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The belief - the terrible force of

U us at work developed tradition long ago: everything that from the director - from god. However, I think that this religion practices also at other Belarusian enterprises because Belarus - the last splinter of our Soviet past in which to all of us it was identical. (Of course, it is equally good). A splinter which a damp rag dusted decades and applied fresh glaze with fashionable drawing which - as having covered dirty scratches and cracks.

Here some of precepts of our “arrival“ - plant which diligently practice most of his parishioners - factory workers:

1) Love the director as.

2) Everything that proceeds from the director - deeply and wisely, also bears all prosperity and happiness.

3) All the blessed hand or a far-sighted eye of the director touches - right there turns into gold - that is, into general happiness.

4) All family, relatives and the director`s friends, will also bear on themselves the stamp of divine providence, and they should worship and obey them as him.

5) Everyone, the acute mind and indisputable greatness of the director which dared to call into question, is subject to an immediate shame and exile (dismissal). there is no

6) the Highest Force over the director - god (actually, it is. But also it - all

only one of two compound Sacred Dvoitsa - that is, the same).

The director - god cannot be wrong a priori. (One of infallible postulates says: “If you, the parishioner, ever doubted greatness of the god, your belief means also you are insufficient the bad parishioner“. Well, also watch point 5).

For all the time of work at the enterprise (and it is five years) I all several times heard any inexpressive objections, in the spirit of fallen face downwards before the Montezuma, on any questions. Yes, and then indicative repressions, as a rule, were arranged. Owing to what “heretic“ fell into acceptable disgrace and if “realized“ - said goodbye if is not present - as a rule, indulged in shameful exile - dismissal.

On any questions neither designers, nor production workers, nor clerks dare to object the director. Because he always knows everything, and knows better. If, for any reason, it is impossible to refrain from objection in any way (for example, the director unambiguously is mistaken and it is not possible to execute the order), then it is necessary to make objection with extreme care, it is kneeling and bogoboyaznenno not to break sacred harmony of the Brightened-up Wuma and Great Spirit (that is, with captation to smile, being semi-bent in a waist and always to be ready to the worst).

The same, in a little smaller degree, concerns also his most august offsprings. They are so highly gifted from the birth that the position in hierarchy of plant - arrival without any special preparation and qualification can be offered them. For what any mortal needs to study, prepares and to what it is worth showing constant diligence, and, most likely, what never to reach, god`s descendants - the director does not treat.

God`s descendants - directors are given the special rights and exempted from many obligations. Some, and also everything is possible, laws for them not a pisana and if pisana, then can be treated differently. For what the ordinary parishioner should be punished or expelled publicly from arrival, to god`s descendants - the director does not extend.

Than and as if the director - god was not engaged even if he just sits at himself in a sanctuary and dozes, the velikomudriya bears the stamp of culture also. Dozes - means constantly thinks of the future of the enterprise. Goes to business trip to French riviera at the expense of the enterprise - means, without cease works for its benefit. Is absent on the place - means, without cease worked too much, and we did not watch, and for it we have to tear the hair and strew the head with production shaving.

The director - god likes to leave to parishioners and to be among them. He likes to be ““, “simple“, at the same time, without forgetting about the great mission (if forgets partially, will remind him). In the presence of god - the director all have fun and exult because presence of god - directors - a reason for good mood.

The administration of arrival - is always available to simple parishioners, day and night cares for their benefit and thinks of how to increase this benefit. Observing its and interests, first of all, of course.

Parishioners are religious, devout and love the god.