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What is the supervision and why it is necessary?

Supervision are one of the major abilities for the person. The person who is well able to observe is capable to become very effective, successful and happy person. But for this purpose it is necessary to understand in the beginning - that it gives such supervision and what effects?

So, that such supervision? Strangely enough, the descent cannot answer this question, painfully obvious this concept seems. In my opinion, supervision is characterized by two properties:

1. Inaction.

2. Direction of attention to the maximum quantity of events.

With the first point more and more - it is less clear: when we observe, we should not interfere with observed processes, otherwise “purity of experiment“ will be broken. And it is almost impossible to observe along with activity.

The second point is a little more difficult. It is that we do not fix our attention on something certain, and we allow it most widely rather and “to walk“ variously on everything that occurs. That is we try to capture the attention the greatest possible number of events. Either at the same time, or in turn.

Why all this is necessary? And in order that only observing, we can in general though something to recognize.

How we learn something? Through supervision! For example, we have to watch the traffic light to learn what on is mute light burns. We have to watch the sky to learn what now weather. We have to watch people to learn what people are.

And it is possible to observe and it is necessary not only behind the outside world, but also for internal. Behind the thoughts, emotions, actions, feelings. It is possible to watch even attention - at least, a trajectory on which it moves. And, thus, to learn itself.

Here it is possible to ask: and why in general to learn something? The answer is simple: only when we learn something, we have an opportunity it to improve.

Only when we watch things, we can improve these things. Only when we watch the behavior, we can improve the behavior. Only when we watch the feelings, we can improve the feelings. Only when we watch other people, we can improve our relations with other people. And so on, and so forth.

That is any changes are consequences of supervision. It is impossible to change something, without observing. And vice versa - some things change just from - for the fact that we watch them. At least, it concerns supervision for by itself. For example, our feelings, emotions and actions begin to change at once as soon as we begin to watch them.

What it is still important to know about supervision: when we observe, we never know what information we will obtain. That is we observe not to learn something certain, and on the contrary - to receive any new, unknown to us still information. Supervision is an obtaining any information which will manage to be received.

The observing person is similar to a video camera. He does not react to events and does not create opinions on them. He just perceives and remembers them - and all. Its purpose - not to make something, and to learn something. And only then, on the basis of what he learned - to make.

Supervision teaches us to tranquility and impartiality. We do not estimate an event - we simply watch them. Our purpose - research, but not sample reaction. We at first obtain information and only then, on its results, we make the decision what exactly to make.

If never to observe, then our behavior becomes extremely monotonous. Because we do not obtain new information, so we have no place to think up new actions. Because for any invention basic data are necessary - and if not to obtain any data, then and to invent nothing it will turn out. Supervision leads the person to creativity.

Thus, supervision - the most important of abilities of the person. You learn to observe, and you are surprised how you will be able to learn a lot of new. And when you learn a lot of new - you will be able immediately to apply all this.