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Dear client of

- Sergey Dmitriyevich, at us the big order from Georgia is possible. On two sorokotonny containers. But for this purpose the client asks today, by urgent mail to send him samples.

- Everything, Daredevils, send samples, then you will report.

- But for this purpose it is necessary to write out at first samples, then to receive them in a warehouse, then to write off, and then that allowed carrying out from the territory … No. At first carrying out, and then to write off …

- Daredevils, you do, do … Write out there, write off. And I will sign. As well as it is necessary to the chief.

Daredevils writes paper with inquiry to allow to receive samples, signs it at the chief, rushes on a warehouse, but in a warehouse of the necessary products it does not appear. Then it rushes in shop, finds the foreman, the chief promises it two samples, but it is necessary to write paper about receiving products from shop.

Daredevils like mad rushes on the place, became stupid taps the new document on the computer, flies behind the visa to the chief, but the chief does not appear on the place. “Left for lunch“ - speak, and shake it is guilty shoulders.

Daredevils waits for the termination of a lunch. He is called by the client from Georgia to learn how the situation with sending samples is. Daredevils hotly assures the nervous client that everything will be good, at last finds the had a dinner chief in a smoking-room, signs permission and rushes in shop. Receives samples there, but … It becomes clear that to send them by mail the unlimited sum on sending is necessary. And that to receive it, it is necessary: to write, write out, sign.

Having received the unlimited sum, Daredevils directs to a checkpoint, but it is stopped by the security guard and demands the document for carrying out of samples. It assures daredevils that will write and will sign, but later, and now … Now it is important to send samples to the client. But the security guard is basic and does not pass. Daredevils spits, runs back, taps office on carrying out, signs at the chief, rushes back on a checkpoint. But on a checkpoint the security guard severely swings the head, and says that one signature is not enough. Signatures of his chief. And without its signature he …

of Daredevils uses foul language aloud in any way, snatches out the mobile phone, dials number of the chief and asks to give oral, or still what, the order to protection, or still to whom, but that it was passed, but not … Not that the client will not receive samples, and then the large order will break. What it will be very a pity for.

The security guard takes the call, listens to minute in it, nods obediently shaven head, and, is guilty smiling, repeats: “Yes. Is. Yes sir. Of course“. Then phone gives Smelchakova and utters to it everything that he thinks of it.

But Daredevils does not hear it any more. It flies on mail. Ah and. He forgot to write out at the chief discharge on an exit. Nothing, it will return, and then … For now the security guard notes his violation at himself in a notebook.

By mail, having stood in turn, he sends precious samples which reach the client already next day. The client is happy with samples. They - the fact that it is necessary for it. On the same day department Smelchakova receives the order for two “currency“ sorokotonny containers, and Daredevils is reprimanded for the fact that “broke labor discipline, having left the enterprise without the permission of the administration“. And though the chief Smelchakova knows why the last broke labor discipline, but the chief of the chief of it does not know, and the chief Smelchakova forgets to tell him.

The chief Smelchakova is thanked officially. Even tap a management hand on the shoulder. And the portrait Smelchakova is hung out on a checkpoint with the inscription “Declare Reprimand for Violation of Labour Discipline“. And two more days hang Daredevils on a public inspection before reaches the chief of the chief that in general Daredevils should not hang there because, it seems did not deserve. Scandal is hushed up, but next time Daredevils draws a simple conclusion: it is better to miss the currency client on two sorokotonny containers, than to hang on a shame board. The first, in any case, is more favorable.