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How to receive the new smartphone free of charge?

Sometimes there is a wish to change the old phone on new, but “the toad smothers“. Moreover also dissuades: “The smartphone works, carries out the functions why a pricker - that to change for soap?“ And it is valid, the same iPhone 4s will be enough and today for eyes for calls, the Internet, games and music. And costs already 10 - 13 thousand rubles. The analog on Android will cost also that cheaper.

on the other hand, such reasonings can stop progress run at all! Therefore well to make an upgrade of the mobile equipment, but not to spend money. Whether it is possible in our greedy capitalist world? It appears, perhaps. And free and it is conditional - free cheese go without mousetrap.

In the Chinese Shanghai there is a transport hub Longteng (Longtang) where in the local industrial center the Merit Prospect Limited company is registered. Together with Jay Digitals she owns the website Pandawill. com - quite usual Chinese the Internet - shop of any electronic machinery. But there is one feature, namely the section Applicataion for trial - “The appendix on test“. At first you think that there just some programs with trial access. On the contrary! That phones, tablets and any other gadgets. The website suggests to issue the order, pay purchase and receive the smartphone.

In what “free of charge“? About a gadget it is necessary to write the report - a response in any language within 7 days, to leave it on some profile website and to notify on it the seller through email. After that the shop compensates all sum of purchase (except for delivery cost). So far I know only one real case when the Russian did all specified manipulations and remained with money and the smartphone. No, that is not that in other cases the shop deceived, and just did not meet a story about work with Pandawill shop any more.

This way has enough minuses:

the review needs to be posted on the popular website (about it slightly lower);

in the review;

did not manage to understand what will be if the review is not accepted or written (most likely, it is necessary to remain with the chosen smartphone irrevocably of money).

we Will try to understand. It is not enough user websites in Russia accepting extensive (not short) responses from everyone. Not everywhere will allow to give the reference to a commercial resource. Plus that is simple to make the review at the level of, for example, Mobile - Review in a week not so-. At last, expensive phone will not be given just (range of the prices - $100-200). Plus there are no leaders from And - brands there, only “Fokskona“, “Dapengi“, “Flayingi“ and t. item. Yes, in the application it is desirable to give examples of already made articles on testing of devices. So a way not for all.

In Russia there is too a website which gives gadgets in exchange for reviews of devices and appendices. It is old kind Helpix (exists since 2004) . Besides that accepts responses in a free form from anyone, so also allows those commercial references. And it is not necessary to buy anything. It is enough to tell about the present smartphone, the favourite application for Android or iOS, the tablet, a router, “eReader“ and to wait for the solution of a judiciary board. Competitions are held every month. Consolation prizes for 2 - e and 3 - e places - 400 and 200 rub (are listed on WebMoney).

Whether there are minuses? Well, minus not minus, but it is difficult to win. Top articles are written by experienced tekhnofetishist, plentifully flavoring the text with photos, screenshots, results of tests and even video. To get off with subjective impressions and general phrases will not leave.

What to do if there is no desire to turn into the leading analyst of the mobile world, and there is a wish to catch the brand new smartphone very much? There are competitions. They are carried out very much. It is enough to walk on the thematic websites from 3Dnews (in August played 6 - the inch phablet from Lenovo) to a high tech - the section Mail. ru. However, at the last conditions in competitions mean close friendship with social networks. For example, it is required:

“to like“ a portal in Facebook, VK, “Schoolmates“ or Twitter;

to subscribe for groups of a portal in social networks;

to otlaykat a post about a competition;

to subscribe for the canal in Youtube;

to otlaykat the page of a competition on the website.

Still should be glanced on the Ukrainian smartphone. ua. The last competition came to the end on August 18 this year so, despite all political fuss in Ukraine, the portal is live and well feels. What you will not tell about nomobile. ru - the last competitions are dated last year. Play different gadgets and such news portals as Cnews, and distribution networks, far it seems from equipment, it seems “Komus“.

Periodically give the devices gratuitously (that is for nothing) and producers. Therefore it makes sense to watch the website of the preferred brand. In August Asus distributed 20 newcomers Zenfone 5, and in the spring of last year Lenovo gave the awful S720 for the correct answers (I bought this phone in shop, damned it month, and only after careful control the smartphone more - started working less!) .

All competitions are usually reduced or to the answer to questions of the company / device, or, besides, a short review of production of a brand. Draw of the tablet on Windows 8 last year became an exception - organizers suggested to write the story about how the representative of small or medium business passed to “eight“ and as from it it became good to it “Soviet“ to live in the country.

In online - the magazine “Shkolazhizni. ru“ in a competition on the best comment play mobile devices too (for example, Alcatel one touch pop s7). So it is even possible not to write “multiletters“, and to anneal properly in “kament“ and to win a prize.