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What to follow to - mind or heart?

the Philosophy literally designates love to wisdom. It is the form of knowledge of the world trying to answer the main questions of the universe. Fundamentals of philosophy - the logician. But the logic in itself is a weak link as existence of logic does not find a logical explanation, that is we have no answer why we trust logic. Therefore the main philosophical currents are proved around certain dogmas and hypotheses. is proved by

of the Logician on mind. And mind does not know more than the fact that he knows. Mind receives new only from the outside. Wisdom is born in the person. Mind in principle can create nothing. If minds had real knowledge, people would live in happiness and a consent long ago and would solve the problems. However mind can solve only equation problems.

In logic the imagination is not used. It means that all decisions made by “logic of mind“ are wrong initially just because all data necessary for the solution of a question, and any are unknown to mind. Even if the person will study all known on any question, the unknown will remain more.

The same can be told also about the purposes. No objectives can be achieved if it was thought up by mind. Therefore every day people decide to make something, and then just do not follow the decisions.

On the other hand, the person feeling some strong desire or an inclination will not be able to do anything with himself, will not be able to stop himself in spite of the fact that, maybe, and the whole world will be against it. And such person, eventually, will make a trip around the world or will create new system of agriculture just because it was interesting to it. Mind of such person serves it, finds the solution proceeding from that desire which the person has. The person following call of the heart cannot and will not be able to explain with either mind, or logic why in due time he acted quite so, but not in a different way and that became a key to its success.

If the person listens to the mind and logic, he will find many reasons to be afraid and to do what heart orders to do to it.

Mind will prompt it “correct and logical“ answers. Also it will be quiet, and the person will be unhappy. Because in mind there is no pleasure. The pleasure can be only in heart. The servant of the mind does not come in the life to anything and makes nothing, and does not find any answer. Mind is selective in perception, it is well known to psychologists. Therefore any of us sees only what can apprehend his mind, and rejects everything that “there“ cannot be. Mind is lazy, it is similar to the browser on the Internet which at visit of the same website for the second time loads pictures from memory, but does not process anew information already famous to it. Therefore we look for a key on the room, and it often appears at us in a pocket.

We - society of the people who long ago lost the road to the heart.

I met many derelicts of society who threw out themselves from habitual routine, went crazy from views of the ordinary person, but they are happy. However people of mind cannot and will not be able to see their happiness. They speak, happiness is here something like that, but not it. They have a representation of happiness to which they go. Actually they go to the mirage created by their mind to which they do not come, and they so never also learn that such real happiness.

From time to time to test some pleasures - it is impossible to call happiness. Happiness is a continuous growth of pleasure from life and continuous increase in pleasure, from it received. What limit of happiness? There is no limit. Happiness is eternal and infinite. However the logic does not believe that it is possible. Mind just does not know about existence of such happiness. It is confidence of the mind in this case constructed not on knowledge and experience, and on nonsense. Therefore it is possible to tell that any opinion and belief is initially silly and has no wisdom as left mind.

The clever person listens to logic and therefore it cannot be wise. The wise man is faced by the most difficult task: to explain that such happiness and life, he is obliged to teach it to minds of listening, having constructed a logical chain, that is at first he has to convince the mind.

How many to you would not advise to fill the mind, all answers out of mind. Any clever will not understand mad because mind has no point of support, except itself. He to god.