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Quince - apple of discord, a fruit of love or a symbol of health?

you Remember an Ancient Greek legend of how the artful goddess Erida tormented by the deepest offense from - for the fact that she was not invited to Peley and Fetida`s wedding, having become invisible, threw gold apple on a holiday table? This fruit on which the inscription “Kallisti“ flaunted (“the finest“) became the dispute reason between three goddesses who are present at a wedding feast - Athena, Hera and Aphrodite. Each of them was sure of the superiority... To judge their smog only Paris who presented gold apple to the goddess of love and beauty - Aphrodite.

Some historians believe that the quince was that gold fruit broken in a garden Gesperid.

Age of a quince very and very impressive - more than forty thousand years! According to researchers, for the first time it appeared in the Caucasus then extended across the territory of Asia Minor, and then got to Ancient Greece and Rome. Greeks and Romans considered this fruit devoted to Aphrodite, a symbol of love and fertility.

Mentions of a quince are present at Plutarch`s works. The famous Ancient Greek philosopher told of what these is tart - sweet fruits were obligatory attribute of ceremonies of wedding.

At orientals where also the quince was grown up much since ancient times, this fruit symbolized faultless health and purity. The quince grade which and now very much is pleasant to Japanese and Chinese carries the name “henomeles“, in translation into Russian means “to split apple“.

Germans call a quince to “kvitta“, British - “êâàíñ“, Poles - “pigva“, Bulgarians - “tulle“, Azerbaijanians - “heyva“, Portuguese - “marmet“, and Greeks - “me - limelon“. The most habitual for us the name - “quince“ - has the Turkish origin.

The quince, as a rule, in September or the beginning of October ripens. To begin to eat these fruits it is possible only when they gain saturated yellow color and completely will get rid of grains in pulp. Besides, the fluffy raid which plentifully covers a peel has to disappear.

Vitamin-rich A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, and RR, minerals - iron and potassium, essential oils, phytoncides and pectins the quince is capable to put quickly in order warmly - vascular system and zheludochno - an intestinal path. It is famous and the favorable impact on a liver.

From - for characteristic terpkovaty and astringent taste and it is enough - it is difficult for rigid pulp to enjoy a fresh quince wholly. Such properties are caused by the high content of pectinaceous substances which:

- in - the first, being effective and strong natural antioxidants, reliably protect an organism from an adverse effect of environment;

- in - the second, play an important role in preparation of excellent fruit jelly, jams, jelly and many other delicacies.

By the way, less tart and more sweet taste is characteristic of the Central Asian grades of a quince thanks to what such fruits are simply ideal as fresh, and as a part of various fruit and vegetable salads.

It is possible to make many the most tasty food which as you can be convinced, are very simple in preparation of a ripe quince. Surely try!

Fragrant quince jam

1. Carefully wash out ripe fruits of a quince and exempt them from a thin skin.

2. Cut the cleared quince on cubes of the large size.

3. Prepare syrup - for this purpose dissolve granulated sugar in water and bring to boiling.

4. Fill in quince cubes with the prepared syrup and put to cook on slow fire.

5. Take one lemon and small cut it, without forgetting to clear of kernels. Add to a vessel where the quince cooks.

6. 10 - 15 minutes when jam begins to boil later, switch off gas and leave for 12 hours.

7. When there will pass this period of time, put a pan with jam on average fire, bring to boiling and boil thoroughly within 15 minutes.

8. Pour ready jam on the sterilized glass jars, roll up and let`s it cool down. It has to be stored in absolutely dry and darkened place.

Candied fruits from a quince

1. Wash out a quince and cut on segments of average thickness (1,5 - 2 cm)

2. Fill in with sugar syrup and you cook until the texture does not become transparent.

3. Cast away a quince on a colander.

4. Through one and a half - two hours dry quince segments in an oven. Temperature at the same time has to make no more than 40 degrees. And, by the way, it is desirable to do it at an open door and it is absolutely short.

5. Strew a quince with icing sugar and again send for several minutes to an oven.

6. Spread out ready quince candied fruits on glass jars and carefully a zakuporta.

the Quince stuffed with chicken

1. Cut the washed-up fruits of a ripe quince on two halves.

2. Accurately take seeds and pulp so that there was only quince “cup“ with walls about one centimeter thick.

3. Crush onions and you extinguish it on vegetable oil until it becomes transparent.

4. Small cut quince pulp, connect together with onions and extinguish 5 - 7 minutes.

5. Add the chicken breast cut on small cubes to a quince and onions and at once disconnect fire.

6. Add a little sour cream and mayonnaise, salt and pepper.

7. Fill with the received forcemeat each of quince “cups“ to the very top that the hill turned out.

8. From above strew them with breadcrumbs.

9. Take a pan or a special form of the big size and lay the stuffed quince fruits on the bottom which is previously filled in with water.

10. Bake in an oven for 40 minutes.

Appetite pleasant to you!