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How to live twice more, to get rid of bad mood and to find itself?

you sometime wanted to change yourself - to become “such, how in dreams“? For certain. The purposes are laudable, but there is one hitch - solving them, we usually look not in that direction. While we wait for a sunny day and we look for happiness in the imagined future, the real life passes by. We need to add sensibleness in each lived day. And then the real changes will not keep themselves waiting.

What is sensibleness?

to us often lacks

ability to be present at own life and to live it so as if it really something means here and now. At the same time conscious approach to life - not just next idea: “Precisely, now I will live more consciously“ - on it far will not leave. Sensibleness is a way of life. To this practice already several thousands of years, and it often call heart of Buddhist meditation though its essence is reduced to attentiveness.

Control over own life

Sensibleness learns to learn memoirs and self-destructive thoughts as soon as they appear. And to remember that it only memoirs. They can be compared to promotion because they not the presents. They are not you. You can learn to watch bad thoughts: to see how they arise, to give them some time, and then to find out how they by itself are dissolved.

Sensibleness helps to watch itself, but without criticism, and with sympathy. You learn not to take grief and a stress very much to heart, and with sincere curiosity to consider them as if they are the black clouds floating on the sky. In fact, sensibleness allows to detain a stream of negative thoughts before they tighten you in whirlpool of negative emotions, and again to find control over own life.

Quicksands of bad mood

Attempt to get rid of bad mood or a dejectedness, or to understand why to you it is bad and as it can be corrected, often only aggravates a situation; it as quicksands: the more actively you try to get out, the more deeply you plunge.

Of course, nobody sets as the purpose to analyze the problems before full deterioration in health. Just people can think that if long enough to worry from - for the state, the solution, eventually, will be found. It is necessary to make one more effort - to think over this problem a little more... However researches prove the return: the serious analysis reduces our ability to solve problems. And when it is about emotional difficulties, it is useless at all. A conclusion arises by itself: the deep analysis is a root of a problem, but not its decision.

How to live twice longer?


how many years you still will live. If you 30, then at average life expectancy to you had about 80 years 50 more. If you act consciously and consciously all a couple of hours in day, and the rest of the time do everything on an automatic pilot - you had only six years and three months. Yes you at meetings with the chief will spend more time!

But if to double a number of hours when you live here and now, in fact, duration of your life will grow twice. It is like to live till 130 years. And now present that you will act consciously in three or four times are more often. Of course, not only the number of the lived years, but also quality is important. According to results of researches, the people practicing meditation are subject to alarms and a stress less and more weakened, vigorous and happy with life. Means, you will live not only longer - because the rhythm of life will be slowed down and you will experience each its moment, but also is happier.

our thoughts: the reality or products of consciousness

Sensibleness teaches

us that think - just think of it, that is it is necessary to treat them as to the events which are taking place in consciousness. They, certainly, have value, but you should not identify them with reality. Thoughts are internal comments on own actions and on world around. Having realized this simple fact, you will get rid of pressure of the distorted reality which all of us create for ourselves through infinite alarms, a reasoning and reflection, and the accurate way forward again will be visible to you.

Return yourself the life

Remember that period of your life when you were not so loaded as now or before there was some trouble. Most in details remember in what you then were engaged: independently (read favourite magazines, listened to favourite music, walked or rode the bicycle), with friends or with a family (played board games or went to theater).

Choose one of these occupations and plan it for this week. It can take five minutes or five hours, it can be something essential or ordinary, you can do it in the company or independently. It is important only that it was what will allow you to return to that stage of your life which you forgot, and to that part of your personality which you, appear, lost. Do not wait until you want to make it, - just make and look what will turn out. Time to catch back your life came.

Plans for the future

How many times you spoke to yourself: “I will sleep during week-end“, “When there will be less affairs, I will be more often to children“ or “Next summer I will take vacation and properly I will have a rest“? And so, now there came that future which you promised yourself last year, last month or last week. And this moment - only which you ever will have. Sensibleness helps to understand it and allows to realize life which you already have, but not to think of that which you would like to have.

We constantly are engaged in the fact that we spin for ourselves false dreams whereas actually we need to attend to creation of a parachute on a case of vital difficulties. The equipment of sensibleness is just compared to such parachute. It is necessary to work on it every day that it always was with you on a case of emergency situation. Be engaged in meditation as if your life because in many respects quite so and is depends on it. And then you will be able to live that life which you have and to live it really.

To find harmony not easy. But if you are ready to make it, consider that you have everything to try considerably new approach to life which induces to live the life now, but not to put off it. You remember - it is not necessary to wait for the future to improve the present.

Based on Mark Williams`s book “Sensibleness. How to find harmony in our mad world“.