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How to get rid of shadows under the eyes?

“You did not sleep today?“ Seemingly innocent question, but it for certain will afflict any woman who seeks to look good. The make-up, a hairdress, clothes - everything can be ideal. But here eyes … Eyes - a mirror not only a state of mind, but also physical health. And it is very easy to determine by them that there is with you something not as it should be. And on circles under eyes - and even less so. Means, it is necessary to get rid of them.

But before getting rid, it is necessary to find out - what to get rid of. The nature of shadows under the eyes is clear - it is a blue blood which appears through through skin. If vessels lose a tone if there is a stagnation of blood if skin - the reasons for which “shiners“ are shown becomes thinner, can be different. Respectively, and shadows under the eyes can demonstrate not only fatigue, but also about a serious illness. And in certain cases it is just specific feature of an organism which is defined by genetics.

What to do? Let`s choose the necessary way of a solution.

Diagnostics and treatment

First of all should exclude a possibility of a disease. Circles under eyes can demonstrate that in an organism there is an inflammatory process or the metabolism is broken. Besides, their emergence can be is caused by chronic diseases of kidneys, is warm - vascular system, a pancreas or a thyroid gland. By the way, the chronic fatigue of which owners of bruises often complain is an illness too, and she is not treated by only one rest.

If circles under eyes did not appear after sleepless night, and spoil to you life for a long time, pay special attention to health. Before doing lotions, consult to the therapist, and he will give you the direction to the expert for deeper inspection and - if it is necessary - treatments.

the Healthy lifestyle

Can turn out

so that your organism is absolutely healthy, but you tired him with unhealthy food, addictions and in general the wrong way of life - and he expressed you a protest. In this case emergence not only circles under eyes, but also other unpleasant signs is probable: dandruff, fragility of hair and nails, gray skin color or acne rash.

The decision arises by itself. Normalize an operating mode and rest (it is desirable to sleep not less than seven - eight hours, but also to pour - too harmfully), limit interaction time with the computer and the TV, do not abuse alcohol and if you will be able, refuse smoking. Also it will be not bad to reconsider the habits connected with food: be not fond salty, sharp and sweet, eat more greens, vegetables and fruit (apples are especially useful) and drink an amount of water, sufficient for your organism, daily (norm - 30 ml on 1 kg of weight). Professional cosmetology

Modern beauty shops and cosmetology clinics offer

several options of disposal of black circles.

The most sparing from them - professional massage. Similar procedure, of course, can be carried out also at home, but it is better to trust in the expert`s hands especially as skin around eyes differs in hypersensibility - and any awkward movements will aggravate a problem instead of solving it.

Microcurrent therapy by means of which it is possible to reduce pigmentation is quite popular today, to eliminate venous stagnation and to carry out a lymphatic drainage. Similar impact on skin makes also the cosmetic laser.

It is possible to carry a mesotherapy to strong means - this method means introduction of hyaluronic acid under a lower eyelid. At the same time thin needles are used: they not only deliver substance in skin, but also make on it the stimulating impact. For maintenance of effect such procedure should be carried out annually.

The most radical way - a lipofilling. Such procedure is recommended to women at whom emergence of circles under eyes is caused by too thin skin. In this case the area under eyes is filled with fatty tissue which is previously extracted from a body of the patient (as a rule, from a waist or hips). This operation is performed under the general anesthesia - and the plastic surgeon does it. Keep in mind that the first week after a lipofilling the person will look a little swelled up, especially in a nose bridge. Tubes and jars

Producers offer

now a set of cosmetics which help to put in order skin around eyes. Usually ingredients which improve blood circulation and lymphatic liquid are their part. It can be, for example, extracts of a chestnut, a nettle, a ruskus. The form of release of cosmetics can be different - day and night cream, serum, gel. Night cream, as a rule, more dense and fat, its mission - to nourish skin. Day creams, serums and gels - moistening or cooling - have easier structure.

Whatever means you used, put it correctly. The widespread mistake - to rub cream in eyelids. But you should not do it - so you can injure gentle and thin skin. Moreover, some cosmetologists recommend to apply cream not on eyelids - and under or over them.

Besides, it is useful to use masks for eyes - they are on sale in shops of cosmetics in finished form. Interesting novelty - a hydrogel plaster from circles and bags under eyes.

Folk remedies

can practice the nutritious and refreshing lotions from natural ingredients In house conditions. In popularity the potato mask - the fresh mashed potatoes divorced warm milk is high on the list. Not bad cottage cheese and grain masks - also with milk addition work. Preparation of a mask will borrow minutes five, twenty more minutes it is necessary to take it on a face.

And some means which well proved it is not necessary even to prepare. Cut off from a cucumber couple of slices - and here to you a ready mask which perfectly removes hypostases. Or just make a tea bag (only cool it before application).

If at you are a little more time, it is possible to prepare a nutritious mask from walnuts (they need to be crushed in the blender), butter and grant or lemon juice. One more option of a nutritious mask - the same butter mixed with gruel from fresh parsley or cucumber pulp.

Good impact on skin is made by wiping by ice cubes - it improves blood circulation. From circles under eyes grass ice - the frozen broth of a sage, a camomile or a cornflower best of all will help.

Choose the option of disposal of a problem which is most suitable you - and let nobody more will never ask you: “You did not sleep today?“ Even if you and the truth walked all night long.