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Thousand and one lie. Why the truth is necessary?

We live in the world full of the myths and legends which are interestingly told us from screens of TVs, pages of newspapers and from textbooks of history. In the world of skillful inventions and fairy tales with the happy end in which the good overcomes the evil. In the world thousands of not truths.

Here only some the most popular with the people it is religious - the historical delusions which found display not only in popular reading matter, but also in more serious literature: Adam and Eve ate apple from a knowledge tree (not a pear, a fig or fruit of passion) owing to what both were expelled from paradise. Leonardo from Vinci was the most ingenious scientist of all times and the people who laid a hand to ten sciences and arts. To newton apple (it is guilty again - directly - fatal fruit) then this great husband opened the law of universal gravitation fell on the head. Shakespeare is the only author all of well-known immortal creations (and and whether he in general - a question!) . Magellan was the first of the seafarers who made global cruise. James Cook discovered Australia and was eaten by cannibals. George Washington was the first president of the United States of America. Edison invented a bulb. Napoleon Bonaparte was a pudge. The queen Ekaterina was extremely loveful, and through her bed there passed more than one thousand lovers. And so on, and so forth.

Take any historical event - and you will take lie. The lie diluted as cocktail, half, one third or one tenth valid historical events, but it is never obligatory in pure form. Because in pure form the truth is not interesting at all, and what is worse, often harms national interests.

Someone scientific before swallowing a tsikuta, uttered, and about ten cunning politicians repeated after it skoryokhonko: “The people need myths? The people will receive them“. Time of great fulfillments and victories for which so volooko a good few of our fellow citizens grieves - Soviet period, was such era thousands of myths and not truths. An era of the terrible lie costing life to millions. If you cannot byl make the fairy tale then force to believe in the fairy tale. Even if and by means of a whip.

What there is our life? Game? Oh, yes! One continuous illusion in which it is so pleasant to believe. We live in the world weaved from our ideas of it - it is more and not less, little than the general having with realities. Also it is not necessary to go, as they say, far to be convinced of it. Enough it is only wider to open eyes, to include kritichesko - analytical thinking and to turn around in heart on the events, at the, local level to see how politicians, heads, historians, teachers, analysts, propagandists, methodologists and other treat events which participants were also you. Your vision of an event which direct witness you became, with opinion standard, religious, morally - moral will coincide? It is unlikely. Most likely, over you it is necessary to work. To work until your independent treatments and interpretations do not begin to coincide independently with the general (read “national“, “humane“, “altruistic“).

Speak, children and fools speak the truth, and in this regard the andersenovsky naked king and his “politically correct“ yard is remembered. The child who yet is not taught by false mothers - by nurses, tutors, teachers, the senior companions to speak and think how it is necessary - that is to lie, - is the closest to the truth. White he calls white, black - black. Does not look for benefit, does not seek to make pleasant. Of course, not for a long time. Because the false and artful world, like a blood-thirsty tiger, was already made to a jump on the innocent innocent person and to be to the last devoured. The child will understand soon that the truth is painful and unprofitable while skillfully constructed lie allows to achieve the planned objectives.

Though all life us was learned to tell the truth, nothing so jars on us and frightens as this truth. The movie, in my opinion, with Georgy Vitsin whose hero for only one day decides to tell the truth is remembered. Also loses work, the wife, friends. Unless it is not regrettable? Though, it is asked what work, the wife, friends is? I answer: normal such, which everywhere.

The lie given for truth allows Americans to wage war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Who seeks for gegemonialny expansion? Where hydrocarbons from the region disappear? Where new types of weapon and modern tactics of conducting fight are tested? Who shows to the world the force in the most effective way - clanking of the weapon? Where the prohibited weapon of mass defeat was found? Where the biggest fields of opium poppy were destroyed? Where Al`s leaders - Kayda, created in due time by Americans were found? Anybody. Anywhere. Anywhere. Never. The main thing that the slogan did not become outdated: “For democracy and freedom“. The slogan given in new connotations and interpretations. And “In God We Trust“ on the hundred-dollar note. More citizens with the washed-out brains at the majority of which they can rise into place only on return home, are frequent in a wheelchair.

Lie, under the name the Soviet promotion, allowed to enter into the same Afghanistan the Soviet troops in due time in order that “to build hospitals, schools and houses“ and to bear “freedom to the fraternal Afghan people“. In practice, in order that having left from there, forever to leave about twenty thousand of contingent and about one million Afghan population there.

Then there was Chernobyl. One more big, mean lie when thousands of liquidators, barehanded eternally heroic Soviet person, eliminated accident consequences that in a month to begin to decay alive, “forgotten“ by the state. (One of such compelled heroes quietly lies also in our family crypt).

And in a modern history - “Kursk“, “the North - OST“, Beslan. The shot pravdolyubitsa Politkovskaya. The put Khodorkovsky. We in Belarus have “A stable national currency“ on December 31 that already 1 - go January this “the stable currency“ depreciated for 30%, and slowly growing poor people to which continue to tell the tale of how he well lives.

The truth - not that it is impartial. The truth kills. Or rather, for it opponents of that the truth did not become property of the people at all kill. As in that parable about the truth where it was looked for, and, having found, in the most far corner, so were frightened of it that ran from it never any more to see. The people are eager for myths? The people receive them.