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Than the world flashmob in support of patients with a lateral amyotrophic sclerosis can help? Whether

the healthy person Can though for a moment to feel that he tests seriously ill? Organizers of a flashmob in support of patients with a lateral amyotrophic sclerosis found a way it to make and carried out the world action.

There are rare and horrible diseases from which remedies are not created yet. One of them is a BASS, a lateral amyotrophic sclerosis.

It is a disease treats group of neurologic and causes damage to motor neurons in a head and spinal cord of the person. The death of cages of nervous system occurs gradually and, eventually, results in muscular weakness. Different groups of muscles begin to refuse that gradually leads to difficulty, and during a certain period of development of a disease and to a full paralysis of patients.

However refusal of respiratory muscles then the person begins to choke turns out to be the most terrible consequence and it needs support in a type of the respiratory device. Loss of functions of swallowing becomes one more not less serious consequence, and the patient becomes almost incapable of full meal.

Prevalence of this disease - about 5 - 7 people on 100 000 population. It is a lot of or a little? For the people who faced this trouble, figures do not matter any more. It forces to change all life - both the patient, and his immediate environment, to pass a huge way of psychological overcoming and to work further already taking into account that life slowly and inevitably abandons the diseased.

The prospect of slow fading throws down a huge challenge to all family of the patient. There are cases when the trouble rallies relatives, allows to forget small offenses and to change the relations so that the last months lives of the patient are filled with new sense. Many come to this moment to belief, begin to change the vital values.

There are also other cases when the illness breaks people, does them embittered, takes out on a surface all negative manifestations hidden before in the patient`s family. Then slow fading turns into total torment both for the patient, and for the relatives surrounding it.

Summer of 2014 there took place the world flashmob in support of patients the BASS. Douche by cold water which symbolically allows to experience the feeling of shortage of air felt constantly sick the BASS for some time became a form of its carrying out. Process of douche registers in video and is followed by the small speech in support of patients.

By tradition after douche by cold water of people throws down a challenge to three others which have to make douche or offer money for search of medicine for this dreadful disease. Thus, there was the whole chain of the people paying public attention to problems of this disease.

Among the people who supported an action there are both doctors, and journalists, and relatives of patients, and even celebrities among which there is a TV host Oprah Winfrey and the founder Feysbuk Mark Zuckerberg. In Russia the world flashmob in the form of douche specialists of the only charitable service of the help to patients in the country supported by cold water the BASS at the orthodox medical center “Miloserdiye“.

There is no guarantee that effective treatment will be found soon, however association of such number of people is capable to draw attention to this problem, so at least to let know to many thousands of people who faced about the BASS that they are not one.