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How to behave to the girl with the guy`s friends?

to Some girls to meet the guy`s friends as pleasantly how to get to a cage with predators. It is clear, that their stare will study the new beloved of the friend. For the girl this meeting - a good opportunity to learn about the guy more.

knows to All that most often for the man the friendship is on the first place, therefore if the girl was allowed in an intimate circle, then consider her as the worthy companion. Adequately to endure a meeting with the guy`s friends, it is necessary to forget about sentimentality and girlish subjects of talk for a while. Try to introduce the ideas accurately and shortly, and otherwise you will interrupt and laugh. At men talk is based on fight of vanity and minds.

Do not try to show in the company of guys that you it is the cleverest: wit is welcomed, but do not draw all attention to yourself, the most important - to be itself. If to participate in conversation as equals, then it will be apprehended kindly. Do not forget to smile. The smile speaks about your favor and openness.

If you were invited to communicate to friends in an easy situation, then everything will turn out. On a sports match it is better to keep more modestly, but not to show that to you it is boring and uninteresting. During viewing of a sports match you have a unique opportunity to look narrowly at the guy and to see his other parties which to you did not open earlier.

If you got only to the men`s company, then it is possible to pay his friends several compliments. They will be apprehended positively as in such company they are rare. It is possible to use it, be only not overzealous.

It is always interesting and curious to girls to look at the new guy of the girlfriend. Girlfriends can fill up it with questions, it will come under the spotlight. With guys will be a little differently. Men are usually straightforward, joke much, but it is not necessary to think that they are ready against. Just they have such manner of communication.

It is considered to be that girls are hypochondriac. It is not necessary to perceive everything into the account. If your guy notices that the joke in your address was rough, then he will intercede for you. You treat everything with humour, at least this evening.

As for a baby talk, kisses and podmigivaniye, in the presence of his friends of it you should not do if in the company there are single guys. You can lose respect for all evening and to become object of sneers. Also you should not show that you can operate the guy at his friends, do not criticize him and do not look for support at his friends. First of all, they are his friends.

If it has girlfriends, then you should not be jealous. There is an opinion that most often the guy is on friendly terms with ex-girlfriends or with with what slept earlier. It not always so. If the guy has girlfriends, then they have on him a great influence so it is better to be pleasant to them and to gain the confidence.

If they go to bar to drink or dance, do not refuse, go with them. It is possible to criticize the friends, and they are is not present. The criticism of the friend can be apprehended as an insult, to become the quarrel reason. Especially, at the first meeting - so there can be the wrong opinion. If you noticed that someone from his friends affects it negatively, do everything competently and gradually. Try to be convinced of the conclusions, and then ask darling to tell more about his friends.

Than the girl learns friends of the guy more, more they her begin to be pleasant to those because help to know him better. Well, and further, they can become your general friends.