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How to choose the bicycle?

the Bicycle - a fine eco-friendly vehicle which will allow you to forget about traffic jams, to enjoy world around and to bring itself into sportswear. But before choosing the bicycle, it is necessary to think and study the market of the offered models very well.

Today in the market of bicycles such variety of “two-wheeled friends“ meets that at the simple inhabitant just eyes run up. To choose the model suitable you and at the same time not to overpay for unnecessary functions, being based only on external data, at first it is worth deciding on purpose of the bicycle and to pick up its type.

Depending on mission allocate the following types of bicycles: mountain, tourist, highway, city, dvukhpodvesny and children`s.

The mountain bicycle (MTB - mountain bike). the Main feature of this bicycle is 26 - the inch diameter of wheels, huge number of transfers and shock-absorbers.

This type of bicycles is intended for development of forest or park footpaths, nonaggressive driving on a cross-country terrain and cycle campaigns. Such bicycle can also be chosen if you plan to go for work to weekdays, and for the weekend to carry out sorties on the nature.

It has several pluses: it is universal, available, besides it is easy to improve or pick up it the failed detail. However is at it and the minuses - on asphalt roads significantly concedes in a setup to some other types.

The two-suspended bicycle will cost the owner kopek, however it is the most technological.

There are several kinds of two-suspended bicycles, each of which corresponds to the style of driving - Trail and cross-country - a country (not really aggressive driving on a cross-country terrain), and also daunkhill, freeride, is grated (aggressive driving on a cross-country terrain).

Such type of bicycles distinguishes a number of advantages - they pass practically everywhere and are most comfortable thanks to a full suspension bracket. And here “minus“ at them only one - they belong to the most expensive class.

The highway bicycle (Road Bike) is classical type. It is the best of all to choose such bicycle to develop flat roads where you can disperse till speed limit, using various high-speed mode. However such bicycles have no depreciation systems therefore you will feel roughnesses of the road literally all over.

In the list of “pluses“ of such version it is possible to refer ease, high speed. And as for shortcomings - it is very exacting to quality of a paving.

The hybrid, or the tourist bicycle (Hybrid, Touring) something reminds the previous type, but rubber of tires of tourist bicycles is much thicker that gives essential advantage when driving on uneven pavings.

Among its “pluses“ - universality, ease. Shortcomings - when driving on a cross-country terrain the discomfort in management appears.

The city bicycle (City Bike) is equipped with a large number of practical elements - a luggage carrier, wings, etc. It perfectly will be suitable for quiet driving in park or trips from the house before work. Dispersion of the price very big - everything depends on a frame and a hinge plate, and therefore itself can choose the city bicycle on any budget.

As a rule, city bicycles have from three to seven transfers, and a brake - foot. In the list of “pluses“ it is possible to write down the increased comfort, a practicality, however when driving on a cross-country terrain there are problems in management.

The children`s (Kids bike) bicycle - its choice depends, generally only on age of future owner.

Are presented at the market two - three - and four-wheel models, with diameters of wheels from 30 to 60 cm. The cost of children`s bicycles depends on material of which they are made (that causes durability and weight), the number of transfers, existence of the emergency brake.

When you decided on mission of future vehicle, the choice of the bicycle should be continued from the analysis of material of frames. The frames which are the most extended in recent years are made of a coal plastic (Carbon), it is lame - molybdenum (Cro - Mo), aluminum (Alloy) and the alloyed steel (High Tensile).

The alloyed steel - the cheapest of the modern alloys used for production of bicycles. It, of course, is better than the fact that was about 30 - 50 years ago, but frames from it considerably concede to others in durability.

Chrome - a molybdenic alloy rather easy and perfectly maintains vibration.

Aluminum frames make of two series of this material - 7000 and 6000. The first more rigid and heavy, but also costs cheaper. The second is much easier, do the best frames for bicycles of it.

A coal plastic (carbon fabrics) - rigid, very light material which is highly appreciated for high durability. However this material not especially resistant to dot blows, besides such frames do not give in to repair.

When you decided on what material of a frame of the bicycle suits you, it is worth thinking of brakes. There are three types of bicycle brakes: hydraulic, mechanical and the mixed type. Brakes are distinguished proceeding from two signs - as the drive (trosikovy or hydraulic) and as the mechanism (disk or obodny).

By means of disk brakes (especially hydraulic type) can control “the two-wheeled friend“ perfectly. Force with which you press on the handle is proportional to braking speed. But similar brakes cost rather much.

it is much easier for b to produce and establish Obodny brakes that significantly reduces the price of them.

Trosikovy brakes are very simple in service, but at their use it is almost impossible to control braking force. Besides periodically they need to be sorted, cleaned and greased, otherwise at one not so fine moment it is possible to find out that they ceased to work properly.

Hydraulic brakes , on the contrary, give complete control when braking, but their cost is much higher. They are two types - to use of brake fluid (does not freeze on a frost) or on mineral oil is (ecologically purer).

Also make of a brake of the mixed type to exclude shortcomings of each of systems.

Before buying the bicycle, learn the prices in outlets, at exhibitions - sales and in the Internet - the shops available to you. It is also possible to listen to opinion of the selling assistant, however do not trust it blindly - at the time of a campaign behind purchase from you the opinion already has to be created.

Think, compare, choose - and then you will be able not only to choose “the bicycle of the dream“ which will become you the reliable friend for a long time, but also to carry out more favorable purchase and not to spend excess means.