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Than the school uniform is good?

Brown dresses with aprons succeeded dresses blue. The new form was very practical, on it pollution were not visible, and at the same time it was easily erased, without losing a look. Nobody had anything against, but suddenly in mass media the company against a school uniform per se was developed. Two main arguments - the form is gloomy and impersonal.

When children went to schools in jeans with top of acid flowers, teachers were terrified to the events. The minister of national education Uvarov not for nothing spoke nearly two centuries ago: “The strict clothes form purity of customs, and thoughtless suits result in levity of those who carry them“. The school with the free choice of clothes as though began to train girls for the most ancient profession. On them, but not on boys, changes strongly affected. The brown form with a black apron entered in 1886 did not accent the changing features of maiden figures while the fitting blouses directly - provoked to pinch boys for the outlined hillock.

In the USSR the school uniform appeared in 1949, and it was not casual. Before the unity of appearance arose from - for deficiency of fabrics, limited opportunities, but in post-war time life began to improve promptly. It allowed less arranged families to be shaped up, and to snobs it did not allow to be allocated. Soldier`s blouses of boys, belts with metal plates and peak-caps with cockardes daily reminded that the boy is future man, the military, the defender, and at the same time they gave to boys yet not forgotten pre-revolutionary high status of the grammar-school boy. Buttons of a soldier`s blouse sparkled on the sun, and it was supposed that knowledge is so brilliant.

1973 - reform of a school uniform. Boys replaced gray suits on blue, buttons became hardly noticeable, on sleeves there were stripes with the sun symbolizing education. Such replacement of military subject on a little sugary peace as though repealed the code of honor. Changes were felt quickly enough. Chevrons from soft plastic often depicted. Something in them was wrong. A notebook and the sun - at younger, a notebook and the atom similar to a floret, with similar to the sun a gear wheel - at seniors. In clerks and machine operators of guys prepared, perhaps? We, of course, for the world, but the guy are a guy, and florets with the suns instead of semi-military soldier`s blouses as though suggested to calm down and not to see in themselves future heroes.

1984 - for girls is entered a three-piece suit of blue color, but senior pupils generally remained are faithful to a brown form. In those classes where units replaced an old form with new, there was some turmoil. And in general at school something wrong began, the begun processes are not bad shown in the movie “Effigy“ of 1983. Teachers paid attention that values of girls - women of fashion with their interesting blouses and not less interesting vital prospects began to come to the forefront, the high culture remained for zamukhryshka. In 1988 the movie “Little Vera“ which sad end could be not taken into consideration considerably influenced ideas of girls of what it is necessary to prepare in this life for, and the school uniform became intolerable. In 1992 it was cancelled per se.

Whether well we remember events of 1991 and 1993 and their value for our country? Whether incidentally cancellation of a school uniform so harmoniously fitted in in a row the happening changes?

Now a lot of things are restored. And one by one schools make the decision on obligation of a form. Someone protests, repeats baizes 90 - x about the personal freedom incompatible with definiteness in clothes, someone rejoices.

At a form there are a lot of pluses.

As if quickly did not frolic the day before, the child goes to school in accurate clothes.

The humiliation and shame arising from - for less status clothes, do not influence study.

Obligatory pastime and an obligatory form are separated from free pastime and freedom in shmotochny self-expression.

Thanks to the special relation to a form it is possible to save on acquisition of the same trousers significantly.

The form adjusts on the serious relation to occupations.

The form is convenient and well rushes. Though in some families are able to choose clothes much more convenient, than a form, to the majority of families specific proposals considerably facilitate the choice.

Decent and approximately identical clothes at the first meeting remove alarm before academic year.

Variations against an identical basis do by more expressive personal features (I remember what prize the connected and embroidered collars gave the hands).

Similarity considerably improves mutual understanding (directly - as in the NLP).

The form gives definiteness on the way to school and quite often serves as a pride subject (the emblem of our school steadily causes valid interest of passersby and does not allow to drop honor of school tricks).

The form cancels the grown hateful jeans uniform.

The form costs considerably cheaper usual clothes of the same quality, especially if the nobility where to order it. And its renewal does not represent a problem.

Under a form it is easy to carry any, including warm, linen. Appearance does not change depending on heat - cold on the street.

It is almost impossible to achieve an official style of clothes without form.

The school uniform is developed by competent experts who consider both features of a figure, and need long to sit. You would see what traces of squeezing happen after 45 minutes of a lesson!

The form is destroyed when want to deprive of definiteness, to stir up consciousness, and its return is a growing belief in will, reason, discipline.

The chastity and modesty are incompatible with exposure of delights. Golopuzenky and golopopenky with their specific forwardness not the place at lessons. But the law on education is not defeasible law. And the school uniform eliminates legal incidents.