaceous food. But even more often, before will seize all grin a pork side or to fill a mouth “Doctor`s“, I think of that infinity of suffering which is continued also by my negligent attitude to all live. Whether our ancestors when called a cow “wet nurse“ were silly and tried to prolong her century the careful relation to it? When talked to apple-trees and ironed them on a trunk? When apologized to any game caught in the wood? And whether we are so clever, educated when we declare the inalienable rights “to use“ all live on the discretion? I, personally, strongly doubt it.