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Emmie - 2014: what series are called the best in 2014? Part 2

Of course, a ceremony of “Emmie“ is, first of all, people, persons of the teleworld. The attention on a red carpet of “Emmie“ was riveted not less fixed, than on a path of “Oscar“. Actors worked the bread, in detail telling about the one who the author of their exclusive orders, and paparazzi had an opportunity close up to photograph all wrinkles of favourite celebrities.

However we will return to the ceremony of delivery.

of “Emmie“ - persons: good wives, loveful husbands, Jen Psaki …

As for “Emmie“ - persons, the best drama actress of series called Julianna Margulies who already the fifth season in a row decorates with the talent quite decent series “Good Wife“. It had rather strong competitors - what one Robin Wright (“House of cards“), plus still Kerry Washington (“Scandal“), Claire Deyns (“Homeland“), Michel Dokeri (“Abbey Daunton“) and Lizzie Kaplan (“The master of sex“) is necessary.

In this sense Brian Krenston sustained not less fierce competition, having pulled out a victory in the similar man`s nomination at Woody Harrelson (“The present detective story“), Mathew Makkonakhi (“The present detective story“), Kevin Spacey (“House of cards“) and Jonah Hemma (“Madmen“). The dizziness became the reason that Brian Krenston attacked in the middle of a ceremony on Julia Luiz - Dreyfus with kisses, or the success of the actress stirred up in a star “In all heavy“ the ceased feelings long ago, but information reason was given quite professionally and exactly so that spoke about a ceremony for a long time. Besides, series “In All Heavy Ended“, and many audience breathed sigh of relief, secretly hoping that the next year behind a figurine on a scene some fresh faces will be raised.

And here Julia Luiz - Dreyfus it was valid for what to kiss, she within several years embodies on the screen excellently plausible image of the American woman - the politician which should be engaged in life in something to others - for example, to try choreography. This image became very actual in recent months, thanks to performances of Jen Psaki and her colleagues so Julia received the figurine quite deservedly.

AWFUL victories and sad memoirs …

Admirers of mystical series, for certain, were glad to progress of the darling of “The American history of horrors“ which, though did not become the winner in the nomination “The Best Pass - Series“, all - received the figurines - Jessica Lang became “The best actress pass - series“, and Cathie Bates - “The best supporting actress“.

All steel nominations - direction, scenarios - spin around already listed series, and it caused the next wave of criticism in social networks. Not that victories consider undeserved, but here long ago it would be time to diversify lists of nominees - consider to the tvitterena and experts of an Instagram.

Nevertheless the ceremony took place, and one of its most high points, besides an above-mentioned kiss, of course, there was a touching speech of Billey Kristall of memory Robin Williams. It is natural that during a traditional song of memory left also Paul Walker who abandoned us this year, Philipp Seymour Hoffmann, Peter O`Tul, Lauren Bacall and Bob Hoskins were mentioned.

In conclusion it would be desirable to pay attention of fans of series to that fact that on “Emmie - 2014“ set some kind of record: record quantity of the nominations - thirty one - received the Internet - the Netflix network. And it means that the television industry had very powerful competitors in the person the Internet - services, and already in the nearest future it is necessary to reckon with it. How media empires will arrive? It is thrown all forces on improvement of quality of the offered teleproduction or will give in without a fight creative and fashionable, mobile and flexible the Internet - to series?