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How to accustom the child to sleep in a bed?

Quite often mother in the first months puts the newborn to herself to bed. Thus, she can not get up at night if it is necessary to calm the kid, to feed with a breast or to give him the dropped-out pacifier. But the child grows, and better that he had own bed.

Quite often mother in the first months puts the newborn to herself to bed. Thus, she can not get up at night if it is necessary to calm the kid, to feed with a breast or to give him the dropped-out pacifier. But over time the child grows - he already figures prominently, spins and it is more difficult to mother with father to retire. It should be noted that the kid, having overslept since the birth several months (and sometimes and years) in a parental bed, hardly voluntarily “will leave the positions“ and will pass to itself into a bed.

to Retrain the kid in that case happens very difficult. When the baby matures, it is better that it had an own bed. Naturally, those parents who since the birth defined to the child the place for a dream in its bed do not face a similar problem. But what to do to parents whose children from the first days of life got used to a joint dream?

On the solution of a similar problem it is necessary to spend a lot of time and forces. It will be not so painful for the baby if this process takes place smoothly therefore stock up with patience.

When and how to accustom the kid to a bed?

to Begin to accustom the child to his individual berth it is the is best of all than months with 6 - 8. As a rule, at this time the number of night feedings becomes less (and sometimes and in general it is reduced to zero), also to this age the child freely turns over and accepts a pose, convenient for it. It should be noted if you already passed this moment, then be not upset - to accustom the baby to sleep separately never late.

When parents made the firm decision to accustom the kid to sleep in the bed, they need to be consecutive in the actions. If during schooling even occasionally to concede to the child, stacking it near itself, then all efforts will be vain.

The first rule for the implementation conceived - to accustom the child to be put to bed at the same time. for this purpose think up the ritual of withdrawal to a dream - for example, after bathing sing a song, together look at the interesting book or make the light weakening massage.

The main thing that it was not something noisy or too cheerful as in such state to be adjusted on a dream even to the adult very hard, not to mention the child. Also duration of similar action should not exceed a quarter of hour.

After ritual mother or the father can sit a little near the baby and as soon as he falls asleep, to leave. If the kid woke up - approach and calm, stroke on a back, bend and kiss, wish once again “Good night!“, but from a bed do not take out it.

If the child woke up again and calls you, do not resort at once, it is possible to approach only later a couple of minutes. Of course, the first few days will become for you the real test - the baby can wake up to 10 times in a night to check, mother nearby or not. Its absence for it is disturbing therefore your task to quietly report that if something happens, parents will be near, but you sleep with him now separately.

One more very interesting way to accustom the child to sleep separately - the so-called replacements method.

If to the kid it is difficult for b to release mother, then it is possible to give it his favourite small soft toy with words: “An elephant, look after until me in the room is, my kid, please“. 10 - 15 minutes later mother comes back and aloud thanks a toy for “the rendered service“. Thus, the baby will get used to sleep peacefully with this toy, to it will be and is cozy with “the mother`s assistant“.

If the berth of the child is located in other room, then darkness as it never was long time without light here earlier can frighten him. Therefore at first use a night lamp. It is better if it shines not directly on a bed of the child and light will be soft, muffled. Besides at first mother can sleep in the same room, but on other bed or on a sofa.

There are parents who found the way of the solution of a similar problem - they since evening fill up everything together in one bed, and transfer the child to his bed at night. The main thing to tell about it to the kid in advance that he was not frightened of the fact that he woke up in the new place. But this way is not too good the fact that the child will still consider a parental bed a berth - it will come back there at any time already independently.

It should be noted that if the child very much likes registration of its bed, then he can also replace a berth voluntarily. For this purpose it is possible to organize the joint choice and purchase of a bed. If you already have it, then it is possible to acquire together bed linen with a print of his favourite heroes from the animated film or lovely animals, to hang up interesting toys, to put a beautiful night lamp - a toy or a children`s projector.

After the kid for the first time fell asleep in the bed, since morning surely praise him, it is possible even to make small encouragement, but do not accustom him to constant gifts.

When is better to wait a little with “moving“

If your child is ill or recently had a severe trauma, do not hurry to accustom him to sleep separately. Still it is worth waiting a little if at it teeth climb or the allergy to any product which is followed by an itch or rashes was shown. Do not leave its one in the room when you see that to it it is strongly terrible.

Also do not leave the baby long to roar alone. From similar at it, perhaps, nervous breakdown or a mental disease which can lead to tragic consequences will develop. If you hear that the kid woke up at night and he has a hysterics, approach him, learn the crying reason. If just got agitated - let to it know your support and love.

You do not hurry to accustom the child to an individual berth if any problems now at you - with health or just difficult situation in a family. With a similar spirit you can not sustain sleepless nights which surely will be at the beginning of schooling, and at some moment will break on the kid.

The earlier you taught the baby to sleep separately from yourself, the better both for it, and for you. You should not follow the tastes of whims and the child`s tears (thus it can learn to manipulate you), though it is impossible to leave it alone with the fears too.

Prepare that accustoming of the child to sleep separately - process long which demands yours endurance and patience. You remember, parental heat and caress are capable to overcome all fears of the kid and to present him and you a healthy and quiet sleep.