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What can be the modern smartphone?

B promised 2007 of Nokia emergence in a year 2015 wonderful gadgets code-named of Morph. To these at the request of Nokia Morph on Youtube it is possible to find the beautiful animation roller telling about opportunities of the mobile device made of flexible materials. was able to turn back

In imagination of designers of Morph a “clever“ bracelet (before emergence of wearable electronics there were as early as years five!) to change the size of the screen and it is a lot more what. Unfortunately, the gadget and remained a beautiful concept, and in exchange offered us iPhone and samsungovsky Galaxy. Koreans, however, promise the second or third year in a row the bending smartphones too, but so far on sale there is only concave LG Flex.

To dream not harmfully, but sometimes there is a wish to present real superphone which can be realized. To begin with the same screen. A framework around the display becomes thinner and thinner, but to create the matrix capable to do absolutely without it, it is impossible neither to Americans in Cupertino (Apple), nor to Koreans from LG and Samsung, to Chinese.

Available on sale to the whole world the champion on the maximum area of the display - LG G3, the “most abrupt“ Android - a leader of 2014. The screen occupies 76,4% of the forward panel it. And here the Sharp company (Japan) managed to reach 79% in the Sharp AQUOS 304SH mobile phone. But whether the model will go for world sale, so far it is unknown. In Russia periodically there were “sharpovsky“ phones, but in special demand were not.

The volume of the built-in memory at “the dream smartphone“ has to be not less than 128 gigabytes. It is so much in Meizu MX3. Support of memory cards besides begins from 128 GB, as at LG G3.

With a camera everything is simple. Only the PureView technology from Nokia with a matrix on 41 Megapixel with digital replacement 3 - a multiple optical zoom (Nokia 1020, Nokia 808 PureView). The only photomodule where the huge number of pixels does not serve exclusively marketing purposes. And here the ultrapiksel advanced by HTC should be sent to an ash heap of history - the smartphones of the Taiwan producer equipped with them are removed not too well (of course, all smartphones from - for small photomatrixes are removed disgustingly, but it is necessary to choose the smaller evil).

Case thickness a miracle - the mobile phone - no more than 5,55 mm. Size is already reached by the Chinese startup of Gionee, the presented Elife S5. 5 which is the thinnest mobile device in the world so far. However, persistent Chinese do not rest on laurels, and already declared the device with the working name GN9005 with the declared thickness of 5 mm.

The most important part of the smartphone - the battery. Energy has always not enough, and no technological breaks in the field of mobile power existed with 90 - x years when became fashionable litiyevo - polymeric accumulators (they explode in “iPhones“, “samsunga“, and recently singed the soft place of the owner of the smartphone from the OnePlus company).

The record on the volume of the accumulator belongs to the Russian company “Vobis Kompyyuter“. Under the Highscreen brand it released “clever phone“ with the battery on 6 000 mach (Boost 2 SE). Now it is necessary only to think up how to push this “piece of electrolyte“ in the case 5 mm thick. It is impossible to agree to a smaller charge, in the ideal smartphone everything has to be to the maximum.

Respectively, the volume of random access memory - 4 gigabytes. The processor will be 64 here - bit, as at iPhone 5s or HTC Desire 820 (it will be presented at the beginning of September at the IFA 2014 exhibition).

A display resolution - 1440x2560 (LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, Oppo Find 7). And here its size - business too subjective. Steve Jobs sacredly believed that 3,5 inches are ideal for phone, but popularity of “shovels“ from Samsung and a demand 6 - inch phablets forced even Apple to increase the screen size in iPhone. In the sixth apple version the device will even be divided on pass - option with 4,7 inches and “shovel“ in 5,5 inches. It is necessary to make several variations too.

Separately elements of the smartphone, best in the world, already exist. It was necessary only to bring together them in one case. It is interesting that the majority of “records“ put still Chinese brands. So they will move “iron“ by new boundaries, most likely.