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How to choose wall-paper? We create a cozy interior of

According to experts, successfully picked up wall-paper will be able to change the room to unrecognizability. It occurs from - for the fact that the surface of walls occupies essential room space and attracts all eyes of all being in it. Before getting wall-paper, it is better to consider the mass of nuances which will help to make a successful purchase.

It is natural, it is possible to rely on intuition - having come to shop, to buy just pleasant option. But the similar way, as a rule, does not lead to anything good. Moreover, you will remember unsuccessful purchase for many years, every time as you will come into unsuccessfully pasted over room.

Thoughtful approach to the choice of wall-paper will help you to save not only time, but also money for repair of the room.

The interior of the room consists of a large number of elements which have to be combined harmoniously among themselves. In creation of this “picture“ wall-paper is of very great importance.

It is better to approach their purchase with all responsibility as this detail of an interior is capable to change visually the room size, to hide or, on the contrary, to place emphasis on a lack of walls and the room. Besides, they are capable to set “tone“ for the room - to make it cozy or on - office strict, to create feeling of harmony or alarm.

How to hide defects of the room, using wall-paper?

If you decided to get wall-paper, try to use at their choice not only a subjective view, but also objective factors. It is possible to carry height and the area of the room, its purpose, existence of defects of walls to their number.

The large pattern on wall-paper will significantly reduce space and will place emphasis on walls that can complicate selection of other elements of an interior - furniture, lamps etc. So if you the owner of a small room, then you should prefer drawing with rare and small patterns.

To make the spacious room with low ceilings cozier, it is possible to get wall-paper with a vertical strip that will visually broaden the room and will make ceilings higher. The boomerang effect will be had by wall-paper with pronounced horizontal drawing or strips.

Light tone of walls “will expand“ apartments, the same will make also drawing in the form of rhombuses. And if your room narrow and high, then is better to paste over it with several types of wall-paper at once, having divided into separate zones.

Roughnesses on walls can also be hidden by means of a wall covering. At a similar problem choose wall-paper with a spotty background (as splashes from a spray) or a soft ornament in pastel tones. If defects are too noticeable - ledges, beams then motley wall-paper which will delay attention to themselves will help. we Choose by

color of wall-paper

Is important also a color scheme of a wall covering. Everyone has preferences in color scale, but there are also some general councils. Cold tone of walls (blue, green, blue, steel gray) are preferable to rooms which windows come to the South.

(Orange, red, yellow) it is better to choose warm colors for the room “looking“ at the North. Deep colors which will absorb excess light - terracotta perfectly will be suitable for light rooms with big windows, it is dark - blue or zolotisto - orange. And for dark rooms - light wall-paper of warm colors: light-lemon, light-beige, light-golden.

If apartments big, then it is possible to buy wall-paper of saturated tones, and here in small similar will make the room uncomfortable. However first of all be based on mission of the room.

For example if you make an interior of the spacious room which will become the gym, then light which still will expand borders, perfectly will approach. But if as a result you plan to receive a drawing room or the nursery, then cozy it will become at saturated tones of walls.

Besides every color has the secret. Red - motivates to act, stimulates nervous system and appetite. It is yellow - orange scale - lightens mood, awakens optimism, green - calms. Light, almost white tone call for severity, however and can become a background for bright “spots“ in an interior in the form of furniture, curtains. Here it is also important to consider lighting - both natural, and artificial.

Use of borders

belong To wall-paper not only the wide rolls of paper pasted vertically from top to bottom on all height of a wall. It also narrow rolls of paper which paste on all width of a wall from left to right - so-called borders.

For what they are necessary? In - the first, they will be useful in high rooms, and it is better to glue them at the level of a breast of the person, such division of a wall into two parts visually reduces ceiling height.

In - the second, border in the middle of height of the room it is possible to make interesting transition from one wall-paper to others that will make the room original and refined.

In - the third, borders under a ceiling will give to the room beautiful, accurate outlines. Thus, application during creation of an interior of borders will give an additional scope for flight of your imagination.

Wall-paper and style of the room

As a rule, we choose wall-paper for walls with indistinct, soft and inexpressive drawing as the similar background will give the chance to place emphasis on other home decoration. Besides the similar wall coloring will simplify work on a combination of separate elements.

Also monophonic wall-paper perfectly will suit fans of pictures or hanging out on walls of photos, decorative panels. Small drawing - calms. Can seem to some that to choose bright tone for walls or wall-paper with large drawing is not necessary at all, however it not so - such coloring will suit creative persons, also it motivates to act, will make apartments original and unique.

The main thing governed at selection of a wall covering - be not afraid to experiment, quite so you will be able to be beyond habitual and to create the individual interior in which to you it will be comfortable.