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Re-reading Erasmus of

Reconsidered the favourite Erasmus yesterday, and could not but keep from again not to read about itself. Here what he, in the “Praise of nonsense“, writes about me:

“Poets are considerably less obliged to me though on property of the craft

entirely belong to my party. Poets as the proverb speaks, - -

the free people which all matter in that and consists to caress ears of fools

different nonsense and ridiculous fables. And, however, the prazdnosloviy they are not

only hope to buy immortality and implant to assimilate to gods, but also

promise the same to others. Filavtiya and Cola - a cue drive friendship with this estate more,

than with any another, and at all I have no admirers more constantly and

is more right.

follow Further ritor which though fornicate sometimes, making advances to

philosophers, but all - belong to our party too what

also the fact that they, among other things a nonsense, it is diligent

testifies to and in detail described how has to joke. Not in vain the author of the message to Gerenny

“ About art of the speech“ 1 - - whoever it was - - calls nonsense

of one of kinds of a joke. Kvintiliana2, the true tsar

of all this estate, also have chapter about laughter - - more vast, than

“ Illiada“. Speakers so highly appreciate nonsense that quite often in the absence of

of arguments recoup on laughter. And art to cause a laughter ridiculous words,

is undoubted, is under authority Nonsense.

From the same test are baked also those who expect to gain immortal

glory, publishing books. All of them me are obliged to very much, in

of feature those which soil paper different nonsense because who writes

on - to the scientist and waits for a sentence of the few experts, without being afraid even of such judges,

as Persia and Leliy3, that seems to me a worthy rather regret,

than envy. Have a look as such people suffer: add, change,

delete, rearrange, remake anew, show to friends, then,

of years so through nine, print, still dissatisfied with own work, and

buy by the price of so many vigils (and the dream of everything is more sweet), the so many victims and

of so many torments only an insignificant award in the form of approval of several thin

judges. Add to it the upset health, faded beauty,

short-sightedness, and even a perfect blindness, poverty, envy,

abstention, an early old age, premature death and all and you will list not

. And ours mudrolyub thinks himself rewarded for all these burdens,

if will praise its two - three same scientific blind men. On the contrary, as the author, obedient to my suggestions is happy

: he will not begin to pore at night, he

writes down everything that to it will climb up mind and there will be on a feather tip, at least

even own dreams, anything without risking, except several pennies spent by

for paper and foreknowing that the more will be a nonsense in his

writing, the it will please the majority more true, that is to all fools and ignoramuses.

That to it for good reason if two - three scientists who incidentally read its book of

will treat it with contempt? What the voice of the few clever people in this

huge and noisy crowd means? But still smyshleny those which under the guise of

publish others, appropriating glory of others works, in that hope that if

convict them sometime of literary theft, then nevertheless during

of some time they will be able to use benefits from the trick. Once

looks with what complacency they act when they hear praises

to themselves when in crowd point a finger at them - is a pier such - that,

a celebrity when they see the books in book-stores and read on each

page the name accompanied with two nicknames, mostly

foreign and similar to magic spells. But, my God immortal,

it is only names, no more! And then: as they will become known to the little for

if to remember the width and immensity of the world; and the number of those which will give them a praise is absolutely insignificant

, in whatever variety

tastes of ignoramuses differed. Besides these names are quite often invented or

are borrowed from ancient books. So, one tshcheslavitsya by the name

Telemakha4, another - - Stelena5 or Laerta6, this

- - Polikrata, that is - Frazimakha7. Equally well other could be called

the Chameleon or Pumpkin, or to designate the books on custom

of philosophers letters an alpha, a beta etc. But it is more amusing than everything when fools

begin to eulogize fools, ignoramuses - - ignoramuses when they mutually

glorify each other in flattering messages, verses and panegyrics. One

makes the friend in Alkey, another - - in Kallimakha8, it!

above Cicero, that Platon`s doctrine. Others look for rivals that

competition to increase own glory.

So in expectation the people fluctuates, share mnenya9 until

the fighters happy with the progress disperse from a triumphant air, and

everyone feels like the victor. Wise men laugh at them, as at

the most great fools. No to dispute, it is truly silly. But, on my

favor, these people live happily and will not exchange the victories even of

on Stsipionova triumfy10. However, and scientists who so

willingly laugh at others nonsense are obliged to me much that will dare to deny not

if only do not want to pass for the most ungrateful of mortal“. (Putting quotes, asked a question: what the hell the quote or endurance of foreign author undertakes in them (quotes), together with all punctuation marks, and here the last point - which also is integral part of the quote or endurance - the “multiclever“ computer refuses to quote categorically? Where logic? It is absent. But - “it is so accepted“!) .

Recently summed up, so to speak, the results of the long-term creativity: approximately in five years of regular dushekovyryaniye, serdtserazryvaniye and umozavikhreniye, I “gave rise“ to more than two hundred “immortal“ creations of different genres on light. However, unlike judicious and technically faultless stikho-or a prozoslozheniye of many stikho-and prozatvorets for whom the main thing was to observe the size and to receive the share of an applause, I, to that, also the soul turned inside out, and heart, nearly by force, forced to bleed. Such literary masochism - what is even more regrettable, in comparison with those, “who wrote easily as the bird in flight embraces a heavenly blue tomorrow to fall spent“. Because I was that which “suffers and lines are put on wear, the grown dumb fingers, betraying the feelings to paper“. Now I am perplexed: for the sake of what I turned the soul inside out and exposed it on a public inspection moreover expecting something in exchange? Perhaps twenty five of my poems, stories and articles in five years were published in different printing editions, and I would continue to be proud of the fact that I never used a samizdat and “even“ received the royalties? Probably, it is really big merit, in view of those legions of beginners and the continuing scribblers by which literary monasteries are dreamed. Monasteries - they are also monasteries: as seasoning to a main course, and is more on anything unusable.

Or, maybe, “remaining honest and pure in heart“, without creating itself clones, without paying for announcement of the works and without making itself friends on interest - you to me - I to you, - I gathered on two websites several tens of thousands of readers from which a half - “went by“, from them a third - was mastered by the first two paragraphs, and from remained - a half line it understood, either did not wish to understand, or understood after the own fashion, etc. There are ten - another “understood those who it is valid, divided, like“. The three - the five of faithful admirers who, however, have a fashionable tendency quickly to forget the idols as soon as see someone more pleasantly them to tastes and interests.

Offensively and the fact that the most serious and considerable literary efforts, sleepless throwings of uneasy heart, did not interest - as “pessimistic“, “boring“ “unclear“. And the silliest and worthless, on the contrary, caused consumer euphoria. And especially, the understood truth did not interest.

In a word, five years was engaged to line in what. Than - because neither line and nor god did not change line. Did not inform, did not open, did not talk some sense. Remained only fatly and it is at the same time somehow defective to whisper: “I was printed“. And what`s next? better on the computer to himself new would earn. This piece of iron though will serve decade. And verses … Who needs verses? Now Pushkin that is not necessary. Fighters and thrillers do of Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy. Eh, Erasmus was right.