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Independent tourism - it is difficult or not? Trip to Germany. Munich, food and sights of

Well organized transport system of Munich will help the tourist to move comfortably on the city, it is convenient to organize both purchase of food, and survey of the main sights of the city.


Certainly, everything depends on the budget, it is possible to eat also at restaurants. But at hotel accommodation the most favorable option are usual supermarkets. In Munich there is a lot of them - REWE, Aldi, Vinzenz Murr, etc. Quality of products good, and the prices approximately correspond Russian so the myth about high cost of goods in Germany - all this is rather a delusion.

On each cash desk there is a monitor where the price so it is possible to pay off the seller is displayed and without knowing German. Empty bottles, for example from mineral water, it is possible to hand over in the automatic machine located on an entrance to shop - the automatic machine will issue the check which will be reckoned then upon purchases (the approximate price of an empty bottle about 15 cents, bottles which can be handed over, are marked with the word Pfand). For comparison of an order of the prices it is possible to tell that 0. 5 - the liter bottle of mineral water costs about 60 cents, the same water in a booth in the downtown will cost 2 - 3 Euros so to be bought in advance quite expediently.

Interesting moment: all carts are attached by a chain and to take the cart in a supermarket, it is necessary to lower a coin of 50 cents or 1 Euro in the special mechanism. At return of the cart the coin comes back - such simple mechanism provides an order and guarantees that carts will always be returned into place.

Surprising was the fact that on Sunday all supermarkets were closed. It after Russia is absolutely unusual, large shops work for us often 24 hours a day. Of course, it is so more convenient to buyers, but on the other hand, properly it is possible to understand also the sellers wishing to spend Sunday evening at home in the bosom of the family. Here such here socialism with a human face which at us was not constructed and at them everything turned out.

of Sight

is a lot of

of Sights in Munich, and all of them are located 1 inside - y (cheapest) tariff zone. To find the right place in the city, it is expedient to load into the smartphone a map of the city in advance and to note the interesting places, in that case enough will only follow indications of the navigator (work of GPS does not consume a traffic and manages free of charge).

Depending on interests, it is possible to find a large number of places for every taste. It and pothouses (for example, most known Hofbroykhaus ), and a set of the excellent museums (for example, the largest in Europe the technical museum Deutsches Museum where there is everything - from ancient pie to space station), and beautiful park in the English Englischer Garten style where there is even a channel with an artificial wave for surfers, and geo - a zoo Hellabrunn where animals live under natural conditions and is many types - from turtles and elephants to polar bears, and the royal palace Nimfenburg , and nearby the Botanical garden with greenhouses.

Is less known, but excursion to a film studio of Bavaria Films with visit of film-making pavilions is not less interesting. Certainly, it is worth allocating day for a trip to the Alps and visit of the lock Noyshvaynshtayn , the place really very beautiful. Except everything listed, there is still a Museum BMW , a collection of pictures of the European artists in the Picture gallery, the geological museum, the museum of hunting and fishery, the museum of toys, porcelain, the museum of the Egyptian art... and so on. The city is really interesting, and it is a pity that the majority remembers it only on a holiday of Oktoberfest - in the city much what interesting, besides bars and beer.

Separately It is necessary to tell about the museum of the Deutsches Museum equipment - interestingly that a set of its exhibits are acting. For example, once an hour the Tesla and demonstration of lightning discharges up to 2 million volts are held demonstrations high-voltage experiences with the transformer. In the museum there are even the planetarium and observatory (the truth, it on repair now). Are demonstrated also experiments and lecture for school students in various directions, the purpose of they are to interest school students in the exact sciences, something similar would be advisable also to us.

By the way, we do not need also to learn to protect green plantings - Germans carefully keep them and increase. Such concept as “sealing building“, there, probably, no, will come to nobody to mind to construct, for example, parking on the place of the square or park, the majority of parkings in the city - underground. Moreover, the love of Germans to greens sometimes takes absolutely the hypertrophied forms - even on balconies it is possible to meet nearly whole woods. The flight of fancy of inhabitants of private houses in general is almost not limited - it is often possible to see beautifully cut green hedges, and trees reach height of 10 and more meters. the Conclusion

In end of the story about Munich wants to note

that independent trips are not less interesting at all, and taking into account the latest events and bankruptcy of 7 tour operators for few months, perhaps, and are more reliable - independently bought ticket will not get to anywhere, and nobody the stranger will spend the brought money.

In the light of the latest political events and a mutual exchange of sanctions of leaders of the different countries, we will note one more moment - also absolutely normal attitude of ordinary people towards tourists is more sincere. The Russian speech was heard much where - on streets, in transport, in the museums, and it never caused absolutely any negative reaction. The same absolutely normal reaction at communication with personnel in shops or in hotel. So fears of some people that now it is better not to go to Europe can be considered groundless - unlike political interests, ordinary people have nothing to divide and there are no reasons for hostility any. On the contrary, tourism is mutually advantageous for both countries.

I wish all interesting trips!