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Bridge of happiness and tree of happiness. Where they are?

That such happiness? Definitions here set. But universal which would be accepted by all is unconditional, alas, is not present still. Perhaps, it will also not appear. Why? Siegmund Freud told about it so: “The task to make the person happy did not include in the plan of creation of the world“.

Philosophy, of course, from humour shares. And still … Unless we do not want to feel happy? Unless there is no wish in any way “attract“ to itself happiness and to hold it? What is in this respect remembered almost at once?

Truly, a horseshoe over doors in the rural house. The sense is clear: “to ground“ in this house happiness. What is still remembered? Happy number of the apartment. And it is number seven. However, not only on the apartment, but also by car, the ticket, documents … Therefore not incidentally at some people it is accepted to give to newlyweds for luck the lock which they directly at a wedding close and a key from it are thrown out. In modern life this tradition there was a little other. What?

Quite recently, being on vacation in the Crimea, saw in the city of Saky on a central square the symbolical bridge of happiness on which beautiful shod rods locks hang. Took an interest where from them keys. It appears, here they can be thrown out in the sea. Speak, bridges of happiness are also in other cities of the Crimea.

Happiness trees covered too with locks from newlyweds and lovers are better known. One of such trees is in the city of Zelenogorsk of the Leningrad region. It was established on July 26, 2008 in the center of the square “on March 8“. The tree is completely made of metal - up to openwork thin branches. Interesting feature - newlyweds have to hang up on it and close the lock on which their names and date of wedding are engraved.

The room tree of happiness is quite widespread. In the elementary option it is a trunk from the twisted thick copper wires which layers carry out a role of branches. The tree basis - ornamental and semiprecious pebbles. On branches too they, but smaller. There is also a grown-up room tree of happiness. Under it the small piece of a dragon tree is used. From below slightly it is smoothed out and put in water which is regularly changed. The dragon tree releases roots usually in a month. In certain cases - in two months. After that on a trunk the first leaflets appear. When the plant gets stronger, it in several places tie with tapes. They have to “tie“ as if happiness to the house and its inhabitants.

What is a dragon tree? By mistake speak: “happiness bamboo“. But the dragon tree is only externally similar to a bamboo. Actually it treats family agavovy, but is traditionally used in many countries under a room tree of happiness for similarity to a bamboo and ability to give roots and leaves, being in house conditions in water even later three - four months! In the east a bamboo - a wellbeing symbol. And the dragon tree branch (as if a bamboo) in the house according to the doctrine the hair dryer - Shui brings happiness to the house.

But how locks of newlyweds for luck and a dragon tree in the house too for luck are connected among themselves? There is an ancient legend of happiness tree telling that there lived a girl and the young man. The girl was a daughter of the Supreme priest, and the young man - the poor soldier. But they met and fell in love with each other. When the young man asked for the Supreme priest of a hand of his daughter, was angry, grabbed the rolling dry stick and stuck it into the earth, having told that he will give the daughter to the young man only when on a stick at least one green leaflet appears. The dragon tree piece was a stick of this, and the priest gave term on emergence of the first leaf - five days. On a legend, the young man could not find water in mountains and diligent watered a stick with the blood. For the fourth day on it there was a first leaf which gave then three branches - belief, hope, love. The priest was forced to keep the promise, the young man and the girl got married and all life then went to the tree of happiness. That is why the dragon tree is considered happiness tree. In Russia it is possible to buy a dragon tree piece in Krasnodar Krai in the city of Anapa.