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How to train a dog in teams?

to Teach a dog to teams or not? Such question should not face the owner. A dog - not only the loyal friend, the reliable security guard and the sensitive watchman. It also an animal who can potentially constitute danger to people around. The question should be formulated differently: how to teach a dog to the main teams?

the Priority - to bring up a dog of operated. Therefore, and emphasis needs to be placed on those teams which will help this task to solve. Teams it seems “Paw!“, “Die!“, “Voice!“, “Aport!“, which serve, mainly, for entertainment of the owner, it is possible to study too - but it is definitely not requirement number one. So, what teams are included into the obligatory program of training?

“To me!“

After these words the dog has to run up to you, bypass from a back and sit down at the left leg. How to achieve it? Approach to you has to be associated at a dog with something pleasant therefore when training team allure her to yourself a delicacy (a piece of a forage, meat or cheese) or a favourite toy - all this, of course, needs to be held in the left hand that the pet approached there where it is necessary. At the same time the right hand gives the same command - “To me!“, but not verbally. It looks so: you raise a hand to shoulder level, and then sharply lower it. That the dog learned to bypass you from a back, use a lead and a collar, softly directing an animal on the necessary trajectory.


Analogue of the voice order - cotton the left hand on a hip. Having seen such gesture or having heard the word “Nearby!“, the dog has to go near your left leg, practically touching it. It is, perhaps, one of the simplest teams for training. For its working off you will be helped by a lead for which it is necessary to hold the pet so that it followed near you at that speed at which there are you. It is the best of all to fulfill such team at the end of walk when the dog is run much.



This team is useful not that the dog carries out it, and that it does not run away from you until hears the treasured word or will not see characteristic gesture - the hand which is thrown out forward. Give the order, at the same time unfastening a lead from a collar. Do not doubt: in this case the dog instantly will understand what you from her wait for. The main thing, sometimes call up the pet back that he not too was fond of command execution “Walk!“ also did not forget about other exercises.


This team induces a dog to go to the place allocated for it in the apartment. The owner, submitting the order, can show a hand in the direction of a stove bench. It is better to fulfill team when the dog feels fatigue and wants to have a rest. As soon as the puppy begins to settle to lie down, tell “the Place!“, take the pet on hands and carry on a laying (if his weight allows to make it if it is not present - just take away). There caress and treat with something tasty.

“to Sit!“

on command the dog has to sit down immediately, and directly where before stood or ran. To this order there corresponds such gesture: it is necessary to bend a hand in an elbow and to expose a palm forward. To explain to a dog what you want from her, one hand slightly press on a croup of an animal, and another - pull a lead up.

“to Lie!“

This team can also be given to

, having extended a hand forward, and then having lowered it a palm down. It is simple to train team especially as dogs like to lie, especially after good walk. Slightly press on the pet`s case one hand, at the same time you hold with other hand before it a delicacy - slightly higher than the level of the earth, so that the animal had to fall below and to reach for an award. You watch that the dog did not overturn sideways - the team is considered executed, only if the animal lies on a stomach.


Very useful team which for certain will help you with many situations: whether the dog will pursue a cat whether will decide to bark at the passerby, whether will become interested in a suspicious thing on the street. Here, mainly, the negative motivation is used: as soon as the pet begins to do something wrong, strictly tell “to Foo!“ and easily pull a lead or - it is besides easy - slap an animal. However, nobody prevents you to use also positive motivation - to praise the pet if that refuses disgusting intentions.

“Well done! “

It is, of course, not team - and encouragement for the executed order. At trainings do not forget to praise the pet, to iron him and to treat with a delicacy after each successfully fulfilled exercise. So you will create at a dog if not love to teams, then at least understanding: after implementation of the order it is waited surely by something good.

And here negative associations of team should not be caused. Therefore never give to a dog of orders with the purpose to punish her. For example, do not call up the pet the words “To Me!“ to abuse or spank. You remember: the dog will begin to obey you only if completely trusts you.