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Financial literacy. How to learn to dispose of money?

Ability to dispose of money along with ability to earn are one of the major factors which affects financial wellbeing. There are easy ways which allow to develop this ability. whether

you Came up against a situation when the person at rather quite good earnings cannot save the small sum of money for purchase of furniture or postpone for holiday whereas others, earning less, quite are able to afford both that, and another, and also manage and to postpone some sum for the bank account?

Or other situation: two persons receiving an identical salary, but one - are eternal in debts, another distributes money on credit?

Many sincerely consider that the most important question is the amount of earnings whereas there is one more factor influencing financial wellbeing not less is an ability to dispose of money. This ability allows not only to save and not to spend material resources in vain, but also to send them to that course which will be further the most favorable. Without these two components any earnings or savings can be lowered in the shortest possible time.

To learn to dispose of money, you can:

1. To keep written account of all expenses.

Ability to dispose of money includes the conscious relation to this sphere. When process of expenditure happens chaotically and under the influence of external incentives (advertizing - or directly in shop, or on sale), much more money is spent, than it is planned, and it is bought not that really wanted to buy. Usually after chaotic expenditure people spare expense about many purchases or note that they could buy something else.

The written accounting of the planned expenses allows to learn to dispose of money with big efficiency and to be to less subject emotions upon purchases, and as a result to make less mistakes in this sphere. Write the list of necessary expenditure for a month, proceeding from that sum which you have for this period. Also you can write the separate list before a visit of shop or of shopping center. This simple reception can change your relation to money and will help to order this sphere.

If you derive pleasure from the process of purchases, leave strictly fixed sum on unforeseen purchases. You will be able to spend it if there is such opportunity, however it is necessary to adhere to the planned sum.

2. To trace the true requirements and emotions at all moments of the order money. to

needs the Conscious relation to money to avoid mistakes which arise at the thoughtless order them.

Present two situations. In one of them the person disposes of money completely under the influence of external factors. There is a requirement or bright incentive, and he starts buying goods or service. In this situation he is not an owner of the financial sphere. External irritants operate it. Such person is subject to the industry of consumption of goods and services, and it is favourably simple to it to impose unnecessary and superfluous to get as much as possible profit.

And second situation. If the person accurately traces the true requirements, realizes them and purposefully makes actions for achievement of goals, he will not be distracted by thoughtless expenditure only because it is very much wanted by the manager.

Try to understand accurately sense of purchases and services which you are going to get. Why you need it? What will it give positive in your life? What will allow to receive? If you accurately answer these questions, so the possibility of chaotic loss of money for what does not bring any benefit is excluded.

Use of these two receptions irrespective of the level of your income allows to develop ability to dispose correctly of money gradually.