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Wonderland of

Belarus - a remarkable, surprising, unique wonderland. Wonderland. El Dorado. Country of the Winter Equinox and Eternal Wellbeing. And I as that Alice, failed in a black rabbit hole and got to Belarus and now in it I sit. The longer I in it sit, the more surprisingly and nepovtorimy to me becomes. However, it is surprising to me only when I sometimes get out of that permanent depression out of which in Belarus to exist it will not turn out. Because the slight permanent depression is the most popular and compelled Belarusian image zhizzya. Try to enjoy permanently in this country life - and you will not be understood. Slantwise will look. Will make the remark on a seniority.

To what I am surprised? For example, to that economic miracle that the worse the people of Belarus live, the he … lives better. It is unsoluble Belarusian paradox, but this is true. If earlier, in far pre-crisis times, in the Belarusian mass media from time to time, he is timid on - Belarusian, nevertheless wrote and spoken about “which - what separately taken shortcomings“ which right there on the place improved what right there on the place and it was reported on, then now, during era of the permanent crisis added to even pre-crisis to the permanent stagnation called timidly “stability“ mass media ceased to tell about “separately taken shortcomings“ in general. For certain, stability was replaced by general happiness.

We open the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda“ on - to a belarsk and we read on the front page: “The housing in Minsk despite crisis fell in price“, “The average salary in the country grew on hkhkh percent“ (we will not open on how many that enemies did not die of envy and did not napakostnichat), “At the paraolympic Games Belarusians took the second place“. That is, the positive tendency is traced very much even obviously. “Fell in price“, “grew“, “borrowed“ - these magic words cannot but cause general internal satisfaction. You read this beauty and pride fills your breast as wind a sail on the Cape of Good Hope. Neither problems, nor dilemmas. You speak to yourself “Halvah, halvah, halvah“ - and in a mouth becomes more sweet (not in the east, and in Belarus!).

We come on the main Belarusian Internet - the tut portal. also we see by: “The president made a business trip to friendly Azerbaijan“ (in a picture both presidents, Belarusian and Azerbaijani, by the way, turned out very much even nicely - in the pit of the stomach sucks pride), “Unemployment in Belarus reached 0,8%“ - we read further impartial plain truth (last month unemployment was 0,7%!) “Our Alivariya beer won five prizes in Biaburge!“ - again pride of a wave rises to a throat just as after you try this beer.

You are tired to read all this luscious pozitivchik driving in a crack-up - for improvement of the general health and increase of a self-assessment there is a wish for something pertsevato negative - you go, you turn on the Chinese panel the Belarusian TV with the Chinese kinescope under the Belarusian name “Hero“ to see the Belarusian canal. You look the whole hour, but except “Improved, raised, exceeded“ you for some reason you hear nothing (probably, it is 25 - y a shot or you have something with hearing or you are simply a pessimist and the bad person waiting only for muck).

Razvlekatelno - glamourous reading matter and easy, “for a stomach“, a chewing gum importunately tsarapatelny movements caress the watering eye here and there.

“Of what do in Belarus sausages“ - we savor a komsomolskodobezobrazipradivy udivitsa - the editorial next day. Afterwards it is curiously contemplated: “The soloist of group “of Pussi gets divorced from husband bek - the vocalist of Tutsi group (who such these “Pussi“ and “Tutsi“, I, after six years of happy vegetation in this rabbit hole, did not learn). “Yogurt - harm or advantage?“ - from nausea we crumple the newspaper and with hatred positively pulyay it in a basket.

In grocery Belarusian stores the bomb became torn: the potatoes were gone in them, in shops. Confused bulbash approach a counter with string-bags, sineoko question “And whether there are potatoes?“ and, having received the tough answer under dy “Nyam“, perplexed and sighing, submissively go away, to stock up with buckwheat, macaroni and rice: and suddenly and they will not become? Honestly, I do not remember it. That Belarusian “ñòåéïë“, potato, disappeared from counters. That it was more clear, it is equivalent to if in Russia in shops vodka disappeared. And nobody neither a dream, nor spirit - “che occurs that, and?“.

I think that when in the country hunger begins and the Belarusian will begin to eat the Belarusian, the Belarusian rags and the Internet - shorts all will also drive a warm wave of a pozikhuizm, and headings will dazzle with impenetrable optimism and to tell us from a positive tendency of growth, for example, of cemeteries around Minsk.