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And again about Avhan

I Happened to read here recently one story of one former soldier - the internationalist. I will not give his name and the name of the story as the last is quite typical for those who were on that war. As it is typical also for those who were not. And then, in my opinion, the narration does not represent literary value. So, the author “sang that he saw“ - no more.

Summary: the veteran of “Avhan“ comes to school and tells youth about how “those hot days, for the homeland they were nicely cut“. That`s it, “were nicely cut“. Does not regret for the ruined souls, does not declare that war - the evil, death and a grief, and there is nothing good in it. At all not. On the contrary, it carries out accurate, though on - Soviet clumsily veiled mission: mission of the recruiter of new gun meat for the sake of false targets, in glory of idols, gods, first secretaries.

But not so naive youth as there were in “days of youth its severe“, and on an appeal to become on a nice path of the soldier does not hurry. Young people do not seek to kill and be the killed - not attacked those. They want to live - unless it badly? And then, this dragon - the tempter, as the last bait for weak souls, spreads the last weapon: a medal from pure silver. Tempts with metal. Passes it round, for a public inspection, and whispers, whispers the obscenity on an ear. Children hand over it, their eyes light up, hearts begin is speeded up to fight. And as: beautiful piece. And here in souls of some of them mustard grains of greed of glory are aroused.

This ruined soul is represented to me the devil, Mephistopheles who is rapaciously stolen for the innocent, new, souls. Seducer of juveniles. And much the worst seducer, than any pedophile of which very much today shout. Because pedophiles corrupt only a body, and our soldier corrupts weak souls. Gets into the hearts of youths, tempting them with military romanticism, telling about how shot from the weapon as wore a beautiful military uniform as killed … No, how killed, he still modestly holds back: time will come - children all learn.

The hero in shape of the Satan. Because it is not the veteran of the Great Patriotic War protecting the earth from the enemy - and in it very important difference. And we speak not about Patriotic war of 1812. We speak about absolutely other war. This is the hero absolutely of other war. Wars disgraceful. Wars aggressive. War over which, in my opinion, it is necessary to grieve only, and about fallen there to pray. However, how to grieve over all wars. And if to speak, then to speak so that nobody and wanted never to come to be on its place.

The hero speaks about protection of the Homeland against the enemy a little. Or, if speaks, then has no right to speak about it as itself, the Homeland, did not protect from the enemy. And opposite, came to that earth, as the enemy, with a sword from which, on an immemorial Russian saying, and suffered. And to it - to repent the rest of days, and to us to repent together with it.

Me to admit, strikes the fact that these heroes also the Bible quote and Christ to themselves in assistants is called. Give various precepts and parables from the Writing. (Whether their fathers sprinkle tanks and planes with a sacred voditsa?) . Having absolutely forgotten about the most important, the main precepts: love and do not kill. And even on the contrary: it is better to be the most killed, than to kill. And if you cannot - pray for forgiveness of the sin not to burn in hell, on a frying pan. Or still where. And the it is more, do not corrupt innocent souls.

I personally was not on that war. Thank God. But I know that such violence and death. I - as well as you, go on this earth, I live, I suffer. And the statement of veterans that “if was not - you have no right to argue“ - are insolvent. Just, on the contrary: often the patient cannot understand the illness. And the passionless doctor sees his illness through. Or even just loved one. Also has an idea of how to treat her while the patient is full of the most different emotions concerning the state: pity to, despair, turbidity of mind. To see a problem, it is necessary to see it impartially and objectively, in the long term, without personal emotions. And as soon as you become part of a problem - about any objective assessment of the speech cannot go.

Passed Avhan - there are also such patients. Neduzhnye who need to be regretted which need to be sympathized, helped. Full of the most various feelings, experiences and emotions. Having visited there, they do not see, or do not want to see, obvious. And obvious - improbable is nearly one million died civilian population during stay “soldiers - liberators“. It is the Soviet intervention, test new, often forbidden, types of weapon, clanking by it before a nose of the former enemies. At all not schools and hospital.

It is the most crippled because, being shot there, they for the second time were shot here, in the homeland, which as some of them trust, they protected. Shot an infinite obivaniye of official thresholds, scanty pensions and grants, daily humiliation. Many of them were betrayed at first there, and then betrayed here, and all of them still repeat that truth which political leaders and party knocked into their lop-eared heads.

At the end, expecting indignation of some hotheads, I would like to designate the position finally: first of all, it is necessary to grieve over any war. (I remember, in the eighth class when every second man in the uniform in our voyengorodk was the “Afghan“ - contused, the psychopath or the alcoholic, I once and for all removed the personal formula of rejection of violence: to everything that can be connected with murder, it is unimportant for the sake of what purposes and under what sacred pretexts, I speak “no“. Bravura parades, drunk talk on valor, display of trophies - all for me dirt and a decay because they are through impregnated by them with which I do not want to have nothing in common. And, if will of the villain - destinies it is necessary to get dirty and survive about them, I will grieve before the disgraceful death). Day of any victory is, first of all, day of grief and the commemoration which fell. Repentances. Forgiveness. And if to speak about it, about war, then to tell that, ugly, and so carefully hidden truth, but not to read rhymes of the degenerate Denis Davydov who so “loved bloody fight“. Namely to speak, repeat and vtemyashivat: war first of all connotates death, unhappiness, suffering. In the war, first of all, the innocent perishes. And you can and become obliged by the soldier in the unique case: if your Homeland, on your earth, your family was attacked by the enemy. In all other cases, preemptive and preotvratitelny cases if from your neighbor, the former friend or the old enemy threat proceeds, only those who accurately and soberly represent what they do have to take the weapon in hand. And not to be on their place to these unfortunate “heroes“, the victims of the Afghan campaign who were transferred untrained not fired and nothing is frequent knowing. Or are so obvious to understand truth, it is necessary to come back home nevertheless in a wheelchair? Some as I see, and it does not help.