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Independent tourism - it is difficult or not? Trip to Germany. Munich, transport of

it is not as difficult to Organize independent travel across Europe as it seems. Questions of receipt of a visa, hotel booking and purchase of air tickets are solved first of all. And further the most interesting begins, we are met by Germany and one of its most beautiful cities - Munich.

First what the traveler will face, it is need of purchase of the ticket for public transport. In Munich there are following means of transport: the subway (U - Bahn, it is easy to see on the U badge), local trains (S - Bahn, the S badge), city buses and trams.

Parts of the city are divided into tariff zones, depending on removal from the center. It is easy to find the card, having typed in the search box Munchen Tariff Maps. The internal zone (Innenraum, Zone 1) includes all city and practically all its sights, an external zone (4 - I) - together with suburbs, the most distant, and the trip will cost dearer there. It is an important point at the choice of hotel - if it gets to a distant zone, then and all trips to the city will cost dearer.

Transport in Germany very good, but also very expensive: for example, the ticket for one trip (Single Ticket) will manage in 2. ˆ6 for 1 - y zones, and in 10. ˆ4 for 4 - y. There are no cash desks in transport - tickets are on sale in automatic machines (the terminal with the touch screen and a logo MVV). The menu is rather convenient, and in the list of languages there is even Russian. It is enough to choose the necessary type of the ticket, to put money in the automatic machine, and it will issue the ticket and delivery.

Several types of tickets are actual for trips:

In the first day of an arrival need the ticket “airport / city“ - of Airport - City - Day - Ticket . It is valid the whole day, for any trips within all city and for trips to the airport. The airport is located in the suburbs so the ticket is enough - the road. The ticket of Single Ticket as like as two peas costs (on article time of writing) ˆ11,70, the ticket for 2 - 5 people (Partner Ticket) will cost ˆ21,30. It is obvious that the more people, the trip is cheaper (upon purchase of Partner Ticket it is necessary to go together, the ticket is designed for group of people).

In following and need further days the ticket for the whole day - to of Single Day Ticket which can be bought on 1 or at once for 3 days. The ticket for 1 day costs ˆ6, the ticket for 3 days costs ˆ15, the second option, obviously, more favourably. At a trip of 2 - 5 people it is possible to take of Partner Day Ticket which price will make, respectively, ˆ11,2 and ˆ25,9 for 1 and 3 days. Unlike Airport - City - Day - Ticket, these tickets before the first trip it is necessary to punch: punchers stand on an entrance to the subway, and it is difficult not to notice them. Not punched ticket is considered invalid!

the Ticket of CityTourCard is intended especially for tourists and besides journey in transport gives the chance of a discount at visit of various sights. But, as practice shows, there is no benefit usually - all the same to visit more than two museums a day it is unreal, and as a result of benefit from CityTourCard is not present any.

the Bavarian ticket - of Bayern - Ticket . The ticket grants the right for trips during the day both on the city, and across all territory of Bavaria (and is even slightly farther - for example, on it it is possible to reach even to Salzburg, to Austria). The ticket is bought in automatic machines, its price makes ˆ23, ˆ27, ˆ31, ˆ35 and ˆ39 for 1 - 5 person, respectively. Such ticket is very convenient, for example, for a trip all family in the known lock Noyshvayshtayn. The ticket is invalid for high-speed trains, there are no other restrictions.

in general, transport in Germany is very convenient. For example, at each metro station there is a toilet, at each station there is an elevator for disabled people or women with carriages (for example, on our Russian escalators it is almost impossible to come, being on crutches after a change). About existence of a large number of detailed indexes, the board showing time before arrival of the following train even to say no sense. Even such “trifles“ as duplication of messages at large stations in English are convenient - it is obvious that not all city visitors know German. In our subway for some reason too forgot about it... And at last, combination in transfer stations of trains of the subway (U - Bahn) and electric trains is very convenient (S - Bahn): to change on a local train, it is rather simple to pass to the next platform, it is not necessary to go on the station and to stand in a queue for new tickets. It is very effective both in respect of saving of time, and in respect of convenience.

By the way, there are no turnstiles in the German subway so theoretically it is possible to pass also “hare“, but it is better not to do it since controllers periodically go and penalties are quite big.

More detailed information (including the prices of all tickets and the schedule of local trains) about transport system of Munich can be found on the website bahn. de .

In the city and sights of Munich it will be a question of food in the following part.