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Giraffe big - to him it seems to know better to

- Resolve Maria Sergeyevna? - Daredevils carefully slightly opened a door of department of supply, and after got permission to enter, passed and sat down on an edge of a shaky chair, directly against the head of department.

- Here here what business, Maria Sergeyevna. I need to collect data on raw materials from which we make our cranes. Well, there, how many tons a month, brand, a grade

Maria Sergeyevna convulsively swallowed that she chewed before Smelchakov`s arrival, and, having suspiciously stared at that the big maslinovidny eyes, hoarsely took an interest:

- It, why to you?

- Yes the director gave a task. Here Turks came recently. Here we want to set up cooperation, and for this purpose

- And - the chief of supply quickened. - Time the director, then another matter - and she began to rustle with some pieces of paper, having laid garlick sausage sandwich under a table.

- Means that there at you? Brand? Means, write: HP brand brass - 45 and an acid - 248. In chushka. Lead - no more than 5%. Copper - no more than 15%. What? How many in a month? Let`s count. There - to Torahs - Torahs, in January was, to an ug, - to dtsat plus - desit, we receive hundred fifty. In February, to pra - pra - pra, an ug, - desit plus - to dtsat and dtsat, there will be hundred sixty five. In March, prum - purum - purum to add, take away, to an ug, total - hundred eighty. On average we have hundred seventy - hundred seventy five.

- And me here here two hundred fifty

- What? What two hundred fifty? No, at us never before it And from where figure? What? The director gave? So, let`s count still. In April to dtsat plus - desit, to pra - prum - BAM, aha - hundred thirty two. Something very little. Let`s take May - there has to be more. - to dtsat, plus - desit, minus - to dtsat, to an ug, total - hundred forty seven. How many, you speak, the director wrote? Two hundred fifty? Well, time wrote - means indeed. It these figures, you know how knows?! No, something turns out a little. Give in June we will count. So, - to dtsat, - to dtsat, - desit, total - hundred sixty. In July, - desit, - desit, - to dtsat, - to dtsat, total Yes. Not that Well, if the director wrote two hundred fifty - means and write: two hundred fifty. What to take for a ride?

- But it is impossible two hundred fifty

- Anything. Is more visible to the director. It is told two hundred fifty - write two hundred fifty - Maria Ivanovna is angry and convulsively shurudit under a table in search of unfinished garlick sausage sandwich. - Hodt everyones here. Do not allow to work.