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How to find work in protection?

are not so simple to Find good work in protection now. Once you glance in the Internet or in any newspaper on job search, and you will see a set of offers on work in protection at once. But whether you should trusting these offers? Most of employers promise

a decent salary, a social package, privileges etc. But as often happens, many of these offers are not true and are placed only for attraction of bigger number of applicants from whom the offered, but not written conditions will arrange someone.

In the market of security services different vacancies are offered now - it is security guards, watchmen, administrators, controllers and the staff of technical services. Most of citizens carry them to security guards, however it not so.

First of all it is necessary to deal with concept the security guard. From the point of view of the law (Federal Law “About Private Detective and Security Activity in the Russian Federation“), a security guard is the citizen of the Russian Federation who passed the corresponding training, passed a qualification examination and received the certificate of the security guard (many call the certificate of the security guard the license). In the same law it is said that it is forbidden to carry out security duties without existence of the certificate of the security guard for what administrative responsibility in the form of a penalty is provided. Besides (“About private detective and security activity in the Russian Federation“) rendering services in the sphere of protection is allowed by the law only to the enterprises which are specially founded for their performance and having the license for this activity that is only the Private Security Organizations (or PSF, ChOO). Other organizations and the enterprises have no right to independently render security services and can be made responsible including criminal, for occupation by illegal business activity (Art. 171 of the criminal code of Russian Federation).

In this regard have the right to employ security guards only PSF or ChOO, other natural or legal entities cannot officially employ the security guard. And according to the current legislation are obliged to attract to protection of the property PSF or ChOO (to sign the contract for protection) with the corresponding payment for these services.

Therefore many commercial organizations for economy of means offer vacancies of the watchman, the controller or the administrator who actually fulfill the security guard`s duties.

As a rule, work as the watchman, controller and administrator does not require no certificates, obucheniye and the corresponding experience. And respectively, the organization spends less funds for their contents, than for involvement of security company with the qualified security guards. But at the same time administrators, controllers, watchmen, as a rule, not always receive a salary less, than official security guards.

How to find good work in protection?

If you have a certificate of the security guard and the corresponding qualification category (4,5,6), you first of all need to pay attention to vacancies of the official security organizations, enterprises (PSF, ChOO). To look at the salary offered by them, conditions, additional guarantees and privileges. In big cities the minimum wage of the official security guard in 2014 makes about 18 000 rub and if in vacancy it is offered less, then, as a rule, admit not licensed security guards or security guards from other regions to this security company, i.e. in this enterprise big “routine“ of shots is observed. And it at once has to guard.

The occurring opinion that good work can be found only at the big, long working enterprise can be ignored, in principle. In the analysis of the offered positions it is possible to see that in the majority of big security companies the small salary is, as a rule, offered for security guards, above average it is offered only for security officers or the senior changes, but for this work surely there has to be the corresponding experience and education.

In protection, except heads, it is possible to refer to highly paid positions also work in bodyguard (bodyguard). This work is elite for security guards. At a position in bodyguard generally former employees of special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, GRU having the corresponding preparation and sports grades in various single combats are accepted. But here it should be noted that it is rather difficult to settle in bodyguard: employers, as a rule, to these positions accept people according to the recommendation or who are well known.

For work it is possible to get to PSF also without certificate (license). Some PSF invite also not licensed candidates whom they send for training and then for licensing at own expense or for the account PSF then they accept to the security guard`s position.

At the following stage it is desirable to learn reviews of it PSF through acquaintances or on the Internet. However it is not necessary to trust unconditionally responses, especially from the Internet, there, as a rule, especially bad responses are left by those people who were for one reason or another dismissed from these PSF for the negative reasons.

Further it is necessary to call the employer or e-mail, to specify whether still vacancy and the offered terms is actual. It is preferable to call as it is possible to specify at once some moments, to agree about personal meeting or interview. The preliminary meeting with the representative of the employer is obligatory, on it it is possible to get acquainted in detail with the offered terms, to see the alleged place of work, and also to communicate to the security guards working there (it is desirable to make it without the employer`s representative, so conversation will be more frank).

To interview the applicant has to arrive to precisely fixed time, not too early and not to be late. It will speak about his punctuality. If he arrives too early, then first of all, the arrival can break an operating schedule of the personnel employee. If too late, then it says that the applicant cannot keep the word and execute everything in time. The best option - to arrive to an interview venue in advance, to wait till the fixed time nearby, and in due time to have interviews in a venue.

At interview to behave quietly, at first to specify the questions interesting on vacancy, to answer the asked questions briefly and in essence, if necessary to show all available documents. It is not necessary to show strongly that you are very interested in this vacancy.

Here it is necessary to consider that in many security companies interviews are conducted by the former military personnel or law enforcement officers working with shots. And they give preferences to the candidates disciplined, brought up, answering shortly and in essence.

At conversation surely specify the size of future salary how many you will officially receive. As now establishment of the minimum official salary operating on the region and as a security guard practices these are approximately on average 9000 rubles a month, and other part is paid in an envelope or in the form of awards or extra charges. Therefore it is necessary to consider that all payments including in a pension fund, will be carried out from your official salary, and the it is more, the pension savings will be higher. If it is not important for you, then can lower this moment.

It is also necessary to specify concerning social package: providing holiday, the sick-list, payments for processing, compensatory holidays, awards.

By results of interview three answers can be given you, as a rule:

1) you are employed;

2) you do not approach;

3) “we will call back to you“.

In case of the third option, it is possible that will call back to you and will offer work, but, as a rule, it happens seldom. This phrase the employer as if politely refuses.