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The cerebellum, ours, a cerebellum of

On Friday, on the termination rabdnya, hardly reached home. So strongly literary itch zazudet finger-tips and, after blissful week under the sign of the Switched-off Head and the Freezed Heart, suddenly so rationally zaukhat in the head that thought, I will not sustain, and, without having near at hand though some keyboard and in the same place insufferably missing privacy, to the detriment of myself, in the same place at work, I will begin “to cut“ that I think.

Began “to cut“ already there. At work. The benefit delicate irony and pleasant for ladies playfully - flirtovalny it is thin, mixed up with doubtfully - impudent compliments, did not allow to guess treacherous gravity of said, forcing to think that “it is such English humour at Smelchakov again“.

In the second half Friday polubezdelya, under a habitual sign of the easy and simultaneous such hardly taken out load, languidly rustling with pieces of paper - dokumezhka, in an easy nakhmurennost and deep thoughtfulness of the diligent clerk, “ran“ in Interenet, on the familiar website to be to a descent the killed direct hit in a brain the deadly shit of the biggest caliber which is hung out in the same place under the name “Pedinar`s Webinar! In transit in your city! Only once!“.

“The leader of treningistky ratings, the guru of the oral presentations, kouch ministers and financiers will teach you to oral art how more widely to disclose the charisma and to earn a lot of money“. And so forth mockery at Russian and common sense. And above, some bald big fellow with obvious charisma of the guru in all silly woman.

Pedinar is as I understood, a surname of the bald guru with charisma. With a neologism also which - as coped, having remembered “webinar“ from where - that familiar “seminar“. But public rape “great and mighty“ moreover in such perverted forms, I could not bear. Website that literary. Well, well, the would-be-literary. But not pornographic!

I in despair wrote the letter to the editor-in-chief, having demanded to stop scoffing at Russian, having called IT an impudent ostapobenderovshchina and decadent love to a foreign influence. The editor politely sent me, and I, having waited with a grief entirely for the termination rabdnya, vividly jumped in the set direction, however, in five minutes before, edge of a cerebellum, having caught on radio a weather forecast for tomorrow. The forecast said: “Storm warning“. “Why storm?“ - I sadly reflected. “We not at the sea. We absolutely even not at the sea, and to us which time promise a storm! Where also whom will storm? Who will be covered by a tsunami in whom to cause seasickness, to a lump sea sand in swimming trunks will pour?“. Zatoshnit me as from the bringing closer storm, and I jumped out on the street quicker that nobody to fix gastric juice of the brain excrements.

Home reached, on the road, in strange from outside, for passersby, abnormal mutter, spilling words and phrases which of me climbed outside jumped out and which I could not catch any more.

Houses, having included “box“, I decided to watch news on the Russia channel. The Latvian announcer and the Tatar diktorsha gently glanced at each other, as at school, explaining to the tired viewer that it is necessary to think.

Funeral of the poet Voznesensky. My god, how many sublime and fine words! But why to me in them it is not believed? Really, I turned into the finished cynic how sometimes with bitterness my mother - the member of the Komsomol longs? Two days to that began to watch transmission about Voznesensky. After this poet read three poems in which the “national“ words “ass“ appeared, - of course “zapikanny“, - “figs“ and still something, on the general background of absurd poetic nonsense, I changed the channel. “Unusual very tectonics“, “poetic novelty“, “the great poet of Russia“ - only not in what I heard.

Announcers greedily be touched about some Chelyabinsk modelka which tempted whether Ronaldo, whether Ronaldinho, - generally, some overseas macho - a myachepinatel, - and now, according to television liars, was going to get married for it. There was a blyadsky photorow her and him, on the beach, to the sea, to bikini, under palm trees, with simultaneous audio bombardment of a spectator cerebellum about that how many at it millions and how many can be at it. The cool teacher told about what unusual girl was a model, girlfriends waited for the visit together with the groom and his friends, all Chelyabinsk region languidly sighed in hope for the happy union and investments. Whether I was brought by my already flat sense of humour and I did not catch elegant irony of this moderately juicy story, whether Russian a body - the elevideniye really lost any sense of proportion, a step and judiciousness.

Further showed positive Putin to whom some official, shirokomordy with very positive look, for some built houses reported. Putin listened and right there, having remembered all figures, began to explain to the viewer how well they work, operating as a scalpel on a brain with words darlings in Russia - “trends“, “brands“ and “dividends“. And that it was cleverer.

Then showed the Duma, with deputies (or it is rather without it), who as poor students at school, shirked it (probably, it is necessary to write with big it). That is, instead of I go for study in the Duma, they ran on shops, were engaged in business or prochukhivatsya where - nibud in round - the - clock to a striptizbara, for certain, having drunk too much since evening of milkshakes and having overeaten fried ice cream. The timurite - Zhirinovsky with the tie which moved down sideways and words “idlers“, “geeks“ was the hero of the reporting, “I will show all“.

I switched off the TV. The resistant smelly feeling of a madhouse did not pass.