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Movie “Love from All Diseases“ (“Supercondriaque“). How to adjust life?

the Comedy “Love from All Diseases“ - about Roman Fober, the hypochondriac, the loser and the thirty-nine-year-old bachelor. He is a medical photographer with rich imagination. Removing for the magazine of causative agents of diseases, it wallowed in persuasive fears about easy opportunities to catch all illnesses. And gradually turned into the deep neurotic.

Life was filled with the rituals rescuing from the imagined infection. And the person - in the full sociopath who is afraid of own shadow. Certainly that in such life there has to be a doctor who understands everything and in the depth of morbid depression sees the healthy person. Otherwise the hypochondriac will not survive. Doctor Dimitrii Zvenka (Kad Merad) is that person who... cannot get to from the persuasive patient anywhere.

The doctor, despite problems which are created to him by the patient tries to help Roman to get rid of morbid depression and to adjust private life. This is Dimitrii, the clever doctor, assumed that he will relieve of Roman`s illness only love. The doctor knew that it is almost impossible method of healing. But others do not exist.

Dani Boone (Dany Boon) is a performer of a role of the main character Roman Fober, the screenwriter and the director in the movie. Comedy gift of the actor is indisputable, but it executes so many eccentricities that in places it becomes awkward. Because you see specifically sick person needing a permanent care and applying for the status helpless. As such diffident person managed to keep a libido, absolutely unclear. Sex bears in itself high risk of infection with different tactless frustration. Therefore in the movie there are gloomy moments when there is a thought that “guilty to laugh“.

But Dani is a magnificent actor. Leading up a situation to the point of absurdity, it beautifully brings it at first to the self-reflection level when Roman is tired of himself, and then on a comedy outcome: where it was succeeded not to begin to cry, it is necessary to laugh. External data of the hero of Dani are prompted too that he we will absolutely cure. Because the nature sometimes frolics, but on Roman did not regret the resources - he charming, sexual and clever.

Besides, confidence that the patient is quite curable the doctor installs (tremendous work Kada Merada). It is philosophically fussy and is properly slow. The patient gets it even at home, Dimitrii shouts at it is to blue in the face and convincingly irritated. But it does not stop the patient from that at the first opportunity to forget about medical anger and to address for council again. It occurs not only because the patient regularly pays, and the doctor is interested in chronically not recovering patient. It not only so though the insurance medicine quite often manipulates hypochondriacs. Doctor Dimitrii is really kind and noble person. He sincerely tries to help and goes in for practical psychotherapy, throwing Roman into difficult situations. In which either the person, or morbid depression wins.

As a result “paramedical“ actions of Dimitrii managed to become related with Roman. Roman married the sister of the doctor. The formula of the doctor worked - there was a woman who fell in love with the person it what he is. Therefore symptoms of an illness became juicy features, and the risk to finish life in lunatic asylum remained only risk.

It was lucky also the movie. Risking to turn into the derisive clinical record, it became a comedy love story which overcame difficulties and wrote off all illnesses for search. Search of the only and beautiful love. Also comedy melodrama can apply for monasteries of a practical course of healing from a widespread illness. Having seen it, not one viewer will recover. What we find real applied value of motion picture art in. What we congratulate also ourselves on, and creators of the movie.

The director is Dani Boone, the scenario - Dani Boone, the producer - Gerome Seydou, Eric Hubert, Romeyn Le Grand, the operator - Romain Vinding, the composer - Claus Badelt, installation - Monica Koulmen.

Actors: Dani Boone, Alice Paul, Ring road Merad, Jean - Yves Bertelo, Judith El Zane, Marta Villalonga, Valery Bonneton, Bruno Loshe, Gerome Commandior, Johnathan Cohen.

A premiere (world) - on January 15, 2014, a premiere in the Russian Federation - on September 18, 2014.