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God damned

“ I always hated all nations, professions and any communities; all my love is turned to certain people: I hate, for example, breed of legalists, but I love the lawyer the so-and-so and the judge the so-and-so; the same concerns also doctors (I will not begin to speak about own profession), to soldiers, British, Scots, French and we designate. But first of all I hate and I despise the animal called by the person though from the heart I love John, St. Petersburg, Thomas etc. Views by which I was guided for many years are that, though did not state them, and I will continue in the same spirit while I deal with people “. (If the inhabitant is revolted by my barefaced misanthropy, then let at least will listen to the misanthrope Swift. The fool quite often cools down, uvidav near thought a name known to it).

D. Swift

“Be you are damned, generations are malicious!“ - Jesus Christ`s words directed to the “hotly beloved children“, shortly before terrestrial death, “conveniently forgotten“ by Church and its obedient flock. We read confirmation to that in revelation (gospel) of Maria Magdalena, in Hebrew language, and written down by her with own hand. Long time revelation was stored in the Jerusalem museum of religious studies, had in itself a large number of changes, most likely, made those who did not wish that “generation of the echidna“ knew all truth. The texts of the gospel which are strongly damaged, original that was testified by nine various international examinations.

In the same place we, in various contexts, unambiguously, read: “I renounce you because not the world, but look for wars you, not light, but darkness!“. “Damned themselves, you will incur the cross as I will incur it“. “You - those who love darkness, but not light, death, but not life“. «Ya - light, and you do not see me; I - a way - and you do not follow me; I am truth, and you do not trust me; I am life, and you do not look for me; I am a teacher, and you do not listen to me; I am a Lord, and you will not obey me; I am your God, but you do not pray to me; I am your best friend, and you do not love me“.

It is pleasant to us to amuse themselves with thought that our sins were atoned and new life in the Kingdom of Heaven is promised us. But if our sins were also expiated by blood of our god two thousand years ago, then for the present nobody absolved our sins two thousand years later. Whether new god that we could crucify anew him, with a bigger cruelty as sins at us collected much more, than is necessary to us two thousand years ago somehow to wash itself from blood and filth? Or we hope to resemble a little in church, to popostitsya a little, to make a little dobra finally, and finally to escape?

Any doubt is that the mankind is damned, and any attempts now, it will not be rescued. The fools who only are fenced off by a thick wall from the real world who are not knowing real life can preach and hope for rescue. Really, the hope of fools feeds.

We really live in a tower from an elephant bone. We are sure that this world is beautiful, and the person - a creation wreath. Well, or at least we think the fact that it “the best of the worst worlds“ that it is already not so bad.

Really our captivated world from myths and fairy tales at first sight is represented not such worthless. And meanwhile, along with our, invented world as if in parallel there are still worlds. The worlds filled with pain, a hopelessness and fear. And that the most irreversible, these worlds are created not by god and not a devil. They are created by the person. Us.

World the first. Animal.

“The nature - not a workshop. An animal - not skilled material“.

If you only knew if you, at least for a minute, could imagine with what brutality, a sadism and hatred, the person deals shortly with the smaller brothers, you forever would lose appetite and for a long time lost a dream. Because it is impossible for the person with normal mentality, with normal perception of the good and evil, good and bad, fine and ugly, to remain indifferent to that incommensurable pain and suffering to which he deliberately subjects animals.

And even we keep mean, disgusting hypocrisy when we quasi love one animals in quality of live toys of the house, and in millions we destroy others in the most sophisticated and brutal way. We call love to animals.

When for the first time you get on a poultry farm, you are not ready at all to that horror which became sad routine for one hundred biped executioners in untidily - the white dressing gowns bedaubed with blood of the feathery victims. Yes, you read that the poultry farm is not the resort for birdies, but you nevertheless hope that the unnecessary suffering is reduced to a minimum, and the person remains the person even at factory of death.

Still the director of a poultry farm tries to give human sense to that nightmare which waits for you ahead, still persons and figures of workers carry some lines of humanity, still the sun shines behind a window.

But all this evaporates in a flash, during a moment of shout of a poor bird …

Absolutely barbarous conditions of density in so-called open-air cages, the « procedure; debeakening “ (cutting of a tip of a beak on the special device), a violent overfeeding for the purpose of receiving “fuagr“, a live suspension bracket on which, as on a bird`s rack crucify a live bird, conveyor beheading and any “humane“ relation. The main thing - as it is more fowl to make for us.

A condition of keeping and a face of cattle make wilder impression. It seems that the more the animal, the is more than suffering. Conditions of keeping, transportation and a face - usual medieval barbarity. Each animal feels the coming end. Feels it stronger, than the person as animal instincts at it are developed more sharply. Because of advanced nervous system, the animal is also sharply felt by physical suffering, as well as the person.

Cows and horses before death cry. Calfs look for mother and, having deceived, reach for the one who instead of butylya with milk, sticks them in an eye a deadly electrode. Pigs shout and resist, and some should be hammered hastily as it is necessary, “doing marriage“.

On each continent, in each country, in each city there are laboratories where animals are used only as experimental material for which they report as for lifeless, heartless stock. And that it is worse, the handle, the calculator, the computer cost money. The experimental animal often does not cost anything. Frogs, rats, cats, dogs, pigs, monkeys, horses. To them prick cosmetic ingredients in an eye, open craniums, rip up stomachs. Place in narrow spaces, heat in water, burn on fire, torture with electricity.

In each country tens of millions of live organisms in a year perish violent, “brutal“ death. Every minute in your country, in your city in their dead emptiness the enormous amount of flour and suffering escapes. Calls for help, plaint about compassion.

And if the person, poorly - it is poor, but it is somehow protected from other person, then the animal is often absolutely helpless before the one who tamed him. It is completely given on his favor. To it on a payoff.

It is not necessary to be Schopenhauer to understand that simple that he once told: “Each animal tests pleasure and a grief, pain and caress, life and death the same as the person“.

Or as still someone told “The nature - not a workshop, an animal - not experimental material“.

And our ancestors killed rounds and roes. Caught fish and shot a bird. To survive, be warmed, make the improvised instrument of labor. Inhabitants of Europe worshipped a deer. Indians of North America - to a bison. Generally killed quickly and without serious consequences, with sacral sense and gratitude to those from whom they took away life.

We, today`s, do not know words of gratitude. We are convinced that we are owners. Tsars of the nature, and to us all is allowed. We kill cruelly and thoughtlessly. Also we demand more and more. It is more than suffering, it is more than death. The suffering and death at us are put on the conveyor.

Since Adam and Eve we had one thousand needs. Thousand requirements. And these needs and requirements have to be satisfied.

I have no illusions about the person. The one who visited torture chambers for animals hope does not have.

The person - the most mean, most bloody and ruthless animal created is unknown what god - the potboiler. There is nothing fine in it. Vile biped creature, lethal and destruction to all living and. The disgusting, dirty being who thought up to himself one thousand myths. Thousand legends. Thousand prettiness to justify the most brutal acts.

No rescue to mankind is given. It it cannot be given. We went too far. We any more not at an abyss, we long ago in it. The point of return was passed one thousand years to that. And we do not feel god. Because we cannot feel it. He turned away long ago from us because he could turn away. Sins of fathers lay down on shoulders of children.