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Emmie - 2014: what series are called the best in 2014? Part 1

Those who watch news from the world of series noticed that on the scale, a pomposity and a quoting in social networks the Emmie award ceremony began to correspond to a ceremony of delivery of “Oscar“ for a long time, and in many respects even surpasses it. This more democratic action, stars is more free in the choice of dresses, the atmosphere in the hall more liberated.

Besides, within several last years occurs which - that that later, perhaps, will be called revolutionary: cinema finally gives in, transferring the right on removal of stars for a world sky to the world of series. It is possible to list long global movie stars which became those exactly thanks to the work in series - Jennifer Aniston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Hugh Laurie, Blake Lively and Lleyton Mister, Cathie Holmes, Katherine Heigl, Natalia Oreyro, George Clooney, Sara Jessica Parker, Rowan Etkinson, Bruce Willis, David Duchovny, Sean Bing and many - many others.

It is no wonder that - 2014 the attention was riveted on a ceremony of delivery of Emmie fixed, and expectations of serialoman as a result, were generally justified, except for nuances.

of “Emmie“ will cancel soon? A failure of “Game of Thrones“

at the very beginning of a ceremony the leader Seth Myers (a star of the show “Saturday Evening on the Air“) paid attention of the audience that the ceremony is held on Monday. “And if I though understand something in television, it means that “Emmie“ will be cancelled soon“, - he declared, and present at the hall amicably laughed to this joke as all know that “Emmie“ gains the increasing popularity, unfortunately, quite doubtful every year: a ceremony, generally criticize and abuse.

So numerous admirers of series “Game of Thrones“ worldwide still indignantly discuss in social networks the fact that the screen version of a series of novels “Song of Ice and Flame“ of George Martin did not receive this year of any award though it was nominated nineteen (!) time. And it is difficult not to agree with them: “Game of Thrones“ is, certainly, the event in a serial sky, besides, is the largest and expensive series shot ever in a fantasy genre. Let`s hope well, that the fifth, sixth and as it became recently known, the seventh and eighth seasons of series will be appreciated by critics.

Monopoly of “The American family“ or an acute shortage qualitative a body - laughter?

Favourites of a ceremony - series “In All Heavy“ (five victories) and “Sherlock“ (seven victories), and also the comedy “American Family“ which collected four awards.

This year the ceremony of “Emmie“ was held to the sixty sixth time and though every year organizers try to make it special, Emmie - caused 2014 the greatest number of critical remarks on the fact that from year to year the list of nominees on an award practically does not change.

For example, the comedy series “American Family“ were are nominated and became the winner in the nomination the fifth year in a row. And if someone considers that it is already obvious search, then in protection of academicians it is necessary to tell that within all these years “The American family“ had competitors, to put it mildly, so-so - this year, for example, among nominees we see the youth comedy show “Theory of a Big Bang“, for the fourth time convinced that it to the winner not the competitor. What you will not tell about Jim Parsons, one of the leading actors of “The theory of a Big Bang“ who in a row allows to take away several years to nobody from himself a victory in the nomination “The Best Comedy Actor of Series“.

Besides, among competitors of “The American family“ this year called series “Orange - a Season Hit“ which the comedy it is possible to call only with very big stretch, and also such frankly weak comedies as “Witz - the president“, “The silicon valley“ and “Louis“.

Be continued.