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When and why it is possible to finish the relations?

Honor each of us faced what it is possible to call problems in relationship. It could be misunderstandings, offenses, irritation or manipulations. At such moments sharply there is a question of that, but whether not to finish these relations? How to understand whether it is worth waiting with this decision and when it is already a high time to make it?

When cannot finish the relations?

I Hurry to afflict with

those who see the solution of all problems in finishing the relations or to divorce if they were issued officially. Usually it does not resolve those difficulties and problems which in them appeared.

The matter is that the loved one comes to our life not incidentally, he is deep reflection us, our traits of character, behavior models, our degree of perfection and development of outlook. In other words, if there are relations, so the loved one takes out on a surface a lot of things from this what ourselves, perhaps, do not want to face in ourselves. There is a misunderstanding, apparently, that he or she specially do something that very much irritates, and the desire to change the partner in life and to find the best is already ready.

Only most often it happens that to the following relations there is the same, there are same difficulties and problems.

The first rule is that for improvement of the relations it is necessary to do serious internal work on understanding and change of. If these efforts are not made, then the question whether it is possible to finish the relations, does not make sense. In the following relations you will inevitably meet absolutely the same not resolved situations, sometimes even in heavier option. The destiny does not love when we refuse to study and be improved.

When can finish the relations?

Someone can object

quite reasonably: and if the loved one gets derailed and from him goes influence is more destructive? Really it is necessary to sit and support him or her? If the husband, for example, drinks or does drugs, humiliates the wife and children, rows etc.?

There is a counter question: and why such person appeared in your life? Why you attracted it? It is necessary to think of it first of all. What allowed to occur this situation? Lack of life experience, a mistake which were made in relationship, the negative scenarios received from own parental family, the destructive installations imposed by society?

Even in this case it is deeply worth analysing the reasons for which the person with destructive behavior appeared in your life and to make all possible efforts for change of a situation.

In that case when it is impossible to change a situation, all ways and methods are settled and the second party takes a destructive position and is not ready or is not capable to change, it is possible to finish safely the relations and to begin to build the destiny taking into account the gained experience and vital knowledge.

And if to people it becomes simply uninteresting with each other?

Happens and so that to two former lovers it becomes simply uninteresting with each other and their relations come to an end as if by itself.

Usually it occurs if initially their relations were under construction not on that basis on which the long-term relationship has to be built up. Perhaps, it was temporary interest or just the inclination taken for strong feelings. Sometimes even at initially deep feelings of steam there passes some stage of the general way and loses what united them earlier. Happens so that it is impossible to stick together what does not stick together. In this case the relations can come to an end as if by itself. At the same time can not be quarrels or the strong conflicts, just the relations sputter out, as well as what initially served as the uniting moment.

Unfortunately, so too happens, however here it is necessary to be very attentive and not to make one mistake, typical for this situation. Sometimes behind it words as “we have different ways“, “our relations sputtered out“, banal offenses and unwillingness to work on change and revival of the relations are covered. Here it is important to reflect and not to make a mistake, otherwise the situation can repeat.

In spite of the fact that in modern society the rupture of the relations as the solution of interpersonal problems is often encouraged, the matter needs to be considered seriously and with all responsibility and to resort to parting only in that case when this decision is only true.