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Meeting of

only also was All morning talk that about yesterday`s meeting according to the collective agreement. What is “collective agreement“ and why it, Daredevils, the ordinary economist, had to be present at this meeting, it was not clear to it.

The hall was jammed by workers. The director, his deputies, different big and little chiefs acted, as always. Spoke, as always: loudly and long about progress, it is silent and short about problems.

- For last year we exceeded consumption of raw materials for ten percent, expanded our range for eight percent, raised a salary for five percent. Yes, we have some shortcomings … - modestly the reddened director told from a tribune.

- Here you speak, raised a salary for five percent, but the prices grew by twenty five percent. Also continue to grow. Tell, companion director how to live? - suddenly the moron Mitka jumped from the place. The moron he was nicknamed whether for the fact that it had a person as at a daunenka, whether for the fact that from time to time it asked here such inconvenient questions.

The director, having even more reddened, loured at Mitka. A smaller “clever half“ of the hall, workers of a drawing table and the computer, a zayegozil, and somehow all shrank to an upholstery of dermatin sidenyitsa. The big “not cleverest half“, workers, on the contrary, somehow joyfully grew and is noisy schuffled.

- It who there … behaves outrageously?! - the ruffled professional chapter swelled up from the place.

- Yes it is necessary to dismiss for such behavior - having languidly rolled up eyes as if ready to be slapped in a faint, the chief of supply was heavily stirred up all over.

- The Moron - giggled the chief of sale.

The director collected meanwhile the thoughts which, appear, hardly came back to his indignant reason, and began to roar as a wild grizzly:

- Especially for you, Burlakov. Our enterprise advanced in the area, an average salary is higher, than on the city. We do not reduce indicators as some, and all the time we increase. Here, increased consumption of raw materials for ten percent - the director started over again, faltered as if having thought that somewhere he already told it, looked severely at the head of the finance department, Timofey Udmurdovich. That immediately jumped, again flopped on the place as if slain severe with a look the administration, again quickly jumped up, and is slightly heard proshamkat:

- The Average salary on the enterprise grew to twenty two thousand eight hundred rubles.

- The Average salary on the enterprise grew to twenty thousand eight hundred rubles - is captivated the director, and right there repeated after it, having started, added - and it is on average higher, than at the enterprises of our branch for area.

With what meeting ended, did not know Daredevils. He did not begin to wait for the termination, and, having improved the moment, together with two junior engineers, under the guise of a smoke break, escaped back on a workplace. There was just time of a lunch break, but before going to the dining room, it came into a reception to glance in a cell of the department: whether there is there no letter for which he waited. The letter was not, but so far it was in a reception, he heard as recently employed worker, spoke to the secretary Nadenka:

- I all the same will write the application because how to survive for eight thousand rubles a month, I do not represent. Works at me - nothing has been done so far. Chiefs - even three, and everything are always dissatisfied. Here you, can present you how it is possible to survive on eight thousand a month?

Daredevils quietly left, without having listened to the end of the end a monologue, but about himself thought: “Yes, the average salary in twenty thousand eight hundred rubles is, probably, not so a little. And consumption of raw materials for ten percent, and expansion of the range, and many other things. Absolutely not bad. Not bad“.