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About Belarusian a pamyarkounastsa of

Recently, standing in a queue for the ticket for the bus, I became the involuntary witness of quarrel between the buyer, the young man, and some female controller. It is necessary to tell that Belarusians - the people not scandalous, and quarrels in turns in Belarus - business quite rare. The Belarusian will stand in a queue so much - as far as he, so to speak, there will be put, and will not make a sound. And here - here you are: the angered “person on the waiting list“ tore and threw, however, with the Belarusian such coolness. But matter is not that there the employee of station not so made, and that the young man angered by his nonprofessionalism, in a fit of temper, called the country in which he happened to buy the ticket, and in which, most likely, he still happened to be born and live, the country of rams. Of course, it is told roughly, but in something it is right. I admit, and I was occurred by this comparison more than once. However, I put not a pejorative hint on mental capacities of Belarusians (all - they are mostly good girls) in the word “rams“, and I mean quality of the Belarusian character to be always and in everything obedient. Deeply, as the splinter, sitting in the Belarusian to the devil to do that and as to him order. This most notorious “ïàìàðêîóíàñö“, patience and a vseposlushaniye which, apparently, know no limit.

And one my acquaintance likes to repeat that we live in the country of untamed idiots. And I would tell that just “puganny“. “Idiots“ - too search as I personally want to regret people more than “to poprezirat“. Belarusians remind me the hares shivering with fear both of a wolf, and of a bear, and of an aspen leaf. They always on the lookout, always expect some next muck from the governors that this muck then being silent and to take down patiently, sometimes being only discharged where - nibud at itself in kitchen, in a bath, on the Internet.

The second day I visited the market with intention to buy a bit vegetables for the winter. Pritorgovavshis, I am interested at the young-looking vegetable queen whether on nitrates her pretty tsibulka is grown up. Itself I know that on them, not darling, but here bad habit to ask about it sellers from me continually and prt. The shop assistant, of course, refuses, but she does it so cautiously and carefully, so quietly mumbles to herself the otnekushka under a nose, and her eyes are poured by caution and fear that becomes feels sorry for the woman for me. The rich female imagination for certain already zhivopisut it it fined or, maybe, even in the prison put for that, as vegetables nitrate and that without apron, both not there costs, and not so costs and so on. You never know for what. Perhaps it is already not allowed to smile. And it is told to long, as in the remarkable story of Byoll “My sad face“.

In general to ask questions, or to be interested aloud, an accurate and steady voice, in turns, in the markets, in administrative agencies, in Belarus only some commanding Belarusians, seemingly, have the right. All other, simple Belarusians, try to become as it is possible more imperceptibly: speak quietly, go edge, work silently. And what “chyo - nibud“ did not leave. This passionate desire, seemingly, was even reflected in their appearance: being by the nature quite fine people, they gained some guerrilla not catchiness, an autumn dullness.

I remember how my chief stared, and his suite suddenly choked and could not stop a bad attack of cough when on its loud offer to pass to the contract, I, so loudly and accurately, thanked him for care and promised to think. Only later I learned that over bossy offers it is not accepted to think here, and it is accepted them is right there grateful to accept both hands. Just as it is not accepted to speak by a loud and accurate voice in the presence of your boss. And if in a voice suspicious notes of “independence“ and excessive judiciousness, then at all trouble appeared. “The subordinate has to have an appearance dashing and silly“ - as if is told about the Belarusian subordinates.

In general, there is an awful wish for changes. It is impossible as there is a wish that new people came to the power. Not with collective-farm thinking with whose help the last directed here, god knows how many years, and with thinking progressive. That looked not back, and looked forward. That stirred up a little this dead bog in which even frogs to be afraid to croak. That remembered that time we in heart of Europe, and the most European nation, and it is necessary to face Europe, but not naked to show the back to it all the time. And not to rush went crazy to any world pariahs - to Iran, to Venezuela, to Cuba, and to improve business relations with the civilized world, keeping the values and traditions. Nobody, eventually, forces us to accept their values. To stop repeating about the world plot against Belarus. That enemies will come to our earth and will eat all potato, and will get drug addiction and prostitution here. This plate - long ago wore out.