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Why harmfully to suffer from pain?

Pain are a peculiar impulse, a signal that with an organism something not as it should be, and the management to acceptance of actions for elimination of an irritant. There is no such person who would not feel pain - physical or sincere. One prefer “to get drunk“ at once tablets (or simply - to get drunk), and others - to clench teeth and to endure. But whether these victims are justified?

Pain is a natural reaction of an organism to damage, an inflammation or any possible discomfort. But it is unnatural to suffer it and it is even dangerous. One my acquaintance, having read articles of the Internet that tablets are an awful chemistry (even those which, allegedly, a phytogenesis) on which removal from an organism years will be required (blood is updated time in three years for women, and men have time in 4 years), refused flatly their use once and for all. In - the first, considers that thus resolutely revitalized the way of life, in - the second - strengthened positions for planning and the birth of healthy posterity, well and in - the third - it is simple and banal cleared a karma.

However every time when at it as at any live, but, alas, the mortal person, something hurts, it is turned in a bagel, and the whole world ceases to exist until everything does not pass or though how many - nibud does not popustit. Frankly speaking, the show is very sad, especially, when not only you know, but also see that the person suffers, and can help nothing because your help is not wanted to be accepted.

Many can fairly notice that our ancestors who did not get to scientific progress, yet in general about any drugs and medicines did not know - drank grasses - muravka, did lotions and lived till hundred years. Yes, but still our ancestors breathed fresh air, did not use the equipment radiating electromagnetic waves, harmful to an organism, and ate everything only natural - without GMO and preservatives. Tablets especially were also not necessary to them. And if there is a poison, there has to be also an antidote - even if in the form of less strong poison.

But it is impossible to suffer from pain for several reasons . In - the first, pain signals that the organism needs the help, and ignoring it, we can start a condition of any disease, having transferred it to a chronic form. In - the second, a painful spasm it is destructive affects cells of a brain and the nervous terminations (for this reason the person to whom it is painful is often irritable and breaks on people around). Also heart and vessels suffer. And in - the third, psycho - the emotional condition of the person suffering pain leaves much to be desired.

The headache which in time is not stopped by action of a medicine can enter a cyclic state and generate all new and new attacks. And in such mode the vessels which are in constant tension at one not fine moment can just not sustain.

The twinge of toothache is a misfortune which you will not wish also to the enemy. If in time not to react to a signal and not to be treated at the stomatologist, consequences of a toothache can be very sad, and not only for teeth. The severe toothache can cause painful shock or even to whom.

Many women suffer from pain during periods, reasoning it with feature of physiology. Undoubtedly, easy discomfort, a pandiculation of a bottom of a stomach and waist - the integral satellites of critical days (and that not at all). But if from pain there is already a wish to climb on a wall - it is necessary to address urgently the gynecologist and to find out the reason of its emergence.

At the same time pain at the time of delivery - the phenomenon absolutely natural, though not palatable (scientists compare it with 20 - tyyu simultaneous fractures of bones). Of course, if mother is afraid of pain or does not want to suffer it, she at once can ask Caesarian, but doctors all - advise not to resort to surgical intervention and to give birth whenever possible. Cesarean section is the operational method, first of all, directed to saving life of the kid who cannot independently be born, but not to facilitate the woman in labor fate. At the same time fights can last and days without a break.

Mental anguish should not stand too inside. Many prefer to suffer silently, driving themselves into frenzy, and sometimes and into despair. But it is fraught not only aggravation of a morale, but also development of many physical illnesses. Still our grandmothers said that all problems - from nerves. Therefore excessive excessive self-criticism and a collecting of negative emotions will not bring to good.

Mental anguish can be compared to the vessel filled with water. That it became easier for a vessel - water needs to be splashed out, and differently, having remained inside, it will go out.

It is not necessary to suffer from pain. It is necessary to cope with it. Good luck!