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Russian teleelevideniye. You watch it?

U me on “plate“, besides several tens German, English, the French and other channels, about ten channels Russian, but, as well as to most of Russians, and me are there been nothing to be watched on them. There is nothing to look most likely not because I such - rassyaky the refined esthete with a claim for intellectuality tired with life and who was satiated with television delights, and just because what the brain and without it the Russian inhabitant exhausted with life forces the perverted Russian television, it is impossible to look simply. It is impossible to look for several reasons. For example, because of low morally - moral quality of the majority of the Russian programs. Or because of incitement of racial and international hostility and just a homophobia, let and latentno, without loud appeals to action, but precisely in a cerebellum as if by means of a notorious twenty fifth shot. Or simply because of excessive amount of platitude and petty-bourgeois nonsense which is given for the Russian proper vitae (“Here as it is necessary to live, the companion!“).

Extremely strange, - what is the time I try to get for a veil of the misunderstanding - but, for example, the German channels, me, even at all possible “ das ist fantastisch “ mostly to look rather interestingly and seldom in a disgusting way, at all the there is enough sovetsko - Puritan education. Though, I admit, it was surprised uvidav on « channel quite recently; RTL Zwei “ the German wedding in a huge bath with the pool where some invited misters instead of pulling dress coats and tuxedos on an asthenic body, instead pulled together from themselves the last trousers and happy walked about in front of a chamber, happily shaking the German sausages, waiting for slightly dressed grooms and the bride. But, as they say, business was voluntary and that business - business only of the education having nothing in common with true morals and morality. It is possible, as they say, and with the naked back to remain the gentleman, and it is possible and on a throne in laces to be a pig.

And here on the Russian television, everything, are just dressed very korporativno and on fashion, but, judging by transfers, it is one of places where meet and see off only on clothes. And from rare gleams of mind - there only a grief.

What is only costed by the Let`s Get Married broadcast. Such plausible name and such sad poverty of mind and a holiday of platitude, for people with until recently similar education and education that in five minutes from all this snake “benevolent“ hissing and “normally“ inadequate matchmakers, the bodily fear begins to overflow me and whether I am adequate that I do not fit into their Procrustean bed. The same claims of sterviruyushchy young women for a man`s half in the “such faultless past“, the same summaries, grandiose on the platitude, after a minute of listening of strangers and, as a rule, false autobiographies, the same natural to animals and already for some of homo sapiens habitual selection of the partner in a smell and surroundings. And mean, market malignant gossip - washing of bones of rivals and competitors in secret terrariums. It seems that the most sane of all is a woman there - the astrologer that already on itself is amusing (the astrologer - and sane). But in it, at all hipness and lightness of its profession which exactly in three years according to the same stars will condescend there from where it came, in any case, there is a mind, a step and good breeding, even in relation to such den.

Or take for consideration of companion Malakhov from it “Let speak“. Many in this transfer see “nothing of that kind“. And that, the most burning issues are discussed, their victims are invited, and even solutions of these questions are found. In everyone, a case, we are forced to trust in it. I also in the past watched these fascinating as the hypnotizing look of a boa for a silly rabbit, current - show. Did not understand, at last, yet that all the time could not reconcile me with them. And the matter is that the biggest foulness of similar telegarbage, this shameless warming up of low curiosity, peeping nearly at a keyhole, the viewer for the unfortunate participants of this transfer who got to trouble. To observe, eating greedily fried potato with pickles in front of the TV, for crying, shouting, swearing on the screen - oh as interestingly! Yes it is not interesting, and it is curious, even the horror takes as it is curious! Scopophilia. Without erotic highlight, but too it is pleasant. The viewer does not worry any more, does not empathize the injustice shown on the screen, he derives pleasure. Indignation and sympathy if arise, then, as a rule, for the period of a commercial break, before the next junk - show. Show - junk, feelings - fast. And Malakhov should attach horns from above.

The Russian cinema - various TV series and one-episode melodramas and fighters - continuous stupid horror. Once, having been satiated with Hollywood, we, sitting in the dirty undershirt which is lifted up over the sticking-out paunch on the sofa spat by sunflower seeds, “as if“ intellectually priosanyas began to wear by bad voices it and we cannot stop yet. And on me, Hollywood is many times more harmless than the Russian garbage pulp fiction. You laugh - what they stupid, filled with one Rimbaud on all Soviet contingent in Afghanistan, - but does not feel sick. And in brains the breeze walks. You understand that it is fairy tales. And you will watch the Russian film which a corpse is based on three foundations - grandmas, women and mochilovo, and you cannot. Just you cannot. Because terrifying story.

One investigate - pursue winged dragons in the woods of Moscow area, fabricating sensation, taking for a ride to pensioners and the inspired young women. Others the fifth year in a row and each new week investigate loss of two seiners with a salmon, illegal sale of five structures of the wood to Chinese, hundred million lost on the road from Moscow to Vladivostok. The third in the yards at pensioners pull out corpses with the chopped-off heads, find at simple inhabitants of a pan in whom cooked human extremities, release every time from slavery of some slaves who were in time to give birth to the third child - hermits. Well, “there miracles, there the wood goblin wanders, the mermaid on branches sits“.

The only channel in Russian - it is amusing - the channel German. Showing old Soviet movies. “Tomorrow there was a war“, “When trees were big“, “Gadfly“. This cinema. Cinema which we were able to do and which we exchanged for a commercial glamour.

In one day on one Russian channel you will see enough it that in a year you will not consider on five German. Or French. But it, of course, because all of them stupid “check vivant“ and small burghers. That is, they have no such broad soul, as at the Russian person. Without scope live. All show some safaris where do not shoot at animals and the hooked fish let out back in water, muzzles each other do not beat, and the most unclear that can be seen - “ Big Brother “ it is similar to ours “Behind glass“. That and that is stupidly, but not angrily. Not that at us.