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Barbara Villiers. What to it the love of the king should have achieved?

At the yards of many kings always went rumors about their mistresses. However, not always these news and guesses are reliable. But all - there were favourites which had glory and influence not only on the king, but also on country policy. On lips there are names of such women as Zhanna de Pompadur, Zhanna du Barry, Franzuasa - Atenais de Montespan, Louise de Lavalier, and also the heroine of this article, charming and incomparable Barbara Villiers.

At court of the English king Charles II many women existed, but lady Villiers remained his darling for many years. It is natural that Barbara was neither the first, nor last favourite, but she received everything that she only wanted from the king. It is possible to call Barbara safely “the most beautiful woman“ of that of time and, certainly, the most beautiful woman of England.

Looking at portraits of a favourite of the king which remained, it is possible to judge safely beauty of the famous mistress - at it were dense darkly - a nutbrown hair, fine blue eyes, a magnificent body. But I think that it is possible to tell about lady Villiers in more detail.

Barbara was born in 1640 or 1641 in a family of William Villiers who had the nephew to the duke Bekingem. Her father died during Civil war, and the family lived in poverty enough as it supported royalists in due time - supporters of the monarchy, and from - for it got to disgrace.

Her incomparable beauty remained the only worthy dowry of Barbara. But it did not help it to marry the count of Chesterfield: he exchanged with it in due time letters in which the sympathy and tender feelings was clearly expressed, but preferred to marry wealthier lady. However in 1659 Barbara married Roger Palmer. All the life she will be his official spouse, but they lived, unfortunately, only a few years of marriage together, and lived later separately.

The main issue which concerns all for many years: when and where Barbara and the king got acquainted? According to historians, this event could take place in 1659 when Barbara accompanied Roger to Holland, it carried money to the king - the exile which had to help it to do a way to a throne.

This communication as we already know, will last years. In 1661 at lady Palmer the first child, the daughter Anna will be born. It and the boy born after it who will be called in honor of the king will carry a surname Palmer. As in total king it was recognized four children who will begin to carry the surname Fitzroy testifying to their royal origin. The king recognized the sixth child only after scandal which his beloved made it.

In process of the advance Barbara becomes the most influential woman at court. In 1662 the king marries. The princess Katerina Bragantsa becomes his darling. Barbara right there felt new benefit and demanded from the king that that included it in suite of future queen. By then she was already countess Kastlmen and expected the second child. With huge effort she was dissuaded from idea to give birth in the palace Hampton - court, in that where the king wanted to carry out a honeymoon with the bride. Offended by such gesture, Barbara accepted a syllogism. She ordered to wash all the linen and to hang up it in the yard. And all could observe the petticoats trimmed with laces, above-mentioned lady Kastlmen with pleasure.

Naturally, the woman achieved the. The king presented it to the queen. The unfortunate queen shaken by such turn of events fainted. And of course, the first quarrel of newly married took place in the evening. And who became the scandal reason between newly married? Of course, lady Kastlmen. The queen refused to trust the spouse who claimed that he did not touch the mistress as soon as the queen set foot on the English land. Despite assurances of the king, Katerina conceded and made lady Kastlmen the court lady. Since then the young queen suffered the scandalous beauty. But one remained invariable - the relations between two ladies were tense.

Barbara`s position brought it money and titles, and in 1670 she became duchess Cleveland. The king brought a title especially for a favourite that the eldest son of Barbara and the king could inherit its. Her favor looked for everything. Its influence on the king was known to much. Tried to use friendship with the charming mistress of the king. The king paid its bills, paid huge contents. Barbara even achieved that it gave gifts which were presented to the king for Christmas by peers to her.

The beauty was considered as the dismissed lady. For years of its relations with the king it often to it was incorrect. But, as it appears, the duchess was incorrect to the beloved too. Attribute it the affair with the famous commander duke Malboro. Barbara generously presented the lovers, some of them were much younger than her …

B 1673 the king and the duchess left finally. Its place was taken by Frenchwoman Louise de Queroyl. After Roger`s death Barbara married. It was 1705, and she was sixty five years old. After the scandal connected with divorce of Barbara and her new spouse - Roger Fielding who appeared the bigamist, the duchess remained one. In several years she died of dropsy. It was sixty nine. But still remember Barbara`s beauty - the owner of a set of titles who became to one of the most influential women in Europe.