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How to get rid of a fungus?

the Fungus of nails, or onikhomikoz, are a problem of very many men and women. There is a huge number of ways and preparations which are recommended on Internet open spaces, but only units from them really help. It is also important to follow a number of rules at treatment that the unpleasant disease did not return.

the Fungus of nails is an illness which affects at first certain places, and already after a while can extend on all organism. Experts in the field of dermatology received confirmation of existence fungal dispute even in tears of the person. It proves earlier assumptions of physicians that over time onikhomikoz it is capable to get rather deeply into the patient`s organism, up to lymph nodes. Therefore do not delay treatment - already at the first signs of detection of this disease start fight for health.


Should noting the Main ways of infection that not all are inclined to infection with a fungus of nails equally. There are people having genetic predisposition to an onikhomikoz, however there is also a special risk group. Men and women who regularly visit pools, saunas, public shower cabins treat the second and at the same time ignore preventive use of antifungal means. Besides it is necessary to approach very attentively the choice of footwear - daily carrying on a set of hours of the same couple which is especially made of low-quality materials increases risk of development of fungi on your nails.

Symptoms of damage of nails

the Fungal illness sometimes begins a fungus with temperature increase within several days. As a rule, people very seldom connect a similar symptom with development of an onikhomikoz. Therefore there are several more characteristic symptoms of a disease which can be found in themselves even without the assistance of physicians or laboratory analyses.

It is necessary to examine attentively the nail plates - at damage of nails a fungus usually they change the color, getting a yellowish or greenish shade, and sometimes in general become brown or gray. Also nails are condensed, but at the same time become more fragile.

When the illness already progresses, the nail plate in general can disappear in whole or in part. After that instead of a nail horned skin is formed. In the started cases patients onikhomikozy try to get rid of a fungus for a long time, feeling pain and a constant itch.

Besides nails such fungus can strike and skin - on it ulcers or allergic rashes which long do not pass are formed.

How to get rid of a fungus?

Before starting treatment of a fungus of nails folk remedies, it is necessary to learn that the modern medicine offers. “grandmother`s ways“ at best will relieve only of symptoms, but to win against a fungus which already got into your organism they will not be able.

How to treat that kind of an onikhomikoz which you caught personally to you only the skilled dermatologist can tell. As a rule, physicians choose the scheme, based on extent of distribution, fungus type, etc. data. But at first you will be sent for certain to make necessary tests of the struck fabrics.

The general scheme will be following: therapy with use of certain medicines which will help to remove the defeat center from within. However you do not hurry to get independently advertized preparations as each of them has the contraindications, specialization and demands the qualified control at reception.

Only after your organism is cleared of a disease from within, it is possible to start treatment of external signs. Earlier treatment of manifestations of an onikhomikoz was reduced to surgical removal of the struck parts of a nail plate. However today`s medicine evolved dramatically forward. There are tablets which have accumulative effect, and the nail is restored independently during certain time.

Then it is worth carrying out a medical pedicure. To you delete with the special device which operation reminds a drill affected areas of a nail plate.

The varnish for treatment of a fungus is a specialized means with which it is possible to cover places of distribution of a disease. Usually in combination with such varnish apply also tablets, and also various compresses to a nail softening.

Sometimes use the special masking method which does not clean a fungus, but perfectly hides affected areas. The similar method is developed, for example, for those who go to have a rest at the sea.

Folk remedies for treatment of an onikhomikoz

In traditional medicine is the wide range of inexpensive means which will help to win against external manifestations of a fungus of nails.

Couple of tablespoons of vinegar is mixed with the same amount of alcohol and 1 tablespoon of glycerin. Daily for the night grease with this solution a nail plate within a month.

the Small wadded tampon with propolis fix to the struck place by means of an adhesive plaster. Already after a while the nail with a fungus will descend and on its place healthy will grow.

in the Morning and drip iodine on a nail plate in the evening. If you feel burning, then it is possible to drip less often. The same way can be used as prevention at stay in dangerous conditions - visit public shower, pools, saunas, baths.

Can combine an iodic way with use of a tea mushroom. The last is put to nails at several o`clock (it is possible to wind a finger with a tea mushroom a plastic bag). whether

Should throw out footwear and socks if had a fungus?

This important question quite often torments with

people who spent a huge number of forces and means for fight with onikhomikozy and are afraid that the illness will return to them again.

Naturally, at infection of a nail plate with a fungus it extends and on footwear, however you should not hurry to carry all the footwear in a trash can. Socks, cheap and old footwear can be thrown out without regrets, but it is a pity to throw out expensive or favourite shoes. Therefore the main task - to kill disputes of a mushroom which inseminated an internal surface of footwear. For this purpose will approach hlorgeksidin, disinfectants or vinegar - wipe with solution footwear from within and turn for days in a package, and then pull out and let`s be aired.