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How to celebrate birthday?

For one it “day when I was born“. For others - “day when I became older“. One remember the lived year and make plans for year following. Others try to forget about rapidity of time. One bring together friends and receive congratulations. Others switch-off phone and do not go on-line. Anyway, all this simply different ways to celebrate the special day. Birthday.

If you do not treat “others“, then every year you should answer a question: what you want to see the holiday? And after you answered it, it is necessary to organize this holiday - and it is desirable so that present birthday was not as like as two peas on previous and following. What options are?

the House feast

the Traditional version of a festive party still enjoys

popularity, especially in big families with strong foundations. To bring together all relatives at one table - it is worth a lot and why not to use own birthday as an occasion to see aunts, uncles, nephews, cousin and three times removed sisters and brothers? The closest friends especially as we often treat them as to the family also can join a feast.

Such sit-round gathering is associated with a house entertainment - various salads and vinaigrettes, marinades and sandwiches, garnishes and sauces. But to lay a rich table and not to lose face before relatives, owners need to spend many forces and time. To someone it in pleasure, and to someone - not really. Departments of ready salads and semi-finished products in grocery stores will become a good exit for those who do not like to cook. If means allow, it is possible to address services of the catering companies - cold appetizers and hot dishes will prepare especially for you and will bring on the house.

If to speak about entertainment program, then number one here - heart to heart talks, memoirs and - where without them? - kind gossips about distant relatives. And still it is possible to sing in chorus in a karaoke, to play board games or to consider family photos.

Club, cafe, restaurant

the Holiday in cafe or restaurant - in fact, the same house feast, only with some differences. In this case owners are completely exempted from efforts household, but financial receive instead of them efforts. However, time in a year - or even time in five - ten years if it is about anniversary, - it is possible to dare to invite close people in a pleasant institution with good kitchen and not less good music.

In such situation it is especially pleasant to tell solemn toasts, to order favourite songs, to invite to dance of great ladies and gallant gentlemen. And still it is possible just to admire the friends and the family: as a rule, for “issue“ guests dress up more carefully, than for a house feast.

Club - option more likely youth. Here the main thing - the atmosphere. “Dances - shmanets - obzhimanets“ as told once the senior generation about the younger generation. Vigorous music, the invigorating cocktails, new acquaintances - what else is necessary to meet - no, not an old age, of course, - and one more year of youth?

Picnic outdoors

Departure on a forest glade or on the coast of the lake can be organized both in the summer, and in the winter (in off-season, however, it is less real). Anyway by the way there will be shish kebabs; they can be made of meat or of vegetables, and it is possible and from this, and from another that everyone could choose to himself to taste. The fish baked on a lattice - especially fresh-caught will be an excellent dish for picnic. If in your company there are fishers, they will not miss an opportunity to put out a feeler in the next reservoir and to please the company with a catch. As for drinks, for a summer campaign dry wine, cool beer or - perfectly will be suitable for nondrinkers and children - mineral water and a berry fruit drink. In the winter your friends will estimate hot tea from a thermos or the mulled wine welded in a kettle.

The format of picnic is good the fact that it allows to organize a set of entertainments, including active. If in advance to stock up with stock, it will be possible to surprise companions with an opportunity to do some shooting from onions, to pometat darts, to play soccer or to compete in pulling of a rope … And still it is possible to hide a treasure, for example a bottle of good wine in the wood, to issue to guests the card and to arrange searches of treasures. In other words, remember the pioneer childhood and all those games which you played with school friends.

of Bowling with buffet

If cannot leave on the nature, and there is a wish to spend birthday actively, welcome to bowling - club. Here it is possible to organize competitions: between couples, between families or between “team of boys“ and “team of girls“. It will be healthy if the birthday man prepares some inexpensive, but pleasant prize for the winner of tournament. Sports passion and pleasure are even guaranteed against game to those who the first time holds a ball for bowling in hand. In breaks between knocking down of size it is possible to order drinks and snack (in such clubs there is almost always at least a buffet, and as at most - full-fledged kitchen), and waiting for the throw - in plenty to communicate with each other.

If responsible for a holiday and his guests has children, it is possible to allocate a separate path for “young growth“ - and not to worry about children all evening. It is one more argument celebrating birthday in bowling - club. And some similar institutions besides offer birthday men special quotations on the services and gifts for successfully brought down size.