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Choice of profession. Whether it is worth going in for economy?

“Money rule the world“ is the truth, and without them not to survive. If you want to live well, it is necessary to have a lot of money. To drive the good car, to perfectly put on, eat tasty food, to go to have a rest abroad, money is necessary. The economist works with money. He knows everything about money: where to enclose that it is better to buy, where to take them what to sell. Presently is very popular profession.

But whether it is worth choosing this profession? How many in it earn? How to pass this difficult way? Who such economist?

The economist is an expert in the field of economy. Economists can pass into other professions, such as managers, accountants, consultants and others. They will definitely not be left without work because can work in banks, the companies, to teach, advise businessmen, the large companies also to direct them.

How many economists earn?

the Economist - the very different profession and therefore to tell precisely how many they earn, is impossible. Especially the salary depends on the region and the place of work. The economist, for example, can earn more in Moscow, than in St. Petersburg. And can be and vice versa if a large number of points of the company is in St. Petersburg.

profession Minuses

As well as in any profession, in work of the economist is minuses too. In - the first as soon as you came to work, you can have very small salary. Over time it will grow, but at the initial stage it is necessary difficult. In - the second, economists have a lot of work, and gradually it will only grow. In - the third, work on the chief. You should work for someone until you open the business.

profession Pluses

In - the first, economists are necessary everywhere, beginning from the small enterprises and finishing large corporations. In - the second, a big salary. Though at first you also should make ends meet, but gradually the salary will only grow. In - the third, work in big collective. If at you it turns out to get a job in the large company, then you will work in big collective. And it is big plus because you will get many familiar, useful communications and you will always be helped.

of Prospect of the economist

economist`s Profession very popular around the world. It is created many business - schools where train people already with experience, the business, general and finance directors. Become economists because it is at the same time possible to work at the main work (the senior economist, the accountant, the director, the manager) and to be engaged in the business (to have shop, a booth, shopping center, restaurant or the small company). The Ukrainian and Russian economists are demanded abroad. They earn in two there, and even three times are more, than houses. Boring profession

People consider by

a profession of the economist boring, but it not so. When you only came to work, it can seem to you boring because it is necessary to work hard with papers. But then, when you will be gradually raised, paper work will be less and to you will entrust to operate department. Then there will be not enough work with papers and much with people. It is very interesting.

How to become the economist?

to become the economist, it is necessary to gain the bachelor`s degree at university. Even if you want to work in America or Europe, it is the best of all to gain the initial diploma of the house, and then to go to work and study in postgraduate study abroad.

But one education will not be enough, it is necessary to go to advanced training courses, to read special literature, to learn foreign languages and to develop constantly. To travel and learn much economy of the different countries, to meet influential people.