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Painter Natalia Zaytseva: whether the talent is visible at once?

It appeared in school studio almost imperceptibly - silent, modest, pale, harmonous. And from the first days of occupations showed everything that came not for nothing.

In - the first, Natasha Zaytseva took of specifics artly the hint - the pedagogical speech and work. And in - the second, was very efficient: she also performed plan targets, and in excess of the plan a lot of things did. Instead of two - three daily obligatory sketches Natasha sometimes brought the whole albums filled with fresh “scribbles“, sketches, etudes, graphic supervision of the young artist. And at the same time explained:

- I drew this in a minute (a sketch of a bird), and it dreamed me (a portrait of the romantic woman in an elegant hat, for example).

And right there asked the teacher:

- And to what it dreams?

Images to it came very often, there were also persuasive visions which Natasha fixed in the albomchik. And the teacher from the first days of communication perfectly saw that before him not just little girl, but already - the young artist whom meanwhile there is not enough only creative passion, knowledge and skill acquired with age.

Natasha never hurried with end of a task. On everything it was visible that it finished the main thing long ago, but sits quietly and finishes fine details … When its turn to pose for studiyets approached, it did it as it is necessary - beautifully, without tension, with visible pleasure.

We were engaged in studio according to the classical scheme: drawing, painting, composition, history of arts, sketches, open-air. Tried to create a situation of benevolence, mutual aid. Joint work and experiences pull together. Pupils prepared the works on viewing, on an exhibition and began to be on friendly terms among themselves. And in our studio Natasha was the among the. Here is how it expresses credo of the young artist now:

“In our world there is so much beautiful, interesting, mysterious - only also manage to snatch out. The artist is similar to the hunter who hunts every day for beauty. The most interesting to me is a person, his inner world, originality. Sometimes surprising people as asterisks to which world there is a wish to touch, be enriched meet. The big pleasure to try to represent such people. Beautiful, interesting, kind was always, and will always be how the world surrounding us changed. It is necessary to try to see it“.

the head of studio had such strange habit - he and itself ignited energy of pupils, together with children did instant sketches by a pencil and in passing wrote playful impromptus about them and for them. Such sketches from Natasha Zaytseva, fortunately, remained …

the Unforgettable, fertile period of studio growth!. And at this time in Natasha`s family there were difficult events generating almost insuperable everyday difficulties. The family became suddenly incomplete. On mother, Natalia Viktorovna, additional cares and efforts with children, but she - the strong, purposeful person pulled hard. She got a job closer to the daughter - the art critic by training, she very interestingly taught a course of world art culture at usual school. She more often than other parents visited studio and even made friends with her head. She quickly understood hobbies and character of the daughter and believed in her happy destiny.

When time to come to Natasha to art educational institution approached, council took place. After occupation in a close circle discussed the forthcoming tasks. According to the teacher, left that Natasha should arrive in Orenburg. And in Samara it will be difficult for future entrant because in this regional capital there is a large number of art schools, studios, circles. And Samara never experienced hunger on young art shots and talents, on entrants. Natasha was the outstanding and the most prepared pupil of studio, but whether it will sustain pressure of the big city?

However after our conversation Zaytsev went in own difficult way: decided to come to the Samara art school of Petrov - Vodkina … Did not arrive! But also did not despair. In a selection committee declared to them:

- We will admit Natasha to school, but only through our courses …

And went. Zaytsev settled on a residence in the city, Natasha began to be engaged on courses, her mother went to work to the same school. And in a year obrazovatelno - a trial period Natasha was accepted on the main day training without any problems … School she finished

in 2004. Teachers Galina Mikhaelovna Misyuk and Victor Fedorovich Gordeev managed to create from students of true artists. Therefore after school Natasha came for study in Moscow - to the Russian academy of painting, sculpture and architecture where the famous artist Ilya Sergeyevich Glazunov gave to the student a creative impulse and the chance to study. Studies, communication, creative trips, meetings with the famous masters of art gave rise to thirst of knowledge and thirst for the image of our world.

“Its painting is peculiar and in too time exists in the context of the Russian national traditional culture for which always guiding stars were the image and beauty …“ , - the teacher, the teacher of academy, the member - korrepondent so told the Russian academy of Arts about works of the painter Natalia Zaytseva Mikhail Yuryevich Shankov.

Teachers of academy - M. Yu. Shankov, A. N. Ustinovich, V. A. Stein, O. F. Shtykhno, D. A. Slepushkin - a lot of things Natalia`s distances in respect of improvement of professional skills, and the most important, in finding of own career. And here some main milestones of this way of the modern artist: Natalya Valeryevna Zaytseva in 1983 in Tashkent was born. From Tashkent moved to the village of Totskoye - 2 Totsky of the region of the Orenburg region. Till 1998 it was trained in art studio “Zhivopis“ of the Zarechny high school No. 2 (the head - the author of this article).

1999-2004 - study in the Samara art school.

2004-2010 - study in the Russian academy of painting, sculpture and I. S. Glazunov`s architecture.

2007 - participation in an exhibition “20 years of the Russian academy of painting, sculpture and architecture. Moscow, central showroom “Manezh“.

2008 - participation in exhibitions:

- “Youth XXVIII“. Moscow. MOSH.

- “Teacher and pupil“. Moscow, Mars gallery.

2009 - a personal exhibition in Samara, the Babylon gallery,

Participated in exhibitions:

- “Cultural heritage of Russia“, Moscow - London.

- “Realism attraction“, Moscow, “Izmailovo Gallery“.

2010 - participated in exhibitions:

- “Youth XXX“, Moscow, MOSH.

- “The VI international competition of young artists“, Moscow, All-Russia Exhibition Centre.

- All-Russian art exhibition “Young Artists of Russia“, Moscow, Central House of Artists.

- “Union of the Russian artists“, Moscow, Central House of Artists.

2011 - participated in exhibitions:

- “Artists of Russia“, Moscow, central showroom “Manezh“.

- “Union of the Russian artists“, Moscow, Central House of Artists.

Recently married, has two beautiful sons - twins, lives and works in Moscow.

Natalia Zaytseva`s works are stored in the museum of the Russian academy of painting, sculpture and architecture, in private collections in Russia, England, Germany, Italy, etc., exposed in auction houses of Dorotheum, Drouot, Gelos.

All other information about Natalia Zaytseva should be looked for in her works as speak, between lines. In a case with the artist - to consider and study pictures, graphics, admiring perfection of the master, his favourite subjects, images, paints and a peculiar handwriting.

Whether the talent is visible at once? It is visible if there is a carrier of this talent and he loves work, art and people if its environment is adjusted kindly and helps it. As the famous poet fairly claimed: “Talents should be helped, lacks of talent will break through“.